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Newsletter - April 11, 2019

Saturated Fat is Your Friend! (Cholesterol, Too!)

Don't believe the myths.

A podcast and a video

James Ranch, Grass-fed Beef, Durango, ColoradoHave you ever wondered why our Tallow Balm with its highly saturated animal fat is great for your skin? Well, it's because it's great for your whole body, and you're actually applying a healthy and necessary food substance directly to your skin! But truth has been turned on its head today. The rancid, free-radical-laden, industrial vegetable oils, a huge part of the "Standard American Diet" (SAD), contribute greatly to heart disease, cancer, and overall poor health whereas the animal fats are healthy and protective.

Because of invaluable research, we now know that all healthy traditional diets featured an abundance of animal fats and that good health is not possible without them. In addition, the important fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K can only be obtained from animal fats. And yes, we also need plenty of the cholesterol which is also found in these fats. Even our brain needs these foods for our happiness! In fact, vegetarianism and veganism are dangerous to health and well-being.

Ignorance is deadly, and to overcome the myths regarding saturated fat and cholesterol, we highly recommend the following half-hour podcast. It explains why we need animal fats for health and happiness.

For a more comprehensive look at the subject, an excellent resource is the two-hour video, The Oiling of America. It can be obtained from the publisher, and it can currently also be found on YouTube. This talk is an eye-opening, life-changing blockbuster of serious research, and it includes the origins of the harmful myths about saturated fats and cholesterol.