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Newsletter - April 11, 2018

Two New Exquisite Scents of Tallow Balm

Two New Exquisite Scents of Tallow Balm, The Whole Food of Skin Care

Embrace and Serene Spirit

The best ones yet!

We are excited to unveil our two brand new varieties of Tallow Balm and make them available to you. Read on to find out the incredible combinations of therapeutic essential oils that make up these amazing new scents!

Of course, as with all of our ingredients, we only use the absolute highest quality when it comes to our essential oils, a practice unheard of even in natural skin care. We refuse to compromise, even though we could profit by using inferior oils. We actually don't even want to be exposed to low quality and potentially toxic oils while handcrafting "The Whole Food of Skin Care" for you!

We are blessed to have a scent designer with the incredible gift and talent of instinctively knowing which oils to combine to provide a wonderful effect on your skin, on your sense of smell, and on your whole body. She has to take the scent of tallow itself into account when creating these recipes which can be found nowhere else. The essential oils multiply the benefits of the principal ingredient, tallow.

Embrace Tallow Balm by Vintage TraditionEmbrace, also available in the sample size (and soon in the 9-oz size) has an exotic scent in which costly jasmine predominates. It has essential oils that promote relaxation and romance and support hormonal health. It contains the following essential oils: jasmine, ylang ylang, patchouli, bergamot, Eucalyptus radiata, oregano.

Serene Spirit Tallow Balm by Vintage TraditionSerene Spirit, also available in the sample size (and soon in the 9-oz size) will take you to a fragrant forest. It has essential oils that are calming and uplifting and can help soothe muscles and joints. It contains the following essential oils: cypress, bay laurel, cedarwood, lavender, grapefruit.

We hope you enjoy these two new creations! Try them today! And, as always, be sure to email us your amazing testimonials, taking a "before" picture, if possible, and then an "after" picture. It is a pleasure for us to serve you in the interest of skin health and beauty by providing you with "The Whole Food of Skin Care"!