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Newsletter - August 29, 2018

VIDEO Testimonial: Healing of Damaged Skin with Tallow Balm

A Mother's Worry and Relief

In the above video, Meagan from Minnesota shares how our Tallow Balm helped her 5-year-old daughter's lips and the skin at the corners of her mouth heal from an injury that left them scabbed and in danger of scarring, and she talks about how dramatic and quick the healing process has been!

She also says that Tallow Balm, unlike coconut oil, is a non-greasy moisturizer that is quickly absorbed by her skin, and it makes her lips smooth, too! This skin care product also helps to heal her husband's fingers and hands since they get damaged during his job as a painter.

Thanks for your testimonial, Meagan!

As you can see, it's wise to always have your Tallow Balm on hand for situations that may arise. Buy yours on our website now!

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