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Newsletter - April 11, 2023

NEW! - Olivēa Balm Soap

Nature's Luxury Bar

NEW! - Olivēa Balm Soap - Olive oil and tallow soapAs you may know, almost a year ago we announced our new product, Tallow Balm Soap, made from a saponified blend of tallow and olive oil. As we explained then, we weren't able to find another soap that had ingredients that were up to our standards, which is why we decided to make one ourselves out of the exact same ingredients that are in our Tallow Balms: tallow from 100% grass-fed cows and cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil.

Well, we now have a second great soap! Our new Olivēa Balm Soap is made from the same two simple ingredients but with the proportions reversed. Olivēa is saponified olive oil with just a little tallow. This alternate formula makes it a very luxurious bar that also beautifies your skin with nourishing ingredients instead of toxic chemicals. Amazingly silky and creamy, it is the best soap you will ever experience!

We actually recommend using soap as little as possible, but when you do use soap, these two bars are the ones to use! You can now stop buying wasteful (and toxic) plastic pump bottles and discover the beauty of real soap if you haven't already done so!

Please be reminded of the quality of our tallow and olive oil on this page, remembering that most olive oils are fake or adulterated whereas ours come directly from olive orchards in Greece!

Soaps Dishes for Olive Oil and Tallow SoapWe now also offer a Stainless Steel Soap Dish. It is actually the same stainless steel upper part from our Ceramic and Stainless Steel Soap Dishes but sold by itself for those places where you don't want the ceramic, like in the bath/shower and at some sinks. We strongly recommend keeping your artisan Vintage Tradition Tallow Balm Soap and Olivēa Balm Soap on one of our specially selected soap dishes! It will make your soap last longer by keeping it drier when not in use, in fact much longer than wherever you're putting your soap now. We tested a lot of soap dishes! The ones we offer are the only ones available that perform to our standards with truly artisan soaps. They are all 100% non-toxic, and this one is made simply from stainless steel.

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