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Tallow Balm for FEET Testimonials

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Cracked Heel Testimonial - Tallow BalmCracked Heel Testimonial - Tallow Balm

Look at this pic of my cracked heel. I don't know if you can tell, but it was a really deep crack. So deep that it was really painful to walk. I'm trying to stay away from chemicals and a friend of mine suggested your balm. After just one or two applications it didn't cause any pain anymore! My plan was to continue to put it on in the morning and at night. Since it wasn't hurting anymore, some days I only remembered to put it on once, and others I didn't remember at all. Look at my heel after just one month of using your product on and off like that! The crack is completely gone with no signs of any other cracks. Pretty amazing!
—Jim, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Best healing balm ever!
My husband is a long distance runner and also plays racquetball 3 times a week. His feet take a beating. He has calluses that sometimes crack if his skin gets dry. We live in the mountains in Colorado, so it's pretty dry here all the time. I have been on the search for a product to help him, for years. Some are better than others, but I tried this out a couple of months ago and Bingo, this is the best stuff for him by a mile. He puts it on his feet before he goes to bed at night, so it has a chance to soak in and no more sore spots on his feet! Thanks for such a great product!

Best stuff for dry feet!
I have been using Vintage Tradition tallow balm for many months now, and I love the way it softens my feet. I slather some on the bottom of my feet, put socks on, and go to bed, and in the morning I have softer feet. I love finding something that does what it says it will do. This salve can be used on knees, elbows, anywhere you have dry skin, but I use it on my feet the most. Thank you Vintage Traditions for such a great product!
—Annie Stallings

I love the balm! Used it on my dry feet and it made them so soft! Thank you so much! Fast shipping too!!!
—Erin, Livonia, Michigan

I put Tallow Balm on my feet, and my daughter touched them a couple days later and said, "Wow, your feet are so soft."
—Glenda, Rainbow City, Alabama

Since I have been using this balm for my chapped hands, elbows, and rough feet, it has penetrated through the layers of dead skin, softening the hard areas.
—Sandy, Colorado Springs, Colorado

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