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How To Heal a Sunburn In Less Than 24 Hours

The Food Renegade explains how she uses our Tallow Balm as part of her regimen to heal a sunburn in less than 24 hours!

The best treatment for sun exposure!
This is the best lotion I have ever used. I recently started a job that keeps me outside in the sun for 75% of the day. Despite my best efforts this leads to quite a few sunburns. Since I started using the Pretty Girly I haven't peeled once. It really keeps my skin feeling soft and hydrated even after the hottest of days.
B. DeWalt on amazon.com

I have been a huge fan of your products ever since my friend told me about them. I work outside for most of the day, and despite my best efforts, sunburns happen fairly regularly due to the nature of the job. However, since using your products I have never peeled after a burn, and my skin stays soft and radiant. I especially love the way it keeps my tattoos looking refreshed and vivid, even after the abuse from the sun.
—Brittney, Happy Valley, Oregon

I used the tallow on my severe sunburn before bed, and the next day I felt NO pain. My mother thought I was crazy for using it, but she was amazed when I applied it to her sunburn that was hurting and the next day she felt no pain!! I'm going to start using it for any skin problems I have for now on!!
—Abby, Annapolis, Maryland

I love the balm. It healed my embarrassing sunburn in a day.

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