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Newsletter - March 2, 2016

Help "Spread the Balm" and Earn a 20% Reward!

So many people who need our balm still don't know about it.

Here's how you can help them and get 20% off your next order at the same time!

Have you looked at our ever-growing list of testimonials? They're really fun to read! There you will see stories from just a small portion of all the people that have been helped by our Tallow Balm skincare — some in life-changing ways! This means a lot to us because we're not a big, impersonal corporation that's driven by profit but rather a family business gratified to know that our balms are helping people in profound ways!

But the number of people who know about our products are actually very few in the big scheme of things. We'd like like to get the word out to more people so that they can experience the bliss of tallow as skin care, too. That's where you come in!


You can help other folks' skin and save yourself 20% on your next Vintage Tradition order in two easy steps!

1) Write something about our Tallow Balm on your favorite social media website and include a link to
2) Take a screenshot of your masterpiece and e-mail it to us with your name, and we will send you a link to save 20% on your next order of Vintage Tradition.

Let's improve the world's skin one person at a time! We look forward to receiving a picture of your post.