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Oh Aches! Testimonials

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Amazing, just amazing!
My knees were aching for a month and this came as a sample. I figured I would try anything. Wow! My knees were so much better the next morning. It’s not expensive so give it a try. It just might save you also.
Unknown in Product Reviews

Incredible product
Worth every cent. I use this every day. Has done wonders for skin. I don't know if it does anything for "aches" per se, but the smell and texture is ideal and clearly it's packed with nutrients. Feels great to just know that I'm not slathering on chemicals like 99% of products out there!
Jake Schuster on

No aches
I bought this product with my husband in mind. He works hard and is also building our house and often has back aches. However, I have been the one who has used it more, specifically on my hands. Not only has this helped with my little aches it has also helped with my cracked and calloused hands.
Hannah in Product Reviews

Seems to be handy
I haven't used this too much yet, but it seems to do the trick. I had some back pain and applied just a little (a pea size amount if even that). It seemed to relieve the pain.
Unknown in Product Reviews

Great on your face too
I bought Oh Aches! when it was on sale to use as a face cream because of the additional Green Pasture oils and I’m glad I did, it’s great for deep moisturizing after I wash my face at night and it helps cut down on skin inflammation and acne. If you tweeze or shave stray hairs on your face, it also helps cut down on ingrown hairs and razor burn. The scent is slightly minty and herbal but not in an offensive way. I have not used it for muscular aches and pains, only on my face and hands, but I do have actively healing puncture scars on my finger from an animal bite and the tallow balm helped them stay moisturized which made them hurt less as they’re healing. For the price, this is probably the best stuff you can buy and you’re helping a small business.
cecily in Product Reviews

It relieved my pains overnight
Lynn D on

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