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Tallow Balm for KERATOSIS Testimonials

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Wonderful product!
I love the quality and cleanliness of the ingredients. I’ve been using it on my face, lips, and arms as a moisturizer and to treat keratosis pilaris. This tallow is the first product to ever make a noticeable difference and fast! My skin is much smoother with reduced redness. I would definitely recommend and purchase again.
Milada D. in Product Reviews

Great Product!!!
Thus far, I am very happy with both the Tallow Balm and Unscented Tallow Soap. I have Keratosis Pilaris on my arms and have for the past 8 years after having my daughter. I have tried almost everything under the sun, except for synthetic chemicals from dermatologist, because I prefer to use only natural/non-toxic products. This is the ONLY product that has SIGNIFICANTLY improved the appearance within 2 weeks. I really like the vanilla bean scent, and wish that they made the soap in the vanilla bean scent also. The packaging is pleasing, and it was shipped quickly. I will definitely be purchasing again, and have recommended both products to my family and friends. Keep up the good work!
Angelica B. in Product Reviews

Seborrheic keratosis
Thank you for creating Vintage Tradition! I am so pleased that I have found this product. Some background: I have had many ~2 mm seborrheic keratoses on my forehead and one 3/4 cm seborrheic keratosis on my jaw for about a decade. I found Vintage Tradition through Azure Standard, although originally I hadn't purchased it for anything other than moisturizing my skin. I have used Pretty Girly for the better part of a year. The weird thing, or maybe not so weird, is that over time, I noticed that the 3/4 cm seborrheic keratosis on my left jaw was GONE. I keep feeling it and looking at the skin and it looks like nothing wrong was ever there! I am amazed. The many seborrheic keratoses on my forehead are also disappearing - more slowly though. Just amazing! Thanks so very much!
Cynthia in Product Reviews

I love Vintage Tradition!!! My 2 year old son has keratosis pilaris on the back of his arms and legs and the tallow balm is the only thing that has worked in clearing up his skin! It's a game changer and we absolutely love it!
—Ashley Elizabeth Thieman on Facebook

...I also used some Tallow Balm on my upper arms last night, and my patches of keratosis pilaris are almost gone this morning. Amazing! I will most definitely be back to order more soon! :)
—Gianina, Chicago, Illinois

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