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Tallow Balm for NAILS Testimonials

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I absolutely love this product!!!
I heard about this product a year ago and bought it primarily for my toenails and feet. My nails were so dry and this product made an incredible difference with just a few uses. I have used a few different scents but love the pretty girlie the most. I use this on my face, lips, hands, feet, finger and toe nails and on my legs after shaving. It's an amazing product. I love it!
—Sheila Z.

...I thought, "I should try it on this stubborn toenail fungus I've been trying to get rid of for months if not over a year now." After two applications, it was more than half gone; after three days, there's next to no fungus left. I've been treating this fungus with every imaginable treatment available over the counter with no success. A few applications of your Tallow Balm and...well, let me say, I'm in awe. I WILL KEEP ORDERING. Thank you.
—Monique, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

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