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Newsletter - April 21, 2021

Using Tallow Balm For Moisturizing Skin Care

Alishia in Los Angeles tells us and demonstrates how she uses our Tallow Balm. She loves that it is totally natural skin care and appreciates that it is high quality, super smooth, very absorbable, non-greasy, and moisturizing. It helps her dry, sun-exposed sun, and she uses it on her face. Her hands get super dry and cracked from rock climbing, but the Tallow Balm heals them and makes them soft. She loves the light smell of the Pretty Girly variety. She has tried other companies' balms but found them not to be smooth. [Vintage Tradition is the original!] Alishia demonstrates how she applies Vintage Tradition Tallow Balm to her face, right up to her eyes. She even puts what is left on her hands in her hair. She highly recommends it and encourages you to try it, and she can't wait to order more!

Thanks for your testimonial, Alishia!

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