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Tallow LIP BALM Testimonials

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Best lip balm!
This lip balm is amazing! Healed my dry lips in a week, applying twice a day. Smells great too!
Rae M. in Product Reviews

Really liking this scent
I have been struggling this winter season with DRY lips. I've tried a few products that used to work, but they weren't cutting it. I was always uncomfortable and would be thinking about my lips non-stop because they were dry and distracting. Thought I'd try this and I'm very pleased with not only the quality and consistency, but also this scent. Very light and not overwhelming. This balm actually works GREAT on my lips! Leaves them soft, moisturized and I don't have to reapply the balm a ton like other products.
Meghan R. in Product Reviews

Hands down best lip balm
I was in need of a new lip balm as my lips will get dry in the winter and then I start to pick at them. After a recent picking episode I applied this lip balm and after a couple applications my lips were completely healed. Not so with other chemical based lip balms. The vanilla scent is great too. I will continue to purchase. I would like to try the other scents as well.
Sara H. in Product Reviews

Healed severe chapped lips
After 3 dermatologists and 12 prescribed medicated ointments, this finally healed my severe chapped lips. It is also diminishing the fine lip lines that come with aging!
Jessica C. in Product Reviews

Best Lip Balm EVER!!!
Seriously this company is one of a kind. I've been using the products for over a month and just nothing shy of amazing on all fronts. I use this lip balm in the morning and once at night and my lips haven't been more moisturized throughout the day. Zero chapped lips, just amazing.
Lesa L. in Product Reviews

I work outdoors year round and spend a lot of time outside for fun. This is the most moisturizing lip balm I've found. I absolutely love it. My lips are no longer chapped, and it doesn't break me out if I use it on my cheeks and nose. It feels velvety and buttery smooth on my skin. I even use it around my finger tips, as my hands tend to get chapped in the winter too.

This saved my lips
My lips are sensitive basically I use a lip balm until I react to it and then try to find a new one to use. Recently I had a very bad reaction to not only my lip balm but also lipsticks. I tried Vaseline which worked at first but soon I was reacting to that as well. When I found this tallow balm I figured with only 2 ingredients that are not in other balms maybe this would work. Not going to lie the first was day was hard to get thru but after that my lips stopped hurting and were moisturized. I don't feel like I have to keep reappling like regular lip balms. I am glad I found Vintage Traditions balm and am going to try their other products as well.
—sconnie gal

Super hydrating
I have super dry lips all year. To the point they crack and bleed. And this was definitely one of the best I've found to help relieve them. I've tried so many and it's been a waste of money. But this one is a keeper for sure. I can't wait to try other flavors.
Kara D. in Product Reviews

[Vanilla Bean Tallow Balm] Smells like warm browned butter
Literally went to kiss my husband and he asked, "Why do you smell like warm browned butter??" This stuff is amazing. It's a great chapstick, though there is a slight "learning curve" that passes quickly (lips initially chapped and then became so soft). You don't have to constantly reapply like normal chapsticks. It's also an amazing hand hands have never been softer! Such a cozy scent. Will definitely be buying again and trying the lip balm version as well. Sooo yummy.
Catie in Product Reviews

The best!
This lip balm is amazing. It has actually improved my lips so much that I rarely need it now. I still use it daily. The citrus smell is really nice and mild and tastes very natural. I use this brand tallow for my skin care, it's all amazing, smooth, silky, absorbs completely. Thank you Vintage Tradition!!
—nathan glessner

I never review but I had to this time
I have problems with like, lip eczema, particularly in the corners of my mouth, and just dry chapped lips in general. Year round. I put this on, and 15 mins later, I could feel and see a huge difference. For the first time in weeks, my lips don't burn or hurt when I smile. It actually soaked into my lips, and hydrated them, to the point where a lot of the lines smoothed out. Most balms just sit on top of my lips and do nothing, or if they do soak in it takes hours. 30 mins after I put it on, I ate, and I didn't need to reapply. I actually have some hope for the first time in awhile. I develop random allergies to my lip balm. I'm currently allergic to every major brand on the market. I have to buy like 6 lip balms at a time and constantly swap them out to try and extend the mileage I get out of them. I read the ingredients on every balm I buy, and one thing I've noticed is that even organic unflavored balms have at least 5 ingredients and most of the time they have a chemical sounding name and what that name means beside it in parenthesis. This balm has TWO ingredients, no chemical names, and I would feel safe cooking my eggs in it.
—L. D. Rader

