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  • Natural Deodorant Tallow Balm for Women, 2 fl. oz. (59 ml)
  • Natural Deodorant Tallow Balm for Women, 2 fl. oz. (59 ml)
  • Natural Deodorant Tallow Balm for Women, 2 fl. oz. (59 ml)
  • Natural Deodorant Tallow Balm for Women, 2 fl. oz. (59 ml)

Natural Deodorant Tallow Balm for Women, 2 fl. oz. (59 ml)


Product Description

Tallow from 100% grass-fed cows. 
Cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. 
Therapeutic-grade essential oils: marjoram, thyme, lavender, myrtle, bergamot
That's it!

Whole-Food Natural Deodorant Balm 
The same whole-food ingredients as in our other balms but with carefully chosen essential oils to make it an even better natural deodorant. 
Soft, spreadable, and easy to use. 
A little goes a long way, so a jar lasts an incredibly long time. 
The longer you use it, the better it works. It has a cumulative effect! 
Readily absorbed and doesn't just sit on top of the skin, so one application can last more than just a day! 
Unlike with other deodorant formulations, any left on your hands can be applied anywhere. Just rub your hands together, and nothing goes to waste!

One of the naturally occurring oils in tallow, palmitoleic acid, has natural antimicrobial properties, which helps fight odor-causing bacteria, and the added essential oils increase the protection against odor.

A little goes a long way. Rub in well. Keep at room temperature. Keep tightly capped.

More information: 
Our natural deodorant balm, paleo-friendly deodorant, is aluminum-free, chemical-free, and GMO-free with nothing unnatural and has only three whole-food ingredients, all selected from the finest sources to insure its superior therapeutic quality: 

1) Tallow from 100% grass-fed cows that are happy, healthy, and humanely raised without cruel feed lots and cruel slaughterhouses and without pesticides, drugs, hormones, or chemicals of any kind. 
2) Cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil from California estate-grown heirloom Mission olives, farmed the centuries-old way without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, pressed right at the orchard, eliminating any chance of contamination with other oils. 
3) The most pure and therapeutic essential oils available, produced to the highest standards in the industry, steam-distilled from plants grown at the highest standards and not adulterated, extended, synthesized, or distilled using chemicals or high temperatures and pressure; expertly blended and specifically selected because of their long-standing tradition of promoting optimal skin health. 

Our balms are handcrafted in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. 
During production, our balm does not come into contact with plastic, aluminum, or non-stick surfaces.

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Product Reviews

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  1. It works well. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jul 16th 2019

    This is the first natural deodorant that DOES WORK! I've tried a few, but I never had any luck, except for the Tallow Balm formulation. I have very sensitive skin due to health concerns, so I'm careful what I use. Thanks! Try it!

  2. A Relief 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Jun 15th 2018

    A deodorant. No, a relief. Relief from the brown stain the other "Natural" deodorants gave me. Relief from fear for my everlastingly curious children who get into any and all skin care products.

    Only two complaints: One, I don't particularly care for the essential oils used for the deodorant. I prefer very mild odors for my deodorant. Two, on hot or sweaty days, I have to apply it up to three times. The strong BO may result from a biome imbalance caused by previous deodorants, the oils could be drawing out the poisons and impurities from previous deodorants, the oils may not mix well with my personal chemistry, etc. Regardless, I require one to three applications to prevent unpleasant odors.

    Even with the negatives, the health of this product is worth it. I will gladly apply something good for my body multiple times a day to avoid a single application of poisons. I am on my second container and plan to continue purchasing this product.

  3. Love this! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on May 30th 2018

    I’ve been using this for several years now and absolutely love it! A jar really does last a long time and I’m so happy to have found an effective, natural alternative to store-bought deodorant! As a bonus, any “leftover” on your fingers can be rubbed in as a moisturizer :)

  4. All Natural! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Jan 2nd 2018

    I love knowing that I am putting something on my skin that is all natural. I don't like chemicals that damage the body or the environment. I used quite a bit after showering, but then don't use as much. I also like to work out and haven't noticed any odor -- so not only is it free of harmful chemicals, it is effective.

  5. Nourishes and Protects 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Nov 21st 2017

    This deodorant nourishes the delicate skin in the arm pit, and provides protection from odor. I'm elated to find a deodorant that doesn't irritate my skin, but nourishes it instead. Simply divine!

  6. Beyond Satisfied!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Nov 7th 2017

    This might be the best deodorant I have ever used..let me explain..First of all the scent is fresh and faint..not overpowering and full of chemicals...Also you only need a little bit as it goes a long way...it is sooo soothing to your underarms unlike the natural deodorants that are gritty feeling and often cause little micro tears to your skin. Lastly I just worked out and I am not stinky...no lie!!!

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