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Balm SOAP Testimonials

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A staple in our family
This is the only soap that doesn’t bother my or my husband’s super sensitive skin. I highly recommend it for anyone with countless allergies, eczema, and hive prone skin like us. I love using it as I clean to keep the itch from dust and cleaning products at bay.
Sarah J. in Product Reviews

Ditch the Consumer Products Companies Cartels Soaps
Hands down the cleanest and most fine soap I've ever used and experienced. I was astonished by its purity and efficacy. It cleanses and provides your skin with a natural oil that feels and looks good. You know immediately that you've now found the real deal and that you'll never use any other bar soap. It's that self evident, it's Vintage Tradition Tallow Bar only for this man! Thank you for sharing this product with humanity, I honor your intention, purpose, commitment and dedication to the cause of making this amazing tallow soap available for me to purchase and use daily.
Steven B. in Product Reviews

Keeps me very soft and clean!
This is my favorite soap! I use it everyday for my body and face! The ingredients are clean and it keeps me clean and skin so soft. I will never go bath to any other soap! Thank you Vintage Traditions for offering this!
Elaine K. in Product Reviews

The One Bar!
No need for all the products, shampoos, conditioners, body soaps— my tallow bar has replaced them all. I like the simplicity and getting back to basics— it fits my lifestyle. These tallow bar soaps have also become my go-to for gifts.
Thomas F. in Product Reviews

Great Product!!!
Thus far, I am very happy with both the Tallow Balm and Unscented Tallow Soap. I have Keratosis Pilaris on my arms and have for the past 8 years after having my daughter. I have tried almost everything under the sun, except for synthetic chemicals from dermatologist, because I prefer to use only natural/non-toxic products. This is the ONLY product that has SIGNIFICANTLY improved the appearance within 2 weeks. I really like the vanilla bean scent, and wish that they made the soap in the vanilla bean scent also. The packaging is pleasing, and it was shipped quickly. I will definitely be purchasing again, and have recommended both products to my family and friends. Keep up the good work!
Angelica B. in Product Reviews

No More Itching!!!
First I would like to say that I am someone with very sensitive reactive skin so there is always an experiment going on to find products that keep me comfortable. I am very impressed with this soap and I have even been washing my hair with it and I like that as well. I love the creaminess of the lather and that there is no feeling of residue on skin or hair. I am very happy to have found this company and I am using some of their other products to great satisfaction as well.
Sandra E. Spivey in Product Reviews

Bought one, then bought three more
This tallow soap keeps my skin soft; I use it on my entire body and face. I have short hair for a woman, and even use it on my hair a couple times a week. It's not like I have replaced shampoo with it but it keeps my hair texture manageable and is a great addition to my routine. No rules for this soap.
Megan C. in Product Reviews

Tallow Balm Soap Testimonial

The Best Soap Ever
I didn't realize that washing with a genuinely clean (free from known endocrine disrupters, harsh chemicals, fragrances, carcinogens, seed oils, etc.) soap could ever be a not-drying experience. Every clean soap I have ever tried before dried my skin out. It always looked like a cracked, dry desert. I switched to Vintage Tradition 100% grass-fed beef tallow soap about three weeks ago & noticed immediate improvements. My skin feels softer & looks noticeably less dry---no longer patchy & flaky. It no longer feels stressed out/sensitive & tight from being super dry. I don't think my skin has ever felt this happy & normal before in my entire life. Thank You, Vintage Tradition, for saving my skin---I am never going back to anything else! Grass-fed beef tallow soap for life!
Candice H. in Product Reviews

Gentle but effective cleanser for dry, sensitive skin
I have long wanted to switch to solid soaps for body care, but having extremely dry and sensitive skin has meant even the most 'gentle' bar soaps absolutely wreck my skin barrier. After finding success with a charcoal-based bar, I was curious to try this after the Tallow Balm became my sole moisturizer and finally fixed some persistent perioral dermatitis. The bar suds up in a satisfying way and leaves me feeling super clean but without any harshness or stripping of my skin. I have even been able to cut down the amount of body moisturizer I have to use after every shower which is really a mark of how great this is. I love that it's cost effective, makes traveling easier, and there is almost no waste - it comes in a recyclable cardboard box. A+!
Rachel G. in Product Reviews

So soft!
This is so nice in the skin— still soapy, but a little goes a long way and makes my skin still feel great, like I'm putting on the balm in soap order! It's excellent— bought two and will be getting more.
Alice F. in Product Reviews

Finally a really moisturizing soap
I'm about halfway through my first bar and I love this soap! For those who already use the tallow balm, this is like washing your hands with a bit of that moisturizing effect. I'm so happy that they've made this soap. Between cooking, cleaning, the garden, and pets, I find myself washing my hands often and all of the soaps I've tried left them dry. I'm now using this on my hands and face and it's been wonderful. I'm back to order more for the other sinks and shower.
Jennifer S. in Product Reviews

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