Greatest lip balm on the planet!!!
I've tried hundreds of lip balms in my day, and nothing compares to this one! I'm on my 6th tube. It's my all time favorite. So creamy and smooth, keeps lips moist for a long time and not greasy, just creamy yum! I get the unscented one. My lips couldn't be happier, once you try it, yours will be too!
—Trumpet Sound

Best lip moisturizer EVER
I have dry lips and this truly penetrates and gets absorbed into the skin instead of just laying on top. I'll be buying more for sure!

Best In Class!
I LOVE these chapsticks and my lips want no other brand! These products are best in class and worth every penny! Vintage Tradition is an amazing company. Their customer service is exceptional! I am a forever happy customer!

Try it out!
I'm in love. I have super dry lips, to the point of cracking and bleeding. I have tried so many lip products, to the point I have a drawer just for lip products and this is the first one that has instantly soothed the pain I had. I was super skeptical just because of the main ingredient but I thought why not. Will be buying more, for sure.

Great balm!!!
This is a great, healthy lip balm!! Finally - a balm that is safe even if it gets in your mouth!! The company Vintage Tradition is also great!! They sound like they have done ALOT of research into skin on the face and what is good for it and what is not good for it and how it accepts or rejects products etc. They answered SO MANY questions that I had about their products and my sensitive skin!! There is a lot of product for a nice price and a little goes a long way!! It is the FIRST lip balm I've ever tried (and trust me - I've tried it all!) that I didn't have to re-apply every 5 minutes! It lasts a long time on your lips, without feeling yucky. It's great lip balm!! And I'm in the process of trying the balm for my face - so far, so good!! Thankyou guys and thanks for making a GREAT PRODUCT!!!

Perfect Packaging!
I was skeptical about a balm packaged in a cardboard tube, but thought I'll try it and see. Genius idea! The cardboard packaging is sturdy, easy to push the product up, and eco-friendly! No plastic to toss when empty. The [Peppermint Stick] balm smells wonderful, not overpowering and is easily applied to my lips.
Jennifer in Product Reviews

...I've also been using Tallow Balm on my lips instead of Chapstick. I was "addicted" to putting on chapstick, but now since using the tallow balm, my lips appear much healthier! (Don't have the urge to use Chapstick, since they aren't chapped :)) I would highly recommend trying tallow balm for ANY skin condition!
Lisa Schmidgall in Product Reviews

BEST Lip Care Product I Have Used!
Love this product! First, I like knowing that I am using a product that's actually healthy for me to use. No chemicals, no fragrant scents born in a laboratory. Second, the product works great! I live in a dry climate, and my lips get easily dry and cracked. One application and I immediately see and feel a difference. Plus! This product [Citrus Shine Tube Tallow Balm] has a mild, pleasing citrus scent. I'm sensitive to overpowering scents in many of today's skin care products. This one is just right. Third, the product is offered at a tremendous value. At half an ounce this product will last three times as long as a regular tube of lip balm. And finally, most important, the next time you are in a grocery or drug store pick up a tube of lip balm by major manufacturers and read over the ingredients. Look at all the chemicals in them! Not just any chemicals, but chemicals that are actually toxic for you, chemicals that disrupt the function of your hormones, chemicals that are proven cancer-causing, chemicals that actually irriate the skin! Talk about ironic. And don't forget that synthetic fragrances contain hundreds of chemicals in a single fragrance mixtrure. NO THANKS! I would rather spend my money on a product that actually works and has ingredients that are actually going to be healthy for me to use. Again, great product!

