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Tallow Balm for AMPUTEES Testimonials

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Great product and company
My husband is a bilateral amputee and uses the tallow for his residual limbs that go into his prosthetic liners. It has definitely helped with keeping his skin supple and breakdowns of skin at a minimum. Very good customer service, when I order it, it arrives quickly! Thanks for a great product!
Grace G. in Product Reviews

Excellent product
I use the tallow balm as on my residual stump for the application of my prosthetic limb. I cannot say enough about how well this works for my purposes. My stump health has been improved tremendously and I only use a small amount each day when donning my liner. I highly recommend using tallow balm. I don't know what I would do without it as most lotions are just slimy.
Bryan K. in Product Reviews

It's effective to heal.
I am a B/K [(below-the-knee)] amputee and I had developed a sore on the end of the stump. I sought the opinion of five doctors and none could offer a solution. A prosthesis expert at the local VA gave me a jar and I started using it immediately. After one week the pain lessened and the sore looked better. I used the product everyday and in four weeks the sore was healed. As a preventive, I put it on everyday to insure the sore will not return.
—Joe Cool

It's a great product well worth the money.
I have a below the knee amputation my leg was always itching under the liner I bought vintage traditions product it's been fantastic it's the best anti-itch cream I've ever tried I can't say enough good things about this product it's well worth the money.

I'm a RBK amputee. My prosthetist gave me this to use for a skin condition I had underneath my liner. Nothing would clear it up. I used the Totally Unscented that night and it was gone by the morning. I was completely blown away by the results. I can't say enough about how wonderful your product is. I recommend it to amputees all the time. It has so many benefits to amputees. I use this stuff everyday and couldn't be happier with the results. Thank you for making my daily activities easier.
—Roxanne Day on Instagram

A little goes a long way.
I bought the balm especially for my residual limb, as I am an amputee. Easy to apply and I don't have to use much. I bought the unscented balm, the scent disappears pretty quickly. The balm helps with the liner an amputee wears, keeps the liner from grabbing and pulling of the skin. I would highly recommend to anyone not just amputees.
—Todd Griffin

It does what they say it does.
I am a B/K [below knee] amputee and have a sore on the bottom of the stump. Over the past two years I have seen six different wound care specialists and they were not able to heal the sore. After I used the Vintage Tradition for two weeks, the sore had healed. I put some on each night before I retire. I highly recommend this product!
—Joe Cool

I am an amputee and your products help me wear my prosthetic pain-free and without any skin damage. Thanks so much for your efforts - and great products!
—Jon, Harwich, Massachusetts

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