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Newsletter - February 19, 2019

Video: The Best My Skin Has Ever Looked!

Great for after shaving, too!

In the above video, Sarah from Tennessee tells us she has been using Vintage Tradition Tallow Balm skin care for 2 weeks and loves it! It made the fine lines of her face disappear completely after only a week of using it! She has been using it once or twice a day on her face and as needed on her lips and the rest of her body such as when she shaves. Shaving causes skin irritation to her, but when she puts the Tallow Balm on after shaving, her skin is soft and smooth and not irritated at all. Also, after only 5 days of using it on her face, her boyfriend told her that it was the best her skin has ever looked, that she looks at least 5 years younger! Tallow Balm is a great all-in-one skin care product of high quality, so Sarah is a fan!

Thanks for your testimonial, Sarah!

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