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Rough Skin Testimonials

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I had been looking for something for my three-year-old son as he had sandpaper-like skin and was constantly itching and scratching his skin. I looked into your product and, after reading the reviews, decided to give it a try and applied as soon as it arrived! What a difference one application made! After about three applications, his skin is completely soft like a baby's! I would recommend this product to anyone who has sandpaper-like skin! Just one application and the difference was seen! Thank you so much, and my son thanks you as well as he is no longer scratching or complaining about his skin!
—Shelly, Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Since we've started our sustainable farmstead, my hands have really been worse for the wear. I've tried all my go-to stuff—shea butter, coconut oil, natural lotions—but nothing, and I mean nothing, comes remotely close to the results I'm getting with Tallow Balm! Silky smooth, non-greasy hands...and let's not forget to mention knees, elbows and heels! As a barefoot enthusiast, my heels aren't always their smoothest...and this Tallow Balm is the ONLY thing that's ever kept them smooth for longer than a day or two.
—Amy, Nottingham, New Hampshire

They say not to put anything on your skin that you wouldn't eat, and I have come to stick to that rule. It also seems to make my skin creamy & happy, when I do. I just found this new product that uses Grass-Fed BEEF TALLOW as the ingredient, and it's the only cream I've found that soothes my rough chef hands!
—Molly, Moorpark, California

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