Chapped lips
I have had the worst chapped and dry lips for about 1.5 years. I used and tried everything out there, natural and toxic stuff. Then I remembered about your products and how they cured my daughter of diaper rash and helped my acne out in the past. So I gave it a try. I started using the Tallow Balm 2-3x a day, and within a week I was shocked. My lips are back to normal. After that week, the thick dry layer that had been on my lips was finally peeling away. I was in disbelief. I am so relieved. I will never buy any more chapstick EVER.
Angela in Product Reviews

lip rash comfort
I've had a rash on my lips for a year and a half. I would get puffy, bury, itchy, crusty lips. The only thing I knew to help it was cortisone ointment. So that is what I was using all this time. Someone recommended the unscented tallow balm to me, so I tried it. Its given me relief from my rash, and relief from using such a harmful ointment. I wish I would have known this long ago, but I'm grateful to have a natural remedy for my ongoing skin issues. Thank you.
Joy Roth in Product Reviews

love this!!!!
I bought this because of the convenience of the tube for my 7 year old daughter. It has been so great! She loves to use it, and it cleared up her cracked bleeding dry lips in one week!!
Lindsay Phillips in Product Reviews

Erases time
I've only had my tube of balm for a couple days, but I'm already impressed. I rubbed it into my lips, and had almost an instant moment of realizing chapstick is a total lie. First night it just sat on my lips like lip balm, my lips were so dehydrated it took over night for it to drink it up. Second day lips felt great when I woke up, noticed when I went to put on my balm again it took less product this time, and there was no more "glossy-slippery" feel anymore, because my lips are hydrated, now I'm just protecting them. Today I woke up, balm still on, ate, did my morning routine, its nearly noon, my lips still feel hydrated, I'm just now putting on the balm on my lips AND face. My skin is beautiful instantly! Holy wow I look younger. Can't want to get my full tub of this stuff to start using for skincare.

This tube tallow balm is AMAZING!
This tube tallow balm is AMAZING! I have been using it for a week now and have noticed a huge difference. I put it on my lips at night right before I got to bed, and in the morning when I wake up it is still on, and my lips feel silky and smooth. Before using the tube tallow balm, I put bag balm on my lips at night as it seemed to work, but by the middle of the day my lips would be chapped and dry. I don't notice any dryness with the tallow balm by the middle of the day. My lips remain moisturized through out the day and I don't need to constantly reapply, which I find I had to do with regular chapstick brands. A little goes a long way, and I really like the easy application of the tube. It rolls on just like any regular old chapstick. I have the vanilla scented, and I really like how subtle the smell is. If you are constantly battling dry, chapped, cracked lips this tube is definitely for you. I can't recommend it enough.

Great beeswax-free lip balm
The lip balm goes on smooth and is very soothing. As I'm allergic to bee products while coconut oil irritates my skin, it's usually harder for me to find a natural lip balm I can use consistently. The value for this lip balm is also incredible. It's a much larger size (while still totally pocket friendly) than your standard small lip balm packages and the amount you need per application is so little. Even those with very dry or cracked lips won't need more than two or three applications per day.
Gary Gray in Product Reviews

...I have this bad habit of occasionally biting my lips, so they tend to get raw and chapped. Your Tallow Balm is so soothing and nourishing, and it really makes my lips softer. Plus, if I do bite my lips, it's okay, because the Tallow Balm is edible and totally safe!
—Helen, Brighton, Massachusetts

I just got it in the mail yesterday, and I applied it to my lips first. They instantly became fuller. I was so surprised. I applied it again and again.... They look like they did like when I was in middle school! Next my face.... My skin is so soft and supple! I am very excited. For people considering buying this, they shouldn't be put off by the small jar! It goes a long way, and it has no "bad stuff" in it. Thank you, Vintage Tradition!
—Annabelle, Frisco, Texas

I'd had a split lip for about a year and a half. I tried everything to heal it—from regular old chapstick to natural oils and shea butter—but nothing worked. I used Vintage Tradition for two weeks, my lip healed, and it's been healed ever since.
—Nate, Colorado Springs, Colorado

My mother-in-law gave us a jar a few weeks ago. We love it. My husband used it on his lips when he had an allergic reaction to something. It was the only thing that soothed his discomfort.
—Megan, Chicago, Illinois

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