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What is Tallow Balm?

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What is Tallow Balm?Tallow Balm is nature's perfect skin care product, supplying complete nutrition directly to the skin, resulting in optimal skin health. The principal ingredient is tallow, a fat or oil obtained from grass-eating animals such as cows and sheep. The tallow is obtained from 100% grass-fed animals that are not fed grain. Tallow has been used as a healing skin product since the dawn of time.

Tallow Balm is a whole-food skincare product, which means that it is actually edible although it is applied directly to the skin, and it contains ingredients directly from nature with no chemical modification or preservatives or other chemical additives. Tallow Balm is thick and creamy, absorbed completely by the skin as food, and it does not make the skin feel greasy.

Olive oil is added to the tallow to make it softer and spreadable and to supply additional nutrition. Alternatively, the animal oils of fermented cod liver oil, fermented skate liver oil, and concentrated butter oil are added to supply an even higher level of nutrition.

Finally, pure and genuine therapeutic-grade essential oils are added to Tallow Balm (except in the unscented version) to give it a pleasant aroma and make it even more healing. Essential oils complement and help neutralize the natural and earthy smell of the tallow and any fish oils that may be added.

Vintage Tradition, a family company based in Colorado, rediscovered this traditional use of tallow on the skin before others had even heard of using it and other animal products for skin care. This company also made a recipe for Tallow Balm available to the public in 2011 so that no one would have to use toxic chemical skin care anymore. Vintage Tradition invented the term "Tallow Balm" as a simple descriptive name for its newly developed product.

How to Make Tallow Balm at Home

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