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Tallow Balm for CRACKED SKIN Testimonials

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I'm in construction and I have extremely dry hands and elbows. Feel like sandpaper according to my wife. I have tried a ton of different brands of skin moisturizer. None really helped at all. Plus all of them make my eyes water badly. I used "VT" and after a week of putting on my face for the first time in my life did not get watery eyes. I can even apply to my eyelids no problem. But the best thing is "VT" has actually healed my hands and elbows. Very smooth and cracking is gone! People sometimes would see my dry hands and say how dry they looked. Not anymore! Thank you "VT"!
Chris J. in Product Reviews

I have had dry painful cracking skin on my hands for decades. I've tried everything, consulted dermatologists, and nothing has ever made any improvement. Covid & incessant handwashing made the problem even worse. Then I found Vintage Tradition tallow balm. UNREAL! THE RELIEF WAS INSTANT and even more important - the relief has been LONG LASTING! I use it at night and in the morning and VOILA, the skin on my hands is healthy and smooth. At first i wasnt sure it was real... but finally, this problem has been solved & I will NEVER, EVER be without it again! Ever! I love Embrace and Pretty Girl scents, but Lavender Fields is my absolute favorite. I am beyond thankful that I found Vintage Tradition tallow balm, & I cannot recommend it enough! THANK YOU VINTAGE TRADITION!
Christi in Product Reviews

I had some seriously painful cracked heels and I've seen significant improvement over a few weeks. I'm not even applying every day, but it's still so much better than they were. I'm not in pain!!!
Crystal O. in Product Reviews

Absolutely amazing
I have suffered for years and years of skin splitting due to cold weather and frequent hand washing due to being in the medical field. Huge painful skin sores, skin splitting open, infections, all of it. I found out about tallow not really thinking it would end all of my skin issues but worth a try. Well I applied it one time and the skin splitting stopped. I was very amazed and tried it again. I cannot thank this company enough. I have never had results like this and my skin healed and feel even better than it's ever been before! I've tried every single lotion on the shelf this balm is really truly amazing and I am so thankful!! Thank you!!!!

Bring out your wild side
My skin loves it. I even used it to heal the cracked skin at the corners of my mouth and that problem has gone on for months. Nothing else I used did any good. Try it - what have you got to lose - dry skin?
—Sara Cramer

Healed cracked knuckles
My husband is a machinist, so his hands are under constant wear and tear. Applying this in the morning after a shower and before bed has healed his cracked, bloody knuckles.
—Elizabeth Hunt

It works
This balm is indeed amazing. I get extremely chapped hands in the winter time, with cracked skin that bleeds. I work with cardboard at my job, which just whisks away the moisture from my skin. This product soothes my skin, soaks in deep, and lasts a long time. I also have to wash my hands a lot at work, and this balm lasts through those washings. When they say a little goes a long way, they are correct, compared to the usual lotion I use, which takes gobs of it to do anything. That usual lotion also clings a long time on my palms and fingers, getting everything I touch all greasy. This balm soaks into my skin in a matter of minutes and doesn't get all over everything I touch. I do not eat beef, but I am really impressed with the integrity of this company in how they source the tallow for their products. I highly recommend it.
William in Product Reviews

Cracked Heel Testimonial - Tallow BalmCracked Heel Testimonial - Tallow Balm

Look at this pic of my cracked heel. I don't know if you can tell, but it was a really deep crack. So deep that it was really painful to walk. I'm trying to stay away from chemicals and a friend of mine suggested your balm. After just one or two applications it didn't cause any pain anymore! My plan was to continue to put it on in the morning and at night. Since it wasn't hurting anymore, some days I only remembered to put it on once, and others I didn't remember at all. Look at my heel after just one month of using your product on and off like that! The crack is completely gone with no signs of any other cracks. Pretty amazing!
—Jim, Colorado Springs, Colorado

I am in absolute love with VT Tallow Balms. Unlike any of the lotion, potions or oils I've tried throughout my life, Tallow Balm actually does what you say it does –it moisturizes deeply, lasts long and a little goes a long way. I live in NYC and every winter like clockwork I dread the cold, dry weather because it causes the skin between my fingers to crack and bleed. My cuticles also deteriorate and peel causing extreme pain especially during my hot yoga classes. My lips are left dry, irritated and windblown. Ouch! These problems have worsened every year. I remember the day I received my order of Tallow Balm. I had this very specific spot on my left pointer finger that felt a lot like fine grain sandpaper (so un-ladylike!). I wanted to use this as a 'test spot' and thought it would be some sort of miracle to heal skin this rough in the dead of winter. I applied the Tallow Balm on day one and couldn't feel the rough patch by day two. It has not returned since. My skin results this winter? For the first time in 5 NYC winters, I have healed the dry, cracked spots between my fingers and the cuticle issues. My lips have stayed mostly healthy and moisturized. In general with daily use, I notice that scars heal beautifully with the balm and I like using it as a facial moisturizer. Your products are always an arm's length away as I keep a jar in all of my bags, at my office and multiples at home because I have proof that it works. Thanks so much for making these products available!
—Terran, New York, New York

During the winter, my hands get so dry they often crack and bleed. As soon as I received the tallow balm, I scrubbed my hands with a fingernail brush to remove the dry skin and applied the tallow balm several times before going to bed. The next day, the roughness was completely gone and my skin was soft again. I absolutely love my tallow balm! Every day I apply the tallow, the healthier my hands are.
—Patra, North Beach, Maryland

Wonderful product - especially for sensitive skin
This is the ONLY thing that my son could tolerate on his hands. Last winter his hands became raw and cracked to the point of bleeding. I heard about this product on a podcast and bought it in desperation after trying several types of lotions. Even plain petroleum jelly caused him to cry and beg me to wash it off. Not only did it not sting, but his hands began to heal quite quickly. I don't think it was more than two weeks before they were completely back to normal.

Use it!
This stuff is awesome. I buy it for my 2 year old son that gets horrible dry skin in the cold winter months. Last year it was cracked and bleeding and looked so uncomfortable. After using the balm for maybe 3 days after his bath, his skin is smooth and no longer scaly and cracking. Totally worth a try for any and all skin problems or just for normal daily use. Works like a charm!

best cream ever
I have been using this cream for over 3 years now and it is by far the best cream I have ever used. It smells great and this particular scent (Windswept) is beyond great for cracked hands in the winter. I've used this for dry cracked lips, elbows knees and even feet. I use this for diaper rash on my children and red rashes that are unexplained. All around great for any use and gentle!

Absolutely love this!!!!
I have been using the product for about a year and half at this point and love it. The very first thing I noticed was how he helped my feet. I always had dry cracked heels as a teenager and adult. But after using it for just month that was all gone. In the beginning I used it twice a day in the beginning but now just once a day and must admit that there are time I miss a day... but let me tell you it was like magic and I will never be without it again.
Billie in Product Reviews

This stuff is fantastic! I used to have such trouble with my hands cracking and bleeding during the winter months and this has solved that problem.
—Grateful Mom

I have very dry skin and fingers that tend to crack in the winter months. It's not surprising to find me with several band-aids on each hand. But thanks to your wonderful product, I'm enjoying crack-free hands. Bless you. I rub the cream into my lower arms and hands each night with amazing results.
—Maggie, Springfield, Virginia

I have been using your Tallow Balm for just over a month now. You have an awesome product that the world needs to know about! I keep a container at home and one at work. I get extremely dry and cracked skin, and your balm softens it right up. Furthermore, it aids in the healing process of the cracks. Thank you for your boldness in putting forth a quality product rooted in nature and flying in the face of modern science.
—Nick, Colorado Springs, Colorado

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