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Tallow Balm for HAIR Testimonials

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Tallow Balm Soap as Shampoo Testimonial

Healthy, shiny hair!
I wash my hair with this tallow soap! I don't use conditioner or any other products. My hair is healthy, shining, and feels amazing. It's an easy one step in the shower which is perfect for me as a busy mama! I love that it's non toxic and nourishing. The green soap dish is the cherry on top :)
Melissa C. in Product Reviews

Great soap, especially for peri-menopausal finicky skin
I have been using this balm soap for awhile now. Really enjoying its calming effect, especially on itching skin that happens with peri-menopause in all the wrong and inconvenient spots. Also using it as a shampoo, I stopped all other hair products, and this is the only product I use for my hair. Since the hormonal changes started, my hair got sooo dry and frizzy, I didn't even recognize it at some point. If you are in this phase of life I would try this, along with the Epic Glow tallow balm for the dryness of the skin. Gradually the hair and skin dryness are getting better with this protocol, thank God.
Simona S. in Product Reviews

Tallow Balm Soap as Shampoo Testimonial

Simple yet effective
I actually use this as a shampoo bar and WOW! My hair has never been more voluminous! I don't put any other products in my hair yet I get volume and shine from this simple, clean tallow bar. I don't use hairspray, gel, mousse...NOTHING! This is all I'll ever need.
Jessica in Product Reviews

Wonderful Soap
My kiddos have extremely sensitive skin. The tallow is amazing, and so I thought let's try the soap! After getting my sample and loving it, I will definitely be getting more. It helps keep their skin hydrated and soft and even makes my daughter's hair nice and shiny!
Sydney S. in Product Reviews

A shampoo hidden gem!
I totally love the tallow soap for washing my hair. Not only do I get compliments but my less greasy and "fuller" hair lasts longer (= I've been able to increase from three days to four days between washings) than any liquid or bar soap I've tried. I'm a 100% satisfied fan of Vintage Tradition tallow balm soap! In addition, the company processed my order very quickly and with excellent customer service. I also love that even their wrapping is without plastic!!
Karol C. in Product Reviews

Love it!
It is great! My fiancé has struggled with dry scalp and has tried literally everything. This is the only non-medicated soap he has used that has worked better. I use a separate bar for my face, and I absolutely love it!
Elizabeth S. in Product Reviews

My oh my!
Never knew about tallow until I saw the ad. Ordered samples first. Less than a week after using it my skin was awesome-er. Supple feeling. So, since I have coarse, long, salt n pepper afro hair I thought why not try it. It worked wonders! Softer, tamed, and more moisturized! Glad I found this stuff before the cold dry winter air hits.
Jan L. in Product Reviews

The One Bar!
No need for all the products, shampoos, conditioners, body soaps— my tallow bar has replaced them all. I like the simplicity and getting back to basics— it fits my lifestyle. These tallow bar soaps have also become my go-to for gifts.
Thomas F. in Product Reviews

No More Itching!!!
First I would like to say that I am someone with very sensitive reactive skin so there is always an experiment going on to find products that keep me comfortable. I am very impressed with this soap and I have even been washing my hair with it and I like that as well. I love the creaminess of the lather and that there is no feeling of residue on skin or hair. I am very happy to have found this company and I am using some of their other products to great satisfaction as well.
Sandra E. Spivey in Product Reviews

Bought one, then bought three more
This tallow soap keeps my skin soft; I use it on my entire body and face. I have short hair for a woman, and even use it on my hair a couple times a week. It's not like I have replaced shampoo with it but it keeps my hair texture manageable and is a great addition to my routine. No rules for this soap.
Megan C. in Product Reviews

Great Stuff
Noticing improved beard growth within a week, good stuff
James W. in Product Reviews

Pretty Girly
I use this as my hair product. I was using coconut oil to try and help with dry frizzy hair. Which always kept it greasy which I hated. It's taken trial and error for how much I needed to use of the balm, but there is NO greasiness! And it smells so good!
Dyna H. in Product Reviews

So far so good
I got the almost unscented tallow balm for my hair because of the cedarwood and lavender essential oils. I read these oils are beneficial for the hair to reduce hair loss and have antimicrobial properties. That is yet to be determined from what I can see. However, I have noticed that my hair is softer and moisturized without leaving a greasy film like other hair products. I use the balm as a leave in conditioner and daily moisturizer when my hair needs a bit more moisture between washes. I really like this product!
Felicia in Product Reviews

Tallow, the only moisturizer I need.
I'm a natural with 3b,3c & 4a hair type. My hair is very soft and easy to get into tangles and dries out very quickly. Trust me I've tried almost everything on the market I wasn't allergic to. Finally about 5 months ago I decided to try Tallow non-fragrance. I use it alone on damp hair. AMAZING!!!!. My hair stays hydrated for at least 4 days, non-greasy and it's growing.
—Nishia Smith

So thankful!
I have had scalp issues with eczema/psoriasis with a dry, flaky skin on my forehead which drove me nuts! I've tried so many things on my scalp and for almost 5 years have not added any styling products to my hair. I heard of Tallow Balm on the Wise Traditions podcast, ordered Mildly Manly (smells great!), and use it on my face, giving me a tighter look, and on my scalp! The flaky skin is almost gone in just a few days, and it also works well like a hair paste!
Hector in Product Reviews

I have curly hair and in the winter it can get dry and very flat. I thought I would try Rugged Cliff in my hair. I let it sit in my hair for a whole day while I was home on the weekend. Then I rinsed and conditioned it. I did it again the next weekend. After the 2nd application, a friend noticed my hair and commented on how great it looked and how much he loved my curls. This Tallow Balm is quickly changing my life! In between balm "hair masks", I will apply a bit to the ends after applying it to my skin. This keeps the curls shiny and smooth while adding some volume.
—Patra, North Beach, Maryland

I happened to read the testimonials and did not know the Tallow Balm could be used on lips and HAIR. Wow, I went and grabbed my balm and put just a touch on my just washed, blow-dried hair, and VOILA! does smooth out the frizzies.
—Elaine, Gallatin, Tennessee

After i wash my hair and style I take a little and rub it between my palms and smooth on my hair. It cuts down on the fly away hairs. Also after having my hair color done my scalp is a bit itchy so I take a little on my fingers, warm it up and just massage on the itchy part of my scalp. Doesn't add weight and stops the itch immediately.
Elaine M Pyer in Product Reviews

I just started using your Tallow Balm and want to tell you how much I LOVE it. I am using this for hair dressing, and it is really amazing and awesome. I have dry hair, and the tallow moisturizes it and gets rid of any frizz but doesn't weigh it down like coconut oil. It's great on the skin, but the hair is where I am super-duper noticing it. Thank you as I'm growing my hair out for the first time in about 40 years, and it will help it be healthy and attractive. Maybe I'll inspire others to grow a silver mane. :)
—Elizabeth, San Jose, California

...I also love applying a small amount to the ends of my hair. I simply place a small amount on the palm of my hand, rub my hands together, then run through my ends. Silky locks in seconds! :)
—Lea, Grafton, New Hampshire

Healthy chemical free hair product
Excellent product. Use as hair product in place of American Crew Fiber, feels very similar and holds great all day.

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