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Oh Aches! Tallow Balm with Green Pasture™ Oils, 2 fl. oz. (59 ml)

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Rub Oh Aches! into sore, aching muscles and joints, and bathe the senses into deep rest. Oh Aches! has a mild, cooling, menthol scent that isn't at all overpowering. The essential oils not only make the balm smell great and effectively neutralize the scent of the highly therapeutic tallow and fish oils, but they also have a long-standing tradition of helping muscles and joints.

This is the only all-animal-oil muscle and joint product available anywhere. Before the petroleum and chemically fractionated plant products that we use now, people used animal oils, like tallow and fish oils, to soothe muscles and joints. We're bringing that back with this amazing balm! We replaced the olive oil that we use in our other products with Green Pasture™'s extremely therapeutic cod liver, skate liver, and butter oils. The skate liver oil, in particular, helps our balm to penetrate deeply and bring all of the benefits of the animal oils and essential oils to your muscles and joints. All of these factors make Oh Aches! Tallow Balm with Green Pasture™ Oils the best muscle and joint product available!

Oh Aches! can also invigorate skin. Revitalize to radiance with your balm that doubles as a stimulating skin care product!

Tallow from 100% grass-fed cows. 
Green Pasture™ Oils (Fermented Cod Liver Oil, Fermented Skate Liver Oil, Concentrated Butter Oil). 
Therapeutic-grade essential oils: wintergreen, peppermint, lime, black spruce, lemongrass, valerian, clove, myrrh
That's it!

The Whole Food of Skin Care 
Whole-body care. 
Soft, spreadable, and easy to use. 
A little goes a long way, so a jar lasts an incredibly long time. 
Does not result in a greasy look or feel because it is readily absorbed by the skin. 
The purest, most natural ingredients of any muscle and joint product (see organic Product FAQ).

A little goes a long way. Rub in well. Keep at room temperature. Keep tightly capped.

More information: 
Our balm is chemical-free and GMO-free with nothing unnatural and has only three whole-food ingredients, all selected from the finest sources to insure its superior therapeutic quality: 

1) Tallow from 100% grass-fed cows that are happy, healthy, and humanely raised without cruel feed lots and cruel slaughterhouses and without pesticides, drugs, hormones, or chemicals of any kind. 
2) Highest quality Green Pasture™ oils, including Fermented Cod Liver Oil, Fermented Skate Liver Oil, and Concentrated Butter Oil. 
3) The most pure and therapeutic essential oils available, produced to the highest standards in the industry, steam-distilled from plants grown at the highest standards and not adulterated, extended, synthesized, or distilled using chemicals or high temperatures and pressure; expertly blended and specifically selected because of their long-standing tradition of supporting muscle and joint health. 

Our balms are handcrafted in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. 
During production, our balm does not come into contact with plastic, aluminum, or non-stick surfaces.

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  • 4
    Bought for arthritis in hands

    Posted by Brenda Tenberg on Feb 5th 2021

    So far so good, recommended by Chiropractor

  • 5
    Amazing, just amazing!

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 16th 2020

    My knees were aching for a month and this came as a sample. I figured I would try anything. Wow! My knees were so much better the next morning. It’s not expensive so give it a try. It just might save you also.

  • 5
    Great on your face too

    Posted by cecily on Apr 27th 2020

    I bought Oh Aches! when it was on sale to use as a face cream because of the additional Green Pasture oils and I’m glad I did, it’s great for deep moisturizing after I wash my face at night and it helps cut down on skin inflammation and acne. If you tweeze or shave stray hairs on your face, it also helps cut down on ingrown hairs and razor burn. The scent is slightly minty and herbal but not in an offensive way. I have not used it for muscular aches and pains, only on my face and hands, but I do have actively healing puncture scars on my finger from an animal bite and the tallow balm helped them stay moisturized which made them hurt less as they’re healing. For the price, this is probably the best stuff you can buy and you’re helping a small business.