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Why Vintage Tradition is the Best Tallow Balm Skincare

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Preferred above the rest

Vintage Tradition is the first and original tallow balm. Others are now copying our concept and selling tallow-based skin care products. While imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we feel that it's important to give the many reasons why Vintage Tradition is the absolute best tallow balm and therefore the best skin care product in the world!

Vintage Tradition is the best, preferred above the rest - Tallow Balm skincare1) The Original
Vintage Tradition Tallow Balm is the original tallow skin care product, and we have been in business since 2010, before anyone was talking about using animal fats as skin care. We did the research and development that brought this product to the market before others had even heard of using tallow for skin care. We re-discovered it and invented the term, "Tallow Balm"! We formulated and further developed the product that others try to imitate. Some even use our original research to promote their products.

2) Specialized and expert
We specialize in Tallow Balm and don't try to become a jack of all trades by adding other products that divert us from our primary purpose. That allows us to focus on what we do best and make sure that it continues to be the best skin care product you can buy. When you see other companies that offer a large range of different types of products, you can be sure that they are using an outside manufacturer, providing them instructions and receiving the finished product back, with little or no control or even knowledge on how the products are made or what chemicals are being introduced into the products, including cleaning and sanitizing chemicals.

3) Preferred
We have heard from several people who have tried others' products and then came back to ours because of our superior quality and results. For example, one of our customers in Australia told us, "The product from [another company] feels greasy and doesn't seem to absorb as well. I'm really sensitive, and your product seems natural. Using [the other company's] product is like using margarine instead of butter! I feel like washing the [other] product off, whereas your product seems nourishing."

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Grass-fed beef tallow4) Best tallow
We obtain the suet for our tallow from ranches that use the best methods in production, including a non-toxic, chemical-free approach to farming with healthy soil and an overall healthy ecosystem. The cows are 100% grass-fed and are happy and healthy, humanely raised without cruel feed lots or cruel slaughterhouses and without pesticides, drugs, hormones, or chemicals of any kind. See our organic Product FAQ.

5) Only suet
We use only the interior fat, also called suet or "kidney fat", for our tallow, making our Tallow Balm more highly saturated and therefore more therapeutic than any other. We don't use trim fat or any other fat besides suet.

6) Best rendering method
We render all of the tallow ourselves from only select beef suet (interior fat), not scrap fat and certainly not offal, using our own special process, with the lowest heat possible and no water (i.e., not the "wet" method), ensuring that the tallow will not undergo oxidation or rancidity. Even from the suet we do receive, we are very selective about what material actually goes into the rendering. We don't obtain tallow rendered by others because we want it done our own special way for the sake of quality, stability, and maximum therapeutic benefit to the skin. We cannot know or rely on how others might produce their tallow, and we want full control over the process and the quality.

7) Unrefined
We don't refine our tallow or try to "filter out" the tallow smell. This is important because the more a product is refined, the less therapeutic it is. (Hardly anyone has an issue even with our unscented tallow balm's mild, earthy smell.)

8) Small batches
We don't outsource the manufacturing of our balm because we want full control over the quality of our products. Indeed, no one can really know what goes on in those manufacturing plants, including what chemical cleaners they use on their machines. We keep our batches small, handcrafting your Tallow Balm ourselves without any automation so that we can monitor and control every step of the process. And the process varies with every batch! Tallow Balm definitely can't be mass-produced without serious negative impact, and we refuse to sacrifice quality for efficiency and profit.

9) Best texture and therapeutic value
We have a secret method for making our Tallow Balm soft, achieving the best possible consistency without whipping air into it or using any chemicals. If others' products are even softer than ours, it is often because their tallow is not as high in saturated fat, making it less therapeutic, and/or there is too much of other oils besides tallow, making it greasy and less absorbable and less therapeutic. Others sell whipped tallow balm, but 1) you are paying for air and less product, 2) air in the product promotes rancidity, and 3) the product still requires warming up to absorb easily into the skin even if it is a little easier to remove from the jar.

