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Newsletter - April 17, 2019

Video: "You Really Have To Try It!"

Kim loves our Tallow Balm skin care so much! Only a tiny amount covers her whole face and neck. She has been using it for several years, and the quality of her skin couldn't be better. It is always clear, and she doesn't get clogged pores. She has amazing, adequate moisture, and her skin looks great. It actually glows! Because so little Tallow Balm is necessary, the jar lasts a very long time and is a actually a better value for skincare than lotions. Kim appreciates the fact that Tallow Balm is made with truly natural ingredients since she doesn't want to put chemicals on her skin. She takes her Tallow Balm with her everywhere and totally loves it! She says that if you haven't used Tallow Balm, you really have to try it!

Thanks for your testimonial, Kim!

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