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Diaper Rash Testimonials

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Diaper Rash Testimonial - Tallow BalmDiaper Rash Testimonial - Tallow Balm

My 8-month-old daughter had the worst diaper rash I had ever seen. I had just received a jar of Vintage Tradition and knew using it on the rash would be a true test of how good it is. After 3 diaper changes and applying the balm each time, the rash was completely gone. I was thrilled it took care of the rash but even more excited to use something on my daughter that was free of chemicals! Thank you!
—Kim, Colorado Springs, Colorado

My 7-month-old had a diaper rash that had been present for a few weeks. I had tried everything I could think of on it, but nothing made it go away. After the first few applications of the Tallow Balm, her rash appeared worse. I emailed Vintage Tradition was was told that it may be detoxification causing the rash to get worse before it gets better [toxins embedded in the skin or from elsewhere in the body coming out]. [Vintage Tradition did not encourage continued application, however. —Editor] I decided to give the balm a 24-hour trial to see if it would get better after more applications. After that amount of time, it improved significantly. Within a handful of days, it was completely gone. Now I apply Tallow Balm only when I notice some extra redness. One application every few days is all that is needed to keep her diaper rashes away. I have tried everything I could find for diaper rashes, and this is the first product that has truly worked.
—Kristen, Cottage Grove, Wisconsin

My mother-in-law gave us a jar a few weeks ago. We love it. It healed my daughter's angry diaper rash.
—Megan, Chicago, Illinois

I looooove it. I am one of those parents who uses it on my baby's tush. It's thick enough to work as a barrier for rash prevention, and of course it's very soothing as well. It also is perfect for her face when her drool or boogers are irritating to her skin. And I love that I don't have to be concerned about any chemicals. She could stick her fingers in and eat it and it would bless her. Plus it smells so pretty! I buy lots of them and give them as gifts.
—Megan, Colorado Springs, Colorado