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Sample - Pretty Girly Tallow Balm, 1/4 fl. oz. (7 ml)

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Besides being a sample to try before buying a larger size, this small jar is also convenient for on-the-go use and as a lip balm.

Pretty Girly has a pleasant, natural, floral scent. It has essential oils that are great for wrinkles and crow's feet and for supporting hormonal health.

Tallow from 100% grass-fed cows. 
Cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. 
Therapeutic-grade essential oils: lavender, elemi, palmarosa, geranium, celery seed
That's it!

The Whole Food of Skin Care 
Whole-body natural skin care for face, lips, hands, feet, and body. 
Soft, spreadable, and easy to use. 
For healthy skin. For great-looking skin. For all manner of skin conditions. 
A little goes a long way, so a jar lasts an incredibly long time. 
Does not result in a greasy look or feel because it is readily absorbed by the skin. 
Paleo-friendly skin care. 
The purest, most natural ingredients of any skincare product (see organic Product FAQ).

A little goes a long way. Rub in well. Keep at room temperature. Keep tightly capped.

More information: 
Our balm is chemical-free and GMO-free with nothing unnatural and has only three whole-food ingredients, all selected from the finest sources to insure its superior therapeutic quality: 

1) Tallow from 100% grass-fed cows that are happy, healthy, and humanely raised without cruel feed lots and cruel slaughterhouses and without pesticides, drugs, hormones, or chemicals of any kind. 
2) First cold-pressed extra virgin organic olive oil from a family orchard in the valley of Sparta, Greece; they cultivate; they harvest; they press; they export; nobody else interferes, eliminating any chance of contamination with other oils. 
3) The most pure and therapeutic essential oils available, produced to the highest standards in the industry, steam-distilled from plants grown at the highest standards and not adulterated, extended, synthesized, or distilled using chemicals or high temperatures and pressure; expertly blended and specifically selected because of their long-standing tradition of promoting optimal skin health. 

This is how people cared for their skin before chemicals. This is the whole food of skin care. Don't put anything on your body that you wouldn't put in your body! There is nothing else like it on the market. If other skin care products have failed you, you owe it to yourself to try Vintage Tradition! 

Our balms are handcrafted in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. 
During production, our balm does not come into contact with plastic, aluminum, or non-stick surfaces.

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  • 5
    Best scent

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 2nd 2018

    I ordered several samples and am the happiest with this scent. Nice for face with few ingredients- safe to use!

  • 5
    Best moisturizer EVER!! Wonderful Customer Service!!

    Posted by Kay Britton on Jun 4th 2018

    I've been using Almost Unscented for about 3 weeks and love it. Makes my skin look and feel years younger. I've never used anything that's came even close to these results. Items that I've paid 4-5X this price weren't even in the running as V.T Tallow Balms. I just received the Pretty Girly (my new favorite),Windswept Scent & Sensible today. To me, Sensible seems to have a faint aroma of tea tree, kind of spicey, which I also really like. Windswept smell is fresh & earthy.. more like an outdoor breeze. My husband likes it & Sensible, so I'll be sharing... ☺ I'm excited about these new ones I just received & look forward to trying all theeven newer scents available. I had a little problem opening a new account. I got in touch with Vintage Traditions about it. It was almost instantly that i received an email back saying they were talking Care of the issue.. Wow!! He even emailed 2 more times, the last, letting me know problem solved! I was Very impressed to say the least. Talk about great customer service! It's good to know I'm purchasing from a company that appreciates their custSomers. I'll be using their VT luscious tallow balms as long as they are available. It'd be a very unhappy camper if I couldn't!!!

  • 5

    Posted by Mac on Jul 27th 2017

    I have been using the Almost Unscented balm for a year or so and it has been everything I wanted in a face cream. Not too thick, not too thin...just right. Super moisturizing without being greasy. Does not encourage pimples. Heals the skin rather than coating it. (And, of course all the goodness of tallow.) The scent is just enough to keep the tallow smelling civilized. However, the last time I reordered I decided to try the Pretty Girly scent and was shocked to find I like it even better than the Almost Unscented! Not being one who enjoys wearing scents and especially dislikes scented products on my face where I have to breathe them in all day long with no escape, I am rather shocked that Pretty Girly does NOT annoy me. It's rather pleasant, in fact. It is Pretty without being too Girly. It definitely does not smell masculine. It is light and airy, not thickly sweet. It fades into the background rather than jumping out at you and everyone you are near. I highly recommend this scent.

  • 4

    Posted by AJ on Jun 17th 2017

    Predominant scent: Palmarosa I'm not a fan of lavender, and when I first got a whiff of Pretty Girly, I wasn't impressed. I didn't want it to go to waste, so I used it a few times on my feet. When I used it, I found it smelled different than when I sniffed it in the jar. After a few more times of using it, it began to grow on me. It isn't my favourite of all the scents, but I find I genuinely like it now. (Don't let the "girly" part scare you. Try a sample and see if you like it, even if you don't go for "girly" scents.) General review for Tallow Balms: (*****Five stars for the product overall*****) When I first ordered tallow balm, I was skeptical. I was convinced tallow would go rancid and it seemed quite expensive. (There were no samples sizes available then.) I ordered a 2-ounce jar, and used it sparingly. I scooped some into a smaller jar, intending to put the bigger jar in the refrigerator, but I forgot. It lasted in my bathroom cabinet without going rancid until it was gone (well over a year). Pleased with the product, I went online to order more and couldn’t figure out why I thought it was so expensive - $20 for 2 ounces is a great price! I must have thought a “regular” order was the 9-ounce size, and the 2-ounce was more like a sample size? (Don’t order the 9 ounce jar unless you have used the product before and know you need that much – it’s a lot!) My pet peeves are “easily absorbed” moisturizers that don’t moisturize at all and moisturizers that feel like an oil slick on your skin; tallow balm is truly non-greasy, and is actually moisturizing. (If you have a child who has cracking/bleeding skin, but can’t stand the feel of lotion on his/her skin, try tallow balm.) It is great on skin and a tiny bit on the hair works as a leave-in conditioner/light styling product without the oiliness of coconut oil. The hardest part is deciding which scent to try. But they now have sample sizes! I ordered one of each and would recommend doing the same. Even if you know which scent you want, get a sample size so you can transfer from the larger jar to the sample jar with a spoon. Keep the larger jar in the refrigerator (uncontaminated) and the smaller jar(s) in your bathroom/purse/bedside. Don’t be fooled by “manly”, “girly”, or such in the scent name – I would argue they are all unisex and have a “general essential oil” overtone. (If you don’t like the scent combinations, buy the unscented and add your own.) I find that the balms smell slightly different when you just open the jar and sniff, as opposed to digging into the balm (releasing the oils), and how it reacts with your skin when applied results in yet another scent. I had to try each scent at least three times before I fully formed an opinion. Ones I wasn’t thrilled with at first grew on me after a bit. Pros: - Truly non-greasy, non-waxy! - Matte finish. - Long-lasting (a little goes a long way). - Great price. - Lasts without refrigeration. (Refrigerate large jars anyway.) - Inexpensive samples sizes – try them ALL! - Can mix your own scents. - Reusable glass jars. Cons: - If you’re looking for vegetarian options, look elsewhere. - If you really hate the smell of tallow, you may need to choose (or create) a strong scent.