Vintage Tradition has impeccable sourcing of olive oil10) Impeccable sourcing of other oils
The only other oil that we use in our regular Tallow Balm is genuine olive oil from a single source, a source that has been entirely verified by us as the best possible. We question whether others have the knowledge and the ability to fully verify the ultimate sources of their oils and how they are made, particularly when they mix in more than one oil, even several oils. Many use toxic seed oils and even chemicals, so be sure to check the list of ingredients. Seed oils are often extracted in toxic ways, leaving chemical residues, and those oils also end up rancid because of the high temperatures being used. Rancid oils are full of free radicals which cause skin damage.

11) No chemical non-food ingredients
All of our ingredients come directly from nature. Others promote their balm as all-natural, but check their list of ingredients! Anything that is not the recognizable name of a substance from nature is unnatural and possibly harmful, and that includes synthesized, toxic "vitamins", which aren't natural vitamins at all. If it sounds like a chemical, it is a chemical, and the chemical processes used to produce these ingredients leave residues that aren't even on the label. You actually don't want any ingredients in your skin care that aren't whole foods. Don’t put anything on your body that you wouldn’t put in your body!

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Vintage Tradition has all-animal-oil products, Epic Glow and Oh Aches! with Green Pasture® oils12) Unique all-animal-oil products
We offer the only all-animal-oil skin care product available anywhere (Epic Glow), replacing the olive oil with the extremely therapeutic cod liver, skate liver, and butter oils from Green Pasture®, which can help provide even more amazing skincare results. In addition, we offer the only all-animal-oil muscle and joint product available anywhere (Oh Aches!), containing tallow and the Green Pasture® oils. And finally, we offer Gel Serum with Green Pasture® Oils, for use on face and neck, both varieties of which contain the same animal oils, mainly the Green Pasture® oils.

13) Full disclosure
We are the only company that fully discloses the sources of all product ingredients. You can read all about our sources on our Product FAQ page and decide for yourself if you trust us! Assurance of true quality is all about trust.

14) Top-of-the-line essential oils
We use the highest quality therapeutic-grade essential oils in our Tallow Balms, precious and valuable essential oils that others wouldn't even dream of using in their skincare products. We won't compromise on quality to make a profit. Don't be deceived by claims of "organic" or "wild-crafted" essential oils. Even if they are non-toxic and smell good, they probably have little therapeutic value.

15) Best selection
We have the best selection for you to choose from, with 15 varieties of regular Tallow Balm, two varieties of Tallow Balm with Green Pasture® Oils, two varieties of Gel Serum with Green Pasture® Oils, two varieties of Deodorant Tallow Balm (that really works!), and 4 flavors of Tallow Lip Balm.

16) Unmatchable scents
Our scents (and flavors) can't be found anywhere else because we have a scent designer with the unique gift and talent of knowing which essential oils to combine to provide a wonderful effect on your skin, on your sense of smell, and on your whole body. She even takes the scent of the tallow (and the Green Pasture® oils) into account when creating our secret recipes, making them impossible to reproduce.

Vintage Tradition Tallow Balm Samples17) Samples
We offer sample-size jars of all of our products for purchase so that you can try any of our balms before committing to a larger jar, and we offer free samples with qualifying orders.

18) Purity in production
We are conscious about producing a totally pure product. Therefore, for our product packaging, we use glass jars instead of plastic jars or plastic-lined tins, and we use paperboard tubes instead of plastic ones. Also, during production, our balm does not come into contact with plastic, aluminum, or non-stick surfaces. Moreover, we do not use chemical cleaners of any kind on our equipment, eliminating the possiblity of chemical residues in your product. We even had our Tallow Balm laboratory-tested for 4 common heavy metals and 33 different residual solvents and volatile organic compounds, and none were found.

19) Ecological
We are an environmentally friendly company. We use recyclable materials for our product containers and our packaging materials, and we recycle all materials possible (such as boxes, etc.) that we receive from others.

20) Great customer service
It's what everyone says. Find out for yourself!

James Ranch grass-fed beef, Durango Colorado

Here at Vintage Tradition, we want to earn and keep your trust and your business!

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