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Tallow Balm for SPORTS Testimonials

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Can't live without it!!!!
I have been using this product for 6 years. I live in Montana with harsh winters and a dry climate. I use it everyday on my hands and face. It absorbs so great, making my skin feel amazing. I often generously put it on my face before a day out skiing. It totally protects my skin. I love that it is all natural. I have told so many people about tallow balm. Actually today , I was telling two coworkers about it. Tallow Balm is the best skin care product available.
Amy S. in Product Reviews

Works amazing for climber hands.
My husband has used a lot of balms over the years to take care of this beat up hands from climbing and this one is simply amazing. He loves the scent and one jar lasts him forever.
—Crazy German

Best healing balm ever!
My husband is a long distance runner and also plays racquetball 3 times a week. His feet take a beating. He has calluses that sometimes crack if his skin gets dry. We live in the mountains in Colorado, so it's pretty dry here all the time. I have been on the search for a product to help him, for years. Some are better than others, but I tried this out a couple of months ago and Bingo, this is the best stuff for him by a mile. He puts it on his feet before he goes to bed at night, so it has a chance to soak in and no more sore spots on his feet! Thanks for such a great product!

What's the worst sport for your skin? I would argue skiing. The sun, chilly temps, icy snow spray on your face, and constant thawing and re-freezing of one's face as you head into the lodge and out again. I'm an avid skier, and I have tried EVERY natural skin cream out there, even some that cost $50 per ounce. Your Tallow Balm is hands down the best thing I have found in a decade of searching. It protects the skin from the elements and heals with its bioidentical ingredients. I tell everyone I know about it. My mother accused me of being like the father character in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" (the one who recommends Windex for every ailment) because I keep telling everyone to "just put some Tallow Balm on it". Additionally, your customer service is the absolute best. In short, your balm is the bomb.
—Kristen, Fort Collins, Colorado

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