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Tallow Balm for ACNE Testimonials

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Helped my acne and psoriasis!
I saw lots of controversies over tallow helping with acne and figured I try it out. I struggle with hormonal acne and honestly, I've seen great improvement. I don't think it's a cure to my acne, but it has helped diminish redness, marks, and even size of my acne over night! I also get psoriasis around my hairline and it's almost gone. It's nice to have a natural alternative bc I'm used to chemical creams. The smell is more natural than the fragranced products we are used to but, it's not bad and fades quickly!
Leia R. in Product Reviews

Ordered the sample size for my daughter to try. It cleared up her problematic acne so quickly, I ordered a larger size before she even ran out of the tiny jar. Nothing else has helped her acne…no expensive creams or medicine. This stuff is amazing!
Rob K. in Product Reviews

I am hooked
I never write reviews, but this [Epic Glow] is amazing. I have dealt with an infuriating combo of dry skin and cystic acne since my teenage years. While my acne had improved in my adulthood, I was still experiencing regular breakouts and redness. I felt like I had tried everything, so I figured I had nothing to lose by completely quitting my skincare routine and replacing it with tallow. After just over a week of washing my face with tallow soap and applying this morning and night, my skin looks the best it ever has. I used to not be able to leave the house without at least spot concealing my skin, now I can confidently get rid of all my makeup. Is the smell a little weird? Sure, but it's not strong and it isn't noticeable after applying. A small price to pay for beautiful skin, in my opinion. A little goes a long way, I purchased a sample size to try and I feel it could last me months. I am SO IMPRESSED I cannot stress enough how happy I am with the results just in the first week or so. I finally feel comfortable in my own skin. I will never use anything else.
Katherine H. in Product Reviews

Helped my skin issues so much!
I've seen some pretty great results from this product and it's the first time I've ever used tallow. I've had severe cystic acne for years and was recently put on a drug for my skin, but I try to avoid prescriptions at all costs because of what they do to your health. I found vintage traditions pretty girly tallow balm and haven't used my prescription in 2 weeks. I've had some acne here and there, but nothing that I can't handle- way better than before. Plus my face is so incredibly smooth and the creeping under my eyes has diminished. For the record, I've tried most other acne products outside of a silk pillow. I would highly recommend this to anyone having skin issues wanting a more natural approach.
Erin C. in Product Reviews

So far this has been amazing!
I've been using this product for about a month and am very impressed. I have had cystic acne and numerous red spots that have plagued me for years. Someone mentioned they used tallow balm for skin issues such as these so I figured I'd give it a try. I have no more cysts growing and my skin is already starting to look so much better. Hoping to go for a no makeup look very soon! The product is thick and goes a long way and is not greasy as long as you massage it in well. I use in the evening after I've cleansed my skin and massage into my face/neck/and chest. I'm really liking this product. And it's all natural and smells wonderful!
Jackie in Product Reviews

Healed my Skin!
Not only does this [Sensible] tallow balm smell the best of them all, fresh, clean and natural, but it HEALED MY BLEMISHES! Definitely definitely will be repurchasing!
Melody D. in Product Reviews

Acne Testimonial - Tallow Balm Skin Care

GLOWING! Helped my acne!
I had been struggling with acne for years.. as I was doing more research about health I wanted to try something more natural for my skin. I found this tallow and thought I would give it a try. I'm so glad I did! My acne has cleared up! People have asked me what I've been doing because my skin is glowing!! It has helped discoloration and scars! It has healed my skin!!! I recommend this product to anyone!! If you care about your skin BUY THIS!

Quite amazing really!
I've been using [Epic Glow Tallow Balm] for about a month now, and let me tell you this is the best product I've ever used, nothing comes even close! I've been taking daily 1 tsp of fermented cod liver oil and have seen the amazing health benefits from that, so I wanted to try this particular Beef Tallow balm (which also contains fermented cod liver oil) to see what it does to my skin. Similarly, as expected, this product works extremely well. It seems to return your skin to its natural healthy state because the beef tallow is a similar structure to what human skin is made of. Being an acne sufferer, this amazingly stops acne production almost overnight, and any very small blemishes that do happen to appear (and I do mean very small), literally disappear in a few short days. Definitely 5 stars from me!

