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OH ACHES! Tallow Balm Testimonials

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Great for New Nursing Mothers
Within 5 minutes of massaging this into my shoulders, I felt the essential oils really working and penetrating! I have a 9 month old and frequently having sore/aching shoulder and neck muscles from caring a hefty baby, and nursing on the go. This is my new go-to for when the aches are getting a little too achey, and will also be one of my gifts for new moms. I know that it is something clean and healing, and a gift that they won’t know that they need but will totally appreciate.
Cecilia H. in Product Reviews

No Aches!
Oh Aches! really helped an arthritis flare up in my index finger knuckle that occurred today. I've received a lot of relief for the arthritis with my Carnivore WOE (Way of Eating). However, when I overdo it with my dominant hand, it will flare up, as it did today. After running my hand under cold water for a minute or two, I rubbed some Oh Aches! on the knuckle and had relief in no time at all! I picked up several samples, including the unscented lip balm, and I love them all! With winter approaching, these tallow balms have already saved my hands from cracking! Thanks, Vintage Tradition!
Chris T. in Product Reviews

Great for aches!!
My honey just had surgery on his shoulder and he uses this after rehab twice a week. It has helped with the soreness and tightness and a plus, no medicine smell!! He loves it !!
Amy S. in Product Reviews

So good for my skin!
I have very sensitive skin and normal icy hot irritates my skin so much and this tallow is perfect it helps my pain and is good for my skin!
Dalton L. in Product Reviews

Back relief
Works!!! Had lower back issues and this product absorbs wonderfully and was highly effective in relieving my discomfort! Purchasing largest size for all my body aches. After an epsom salt bath and a slather of this, I slept like a babe!
Theresa S. in Product Reviews

Amazing Pain Relief
I put this on with my other topical ointments/oils and it works incredibly with them.
—Frankie Provo

Actually helped my knee
Amazing that it actually soothes and diminishes my achy knee.
Marlene Murrah in Product Reviews

Extreme dryness and pain relief
I bought this for my hard working guy who is an industrial mechanic. His hands are always dry from the harsh chemical soap he has to use to get the dirt and grime off, and it causes major irritation. Additionally, because of hand injuries related to his work, his hands are always in pain. Even though he would never complain about it, I could tell how much it affected him when I would see him rubbing his hands and wincing. This tallow balm is a miracle worker, and has offered significant relief for him. He uses it at night, and he especially likes the fact that it absorbs quickly without being greasy. Thank you for this formula, it's worth every penny.

I love that this product is all natural and chemical free. I originally bought it to rub into sore muscles, but I like to use it as hand lotion and cuticle cream. I also use it on my three month old baby. I feel safe using it on her because there are no harsh chemicals, dyes or fragrances, just good stuff.
—Tim Harrell

Amazing, just amazing!
My knees were aching for a month and this came as a sample. I figured I would try anything. Wow! My knees were so much better the next morning. It's not expensive so give it a try. It just might save you also.
Unknown in Product Reviews

Incredible product
Worth every cent. I use this every day. Has done wonders for skin. I don't know if it does anything for "aches" per se, but the smell and texture is ideal and clearly it's packed with nutrients. Feels great to just know that I'm not slathering on chemicals like 99% of products out there!
—Jake Schuster

No aches
I bought this product with my husband in mind. He works hard and is also building our house and often has back aches. However, I have been the one who has used it more, specifically on my hands. Not only has this helped with my little aches it has also helped with my cracked and calloused hands.
Hannah in Product Reviews

Seems to be handy
I haven't used this too much yet, but it seems to do the trick. I had some back pain and applied just a little (a pea size amount if even that). It seemed to relieve the pain.
Unknown in Product Reviews

Great on your face too
I bought Oh Aches! when it was on sale to use as a face cream because of the additional Green Pasture oils and I'm glad I did, it's great for deep moisturizing after I wash my face at night and it helps cut down on skin inflammation and acne. If you tweeze or shave stray hairs on your face, it also helps cut down on ingrown hairs and razor burn. The scent is slightly minty and herbal but not in an offensive way. I have not used it for muscular aches and pains, only on my face and hands, but I do have actively healing puncture scars on my finger from an animal bite and the tallow balm helped them stay moisturized which made them hurt less as they're healing. For the price, this is probably the best stuff you can buy and you're helping a small business.
cecily in Product Reviews

It relieved my pains overnight
—Lynn D

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