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Newsletter - April 4, 2019

Video: Eczema Healing with Tallow Balm

In the above video, Elena tells us about Vintage Tradition Tallow Balm. She has really bad eczema on her hands and around her eyes. For about 3 years, she was completely dependent on steroids to control it, and no organic lotions or even coconut oil would help her. Anytime she tried something new, it would give her hives that would take a week to go away. She was very desperate and hopeless for any sort of relief. She learned about Tallow Balm and gave it a try. Not only did it not give her a reaction, it healed her skin on her hands. Now she uses it all over her face and around her eyes with beautiful results. Tallow Balm is a great product that she recommends to everyone!

Thanks for your testimonial, Elena!

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