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Great deodorant that even keeps the stink away in Texas heat!!
LOVE this deodorant so much!! It keeps the stink away very well, even in SE Texas where heat and humidity can be a problem year round, feels great under your arm and smells great too. I ran out of my tallow face balm a while back and before the order for more arrived I used the deodorant balm on my face, worked just as well as the face balm. All their products are tallow, real oils and essential oils so they are all great products that can be used without any fear that there are all sorts of chemicals, etc. being put on my just shaved arm pits which is a big no no for most deodorants, you absorb even more of any and all, good or bad ingredients that are in the product when you are freshly shaved. I also have problems with smells, most of the time must have unscented everything but this does have a bit of smell but it is pleasant, not over powering and if I can wear this without problems just about any can!! Just ask my family, it drives them crazy that I have such issues with all smells and deodorant smells that are warming under your arm and coming up through your clothing can be very over powering and believe me, I have gone through and tossed so many because there actually was some smell I could not tolerate in the unscented deodorants. With Vintage Tradition deodorant balm I do not really notice it after a while and I have no worries as I do with other deodorants about chemicals. The aluminum thing is controversial but I say, if there is a possibility that it can contribute to Alzheimer's disease then best to avoid the stuff on the shelves and stock up on my Vintage Traditions. Thank you so much for a great product!
kayacanoe on amazon.com

At last, a natural deodorant that really works!
At last, a natural deodorant that really works! This stuff is magic. I'm using the women's scent, very mild earthy, herbal fragrance. Does not "carry" or compete with my perfume. A tiny bit is all you need. I can use immediately after shaving and no sting, no rash. It absorbs to leave no residue to transfer to clothing or show on skin. My underarms are smooth and soft now, not a separate "combat zone" segregated from the rest of my body. What a relief to finally find a natural deodorant I can stay with forever!
Charlie North on amazon.com

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