Acne Testimonial - Tallow Balm

Acne and scars
I can't say enough about this product [Epic Glow]! My face looks better then ever! My acne is gone and my scars are starting to fade. I use this product on my 1 year old when she has drool rash and dry skin and it helps her so much. It even helped when my kids had hand foot and mouth, the bumps were gone in 2 days!
Angela in Product Reviews

Finally...A Product That Works!
I am thrilled to finally find a face moisturizer that is soothing and healing! I have sensitive, extremely dry skin and this tallow balm has helped calm down inflammation and restore moisture. Admittedly, prior to using it I had some reservations about putting olive oil on my face, given I am prone to breakouts. I have found, however, that it actually reduces breakouts and speeds healing time. As an added bonus, it makes a great lip balm. Thank you, Vintage Tradition for making such a wonderful product!
Anita Steidel in Product Reviews

If You Have Acne
Please do yourself a favor and try tallow balm. Nothing but tallow balm has been able to help my skin. I've tried just about every treatment out there—chemical peels, salicylic acid products, photodynamic therapy, and list goes on. My skin isn't perfect, but I've seen about a 70% improvement in my acne. I used to look diseased and now I pass as normal. I'll take my wins where I can get them! I applied it every day initially (for the first 4 - 5 days) and now I apply it every other day. I do live in a dry climate though, so if you live in a humid clilmate, you may need to take that into consideration. That said, when in doubt, apply more tallow balm—sometimes I apply it several days in a row. After using tallow balm on my face for a few weeks, my oil production normalized. I'm not going to lie, I was STRESSED OUT! Applying oil to my face every day was SO counter-intuitive!!! In fact, I'd been using tallow balm in lieu of lotion for about a year before I worked up the courage to try it on my face.
—Be Celiac Savvy

This is the best thing ive ever found for my skin!!
I've struggled with dry skin and acne at same time forever. I've tried everything and never could get rid of one without irritating the other. I decided to try this after a friend recommended it and I AM SO GLAD I DID!!! No weird chemicals to irritate no drying out just awesome moisturizing and my face is now clear and soft!!! I put 2 lemon essential oil drops in it run between my palms and put on face in the am and at night. I am so happy to have clear skin and no dry peeling parts either! Thank you!!!!!!
Katie in Product Reviews

I've been a Vintage Traditions fan for years & absolutely LOVE there Almost Unscented beef tallow. A little goes a very long way - my last small jar has lasted me 8+ months with daily use. My skin is dry but prone to random, deep pimples so I was afraid this tallow would be an issue during breakouts but I was wrong. Keeping the skin nourished with this perfect moisturizer has left my skin baby soft, blemish free & looking years younger! Also the only thing to clear up the intensely embarrassing dry patch on my bum (prescription creams included)! My 4 sisters are also all diehard fans & I'm so excited to try their deodorant in this crazy Texas heat! Cannot say enough about Vintage Traditions but know it's a MUST HAVE staple for your skin! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!
Victoria Johnston in Product Reviews

I just received my Tallow Balm from Vintage Tradition, and it exceeded my expectations! It is wonderful and soothing, absorbs quickly so you aren't left feeling greasy, and my skin loves it. I never knew my skin could feel this soft and hydrated. It's even making my breakouts vanish, and I was afraid they would look worse or even multiply from using the balm, but they do not. I am even using the balm all over my two-year-old, and she loves it too! Thanks for making this wonderful balm. I am a customer for life now.
—Megan, Santa Maria, California

I love, love, love your product!!! I use it as a my face lotion, lip conditioner, eye cream, body lotion, and so on. This is the one product I seriously can no longer live without. So thank you! I'm 30 and have struggled with acne most of my life. Now, for the first time in my life, I feel like my skin is beautiful. It still has a lot of healing to do, but I can actually leave the house without makeup, and that's a huge stretch for me. I have had my fair share of products, and nothing was ever satisfying enough to stick with or hang on to. I was constantly in the mind-frame of "on to the next".
—Debbie, Mount Holly, North Carolina

...I'm exceedingly pleased with the results the balm has made on these two conditions. However, I never anticipated the effect this product would have on my face. I had never intended to use it on my face, but for some reason I did it. I have very sensitive skin and use only the most pure, natural lotions on my face, but I haven't used anything except the tallow since the first night I put it on my skin. After a couple days of the tallow, my skin was positively glowing. After a week, I almost felt like I could go without makeup (something that I haven't done since before high school). I've had maybe only one minor break-out since I started using it — unheard-of for me. I've had moderate acne since my teenage years (and I'm in my thirties). Suffice it to say that I will continue to use Tallow Balm on my face for the rest of my life. There's no way I'm ever going back to even the best lotions you can find....
—Michelle, Long Beach, California

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