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Tallow Balm for SUNBURN Testimonials

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Windswept Tallow Balm
I use this one specifically on sunburns. I’ve noticed the pain for the burns (I’m always getting in the state of AZ) doesn’t last as long when I’m consistently using this product. I’m a pro in sunburns at this point and this is what I reach for first.
Michaela M. in Product Reviews

Best Sunburn Relief & Remedy
I love using Pretty Girly everyday. It evens out my complexion and keeps my skin feeling soft and bright. This tallow balm was AMAZING when my hubby fell asleep in the sun and woke up terribly burnt. While aloe only helped in the short term, this tallow balm helped bring calm to the area and heal him super fast. It wasn't fun to apply on his hairy legs but he was shocked at how much it helped and how far superior it was to everything else he tried.
Elizabeth P. in Product Reviews

Amazing results!
I found this product while searching for a natural way to treat and heal my sunburn earlier this year. I purchased several sample sizes as I couldn’t decide what I would like best. Windswept has been game changing on QUICKLY healing sunburn, like drastic difference overnight in redness, warmth and pain. Won’t be without this stuff from now on! Thank you!
Leann G. in Product Reviews

Windswept = Sunburn SAVIOR
This is my new holy grail. I had a HORRIBLE blister-inducing sunburn that I needed to heal, fast! I found this referenced on a blog somewhere and was desperate, so I bought the "Windswept" scent on a whim. The windswept balm helped heal my burn SO fast, better than any of the over-the-counter remedies. I've used it on chapped lips and as a face moisturizer now. I'm obsessed and will 100% reorder when I am out (a little goes a long way and it LASTS). A couple other reviewers mentioned they didn't like the Windswept smell, but I think it smells nice and like an expensive spa!
—Autumn Good

How To Heal a Sunburn In Less Than 24 Hours

The Food Renegade explains how she uses our Tallow Balm as part of her regimen to heal a sunburn in less than 24 hours!

Great for sunburns
This is amazing on sunburns. My teenagers think they're invincible and never put enough sunscreen on while at the beach. If they come home red I have them take a shower then put VT all over the sunburn. In the morning the burn is usually gone. I love it!
—Tracy's Place

my teen son loves it!
After spending a day at the lake, my teen son came home sunburnt. I talked him into trying the outdoor spice balm, though he usually is not a "product" kind of guy. The next morning his face was nicely tanned - no burn and no pain. The little bit of acne he had had was better, too. He wants to continue using it!
Unknown in Product Reviews

Great to soothe and heal sunburn
While on vacation in Myrtle Beach, although precaution had been taken to prevent sunburn, it still happened. We used Windswept Tallow Balm and the burned skin felt cooler right away. After using Windswept the day of the sunburn and several times the following day, the pinkness went away and the skin seemed to heal quickly. Good item to have on hand for possible sunburn. GOD Bless!
J in Product Reviews

Love this, awesome for sunburn
I love this. I have had sunburns disappear overnight. It is thick but body temperture melts easily and absorbs into skin. Why am I just learning of this?!
—D Gartside

...Came across this product while scouring the internet for solutions for a bad sunburn and have used it for a few months now. It instantly worked to make my skin soft and smooth on my face, helped heal and soothe my sunburned skin quickly, and it's also helping with my dry cracked heels from summer heat and pool dehydration.
Anonymous in Product Reviews

The best treatment for sun exposure!
This is the best lotion I have ever used. I recently started a job that keeps me outside in the sun for 75% of the day. Despite my best efforts this leads to quite a few sunburns. Since I started using the Pretty Girly I haven't peeled once. It really keeps my skin feeling soft and hydrated even after the hottest of days.
—B. DeWalt

I have been a huge fan of your products ever since my friend told me about them. I work outside for most of the day, and despite my best efforts, sunburns happen fairly regularly due to the nature of the job. However, since using your products I have never peeled after a burn, and my skin stays soft and radiant. I especially love the way it keeps my tattoos looking refreshed and vivid, even after the abuse from the sun.
—Brittney, Happy Valley, Oregon

I used the tallow on my severe sunburn before bed, and the next day I felt NO pain. My mother thought I was crazy for using it, but she was amazed when I applied it to her sunburn that was hurting and the next day she felt no pain!! I'm going to start using it for any skin problems I have for now on!!
—Abby, Annapolis, Maryland

I love the balm. It healed my embarrassing sunburn in a day.

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