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Tallow Balm MOISTURIZER Testimonials

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Best moisturizer on the market
Vintage Tradition is the best tallow moisturizer I've ever used, actually it's the best moisturizer I've ever used period! I have very sensitive oily skin. I'm almost 50 so it's very important for me to moisturize and with the Vintage Tradition I don't breakout my skin looks bright and people will always ask "why don't you have wrinkles?" I even use it on my lips and the ends of my hair as a leave-in conditioner. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a good moisturizer and a healthy choice of skin care. Thank you Vintage Tradition for making a great product!
Kay D. in Product Reviews

Been using this balm for my face for just a week and I’m already blown away. I’ve used all the fancy creams, lotions, and serums and none of them have helped my acne prone skin. The tallow is very hydrating and moisturizing but doesn’t make you feel oily and sticky. My skin has a glow the morning and I feel like I look brighter and more alive lol. The scent is nice, you get a hint of the tallowy smell but it’s really not bad. Overall, really happy with it for now. Looking forward to see how my skin looks in a few months!
Shirin S. in Product Reviews

Love this product!
I love this product so much. It doesn't end up being greasy so you can put it pretty much everywhere you need moisture. I use it on my eyelids even. I've got sensitive skin so the unscented is my best friend. It doesn't have a smell at all after a few seconds. And, one of the best parts is the price. It's not expensive!!
Vicky Nola in Product Reviews

My search is over!
After many, many moisturizing products, I finally found the one! The tallow is more bio-compatible with my skin and absorbs quickly and leaves my dry skin moisturized far longer than any plant based moisturizer that I have used in the past. I love the purity of the product and use it all over my face and body. I bought several different scents to try from this company and the Citrus Shine is my runaway favorite. I will definitely come back for more when I run out. I bought this from their main website and found the customer support to be outstanding as well. Overall, this product is a win!
—Dr. E

Finally...A Product That Works!
I am thrilled to finally find a face moisturizer that is soothing and healing! I have sensitive, extremely dry skin and this tallow balm has helped calm down inflammation and restore moisture. Admittedly, prior to using it I had some reservations about putting olive oil on my face, given I am prone to breakouts. I have found, however, that it actually reduces breakouts and speeds healing time. As an added bonus, it makes a great lip balm. Thank you, Vintage Tradition for making such a wonderful product!
Anita Steidel in Product Reviews

Amazing moisturizer
I love this lotion and will always buy it. I was getting tired of moisturizers full of chemicals and strong fragrances that gave me headaches. This is non-greasy and smells great. I would recommend it.

The last moisturizer you will ever need!
I have been using vintage tradition for over a year now and I am so pleased with this product. I have never been faithful to any moisturizer and am always shopping around for something better, until I found Vintage Tradition. My skin tends to be dry especially in the winter months. I put it on once in the morning and my skin still feels soft into the evening. I don't know how they do it but I am sold. I use it on my face neck arms and legs. Vintage tradition ROCKS!
Karen A in Product Reviews

Awesome for wrinkles!
I am so happy that I discovered this product and that it exists! I was so tired of looking for a truly all natural moisturizer that actually works and am so happy that I discovered this one. My 42 year old hands are finally soft and no longer look wrinkly! My neck, too! I use it on my face as well and it's turned back the clock for sure. I plan to be a customer for life.

Finally! A product that makes a difference.
I've used so many different moisturizers and night creams that don't work or cause breakouts. I live in a desert, so when I put a night cream on I have always woken up in the morning with dry feeling skin. A friend of mine told me about Pretty Girly. The first morning I woke up after using it, my skin felt so amazing and looks just as amazing. Love using it during the daytime when I don't wear makeup. My skin glows all day long.
Val in the desert in Product Reviews

I've been using this balm for quite a while. My skin feels so soft and nourished. The other day, I went to lunch with some friends, and one of my friends asked me what products I'm using on my face. She said, your skin looks so bright and tight! A little goes a long way. I'm so glad I found Vintage Tradition. This is the only moisturizing product I use on my face. It's comforting to know there are no chemicals in it.
Unknown in Product Reviews

A must-have!
I am so thankful that I found this company and product because it has been a life changer for my skin. I've always dealt with really dry, sensitive skin that's especially bad during the winter months. Luckily, I found this tallow because it's the only thing I've found that actually moisturizes my skin and it significantly improved the look and feel of it as well. I've been using it for almost a year now and will be a lifetime customer. It's worth every penny.

I just received my Tallow Balm from Vintage Tradition, and it exceeded my expectations! It is wonderful and soothing, absorbs quickly so you aren't left feeling greasy, and my skin loves it. I never knew my skin could feel this soft and hydrated. It's even making my breakouts vanish, and I was afraid they would look worse or even multiply from using the balm, but they do not. I am even using the balm all over my two-year-old, and she loves it too! Thanks for making this wonderful balm. I am a customer for life now.
—Megan, Santa Maria, California

I have tried all kinds of skin moisturizers, none really moisturized anywhere near as well as this product. Rough heels and fingers are smooth. It took me a bit to get used to the tallow scent, not unpleasant but different, but now I don't even notice it, just my skin smoothness!
—Kathleen, Leesburg, Virginia

I can honestly say that I love your product. I cannot find any beauty products that do not irritate my face, but this is awesome. My face looks and feels smooth, and it is hydrated. I cannot remember the last time I did not have dry patches on my face. Then, upon reading various articles, I tried it on my eczema on my leg. WOW! Steroid creams cannot even touch the results that I got from your product!!!!!! I have passed your product on to my mom. She likes that her face is soft and moisturized all day. I finally found a skin product that I can use! I thank you for your wonderful product!
—Jessica, Jupiter, Florida

The Vintage Tradition Balm is great for all seasons! I struggle with dry, cracked skin during the fall and winter seasons, and the Vintage Tradition Balm is the only product that I have used that softens, moisturizes, and heals. I use it right after showering to protect and soften my skin. In the summer, I use it to cool, protect, and soothe minor sunburns. Vintage Tradition is now my go-to moisturizer! I can't recommend this moisturizing balm too much. And it's insanely affordable for how long the jar lasts!!!
—Patrice, Colorado Springs, Colorado

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