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Newsletter - August 7, 2019

Why You Shouldn't Use Any Sunscreens

...and what you can do instead!

Why You Shouldn't Use Any SunscreensSunscreens and all other products with an SPF rating use two types of ingredients to block the sun's rays from getting to your skin: chemical filters and physical filters. Both types are terrible for your skin as well as extremely toxic to all the systems of your body since they are rapidly absorbed by the skin.

Chemical filters, which absorb ultraviolet rays, are known hormone-disrupters with additional toxic effects, including brain damage, nerve damage, and pre-natal harm.

Physical filters, which scatter and reflect UV rays, include zinc oxide and titanium dioxide (which are also in almost all makeups, and in foods, toothpaste, and chewing gum). In sunscreens, they are usually included in their nano-particle form, which is especially harmful, but these chemicals are toxic even in the non-nanoparticle form, causing reproductive damage, and damage to liver, brain, nerves, and more. They ironically also cause skin damage and premature aging.

Yet more ironically, research and statistics indicate that sunscreen use actually promotes skin cancer!

So what are we to do?? Well, first know that research doesn't back up the idea that sunlight is bad for your skin and causes melanoma. Then be aware that many studies show that antioxidants, eaten and applied to the skin, can help prevent the skin from getting sunburned. While more research is needed, there are some indications that saturated animal fats, eaten and applied to the skin, can also help prevent the skin from burning. This may be due to the same mechanism since saturated animal fats are loaded with antioxidants. In any case, it is sensible to give your skin the nutrition it needs to deal with sun exposure rather than to try to block the sun's rays with chemicals.

For more details and documentation on the information above, find the fantastic article "Sunscreens: The Dark Side of Avoiding the Sun" by Dr Elizabeth Plourde.

Tita Tulum, Tulum, Mexico, 2006To be ready for the sun, consume lots of high quality saturated animal fat and other antioxidants, and apply Tallow Balm to your skin ahead of time, which will also benefit your skin in many other ways! By combining optimal nutrition on the inside with the Whole Food of Skin Care on the outside, you will experience a wonderful difference while reaping the benefits of a sensible amount of sun exposure. Exposure can be moderated by using clothing and by avoiding the mid-day sun.

Finally, to be prepared in case you do get a sunburn, read now about How to Heal a Sunburn in Less Than 24 Hours. (Hint: "All it takes is two simple, real foods", apple cider vinegar and Tallow Balm.)

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