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Scar Testimonials

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I had skin cancer surgery on my face, and used the almost unscented to lightly massage the scar, and on my recent dermatologist appointment, he was pleased at the progress of my scar, and surprised on how rapidly it is healing, including the return of sensation to the area!
—Connie, Caledonia, Michigan

Great Stuff!!!!
This is great stuff. I received a wound on my forehead and used coconut oil and the balm to heal it. The scar is very faint now. Love it!
Unknown in Product Reviews

I tried several other recommended products to no avail when a friend recommended your Tallow Balm as a way to combat dry winter skin. It did wonders for my face, so I tried it on my thyroidectomy scar, and what an AMAZING difference! Within five weeks of surgery, my doctor was shocked at how well it was healing and the lack of scar tissue that had formed. Before surgery, I was so afraid of having a massive scar and already self-conscious of how it would change my appearance, but, thanks to Vintage Tradition, I really had nothing to worry about. I'm so incredibly grateful to you, your company, and the amazing, whole-earth product you've created.
—Tedrah, Austin, Texas