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Newsletter - April 16, 2014

Facial Cleansing

Yet another use for our Tallow Balm!

The Food Renegade: "Why I Wash My Face With Dirt & Oil"

People are always finding new uses for our Tallow Balm! The popular and famous Food Renegade shares with us her daily skin-cleansing regimen using two substances which she playfully refers to as dirt and oil. Read about it for yourself!

Facial Cleansing - Tallow Balm - Why I Wash My Face With Dirt and Oil

Our Latest Creation

Campfire Glow

Our newest Tallow Balm creation is called Campfire Glow, featuring essential oils of tea tree, hyssop, rosemary, ginger, tarragon, and grapefruit. As always, the essential oils add therapeutic value to the tallow and olive oil mixture. All of our balms are great for your skin, and our variety of scents allows you to pick one that resonates with you. Some people love them all!

Campfire Glow Tallow Balm by Vintage Tradition