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Newsletter - October 1, 2014

Eczema and Tallow Balm Skincare

Healing through nature

Mother's patience pays off.

Taryn of My Own Ripple Effect, British Columbia, Canada writes:

Vintage Tradition Tallow Balms are the best skincare I have ever used on myself or my kids—and I've tried a lot of products through my life. To give you an idea of how desperate I was (but also just as skeptical), here is a picture of Bean that was taken exactly 1 year ago.

Eczema and Tallow Balm Skincare - Healing through nature

My heart breaks for her when I see this picture. As you can see, Bean's eczema was not a small problem. Her entire body was covered in thick, rough, red, itchy patches of skin. At one point, her scratching was so bad that she had a raw, open sore in the middle of her back. We'd lather coconut oil on her to help with the itching, but we saw no real improvement. We tried more expensive creams—like one using neem oil—but even that had no effect. Thankfully, the Vintage Tradition Tallow Balm delivered on its promises! No, her eczema did not miraculously clear up overnight, but the more we used it, the more we saw a change in her skin. It was still red, but all the build-up of dead skin disappeared, and her skin became smoother and less irritated. Despite the rash, it felt nourished. We discovered through our Naturopathic Physician that Bean's body was overloaded with toxins, and her skin was the main pathway for detoxification. So, with the help of homeopathic remedies and chlorella to aid her body in detoxifying, plus nourishing her skin on the outside, she has finally made significant improvement. Currently, as you can see, her back and arms are almost completely clear (a couple weeks ago it was 100% clear), and her only flare-up of eczema is on her legs.

Eczema and Tallow Balm Skincare - Healing through nature