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Newsletter - June 11, 2019

Lavender Fields and Vanilla Bean Tallow Balms

Two new varieties!

As you know, our Tallow Balm is "The Whole Food of Skin Care", the only product you need for healthy skin from head to toe! And, by popular demand, it now comes in the new varieties of Lavender Fields and Vanilla Bean. We previously released Vanilla Bean as a new flavor of our Tube Tallow Balm, and now it also come in the 2-fl-oz jar and the sample size, as does Lavender Fields.

Lavender Fields and Vanilla Bean Tallow BalmsLavender Fields Tallow Balm only contains therapeutic-grade lavender essential oil, creating a fragrant lavender scent. Lavender essential oil has a long-standing tradition of helping a variety of skin conditions, as well as having a calming, relaxing, and balancing aroma.

Vanilla Bean Tallow Balm has a mild vanilla scent for you vanilla lovers. Vanilla has a long-standing tradition of elevating mood and reducing stress and even food cravings.

We actually now have 17 different varieties of Tallow Balm plus our two Deodorant Tallow Balms for you to enjoy and benefit from. As always, we use only the absolute best and most valuable essential oils available that others wouldn't even dream of using in their skincare products. These precious oils enhance the therapeutic effect of the balm on your skin, and they even support your overall health as they permeate your body!

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