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July 27, 2017
Found under Face

I have been using the Tallow Balm for a year or so and it has been everything I wanted in a face cream. Not too thick, not too thin...just right. Super moisturizing without being greasy. Does not encourage pimples. Heals the skin rather than coating it.
Mac in Product Reviews

July 26, 2017
Found under Sunburn

The best treatment for sun exposure!
This is the best lotion I have ever used. I recently started a job that keeps me outside in the sun for 75% of the day. Despite my best efforts this leads to quite a few sunburns. Since I started using the Pretty Girly I haven't peeled once. It really keeps my skin feeling soft and hydrated even after the hottest of days.
B. DeWalt on amazon.com

July 26, 2017
Found under Sunburn

I have been a huge fan of your products ever since my friend told me about them. I work outside for most of the day, and despite my best efforts, sunburns happen fairly regularly due to the nature of the job. However, since using your products I have never peeled after a burn, and my skin stays soft and radiant. I especially love the way it keeps my tattoos looking refreshed and vivid, even after the abuse from the sun.
—Brittney, Happy Valley, Oregon

July 16, 2017
Found under Deodorant

highly highly recommend
i sweat an amazingly gross amount and i'm allergic to store-bought antiperspirant. it gives me huge painful bumps under my armpits when i wear it. so i'm constantly trying to find a natural deodorant that will work, as i'm also sensitive to baking soda which is in 99% of all cream formulations. i learned this from getting huge rashes in my armpits from "natural" cream deodorant that made it impossible to wear deodorant at all. UGH. my best luck has been with coming up with my own spray-type deodorant that works fabulously, but it doesn't exactly keep you dry and you have to reapply it throughout the day. i wanted to have something longer lasting and lower maintenance in my anti stink arsenal for those days when you can't reapply as often. [Vintage Tradition's Deodorant Balm] had amazing reviews, so i bit the bullet in hopes it would be the last cream type deodorant i would have to buy. after three days i can say that it will be. it isn't an antiperspirant, so you will still sweat, but it really really works even in the dead of summer. will definitely, absolutely be repurchasing.
rrraven on amazon.com

July 14, 2017
Found under Miscellaneous

Best moisturizing product I have ever used
It does build on itself--my skin is visibly better now that it was a month ago, before I even apply today's layer. My cracked feet are gone. My nicks, irritations and cuts heal faster. The baby hairs around my hairline are getting longer and stronger, and the dry ends aren't dry anymore. The skin on my hands and arms feel about five years younger. My face has much less irritation and applying the stuff makes everything shine softly like a kid's.
Suzanne in Product Reviews

May 7, 2017
Found under Cracked Skin

Absolutely love this!!!!
I have been using the product for about a year and half at this point and love it. The very first thing I noticed was how he helped my feet. I always had dry cracked heels as a teenager and adult. But after using it for just month that was all gone. In the beginning I used it twice a day in the beginning but now just once a day and must admit that there are time I miss a day... but let me tell you it was like magic and I will never be without it again.
Billie in Product Reviews

April 21, 2017
Found under Deodorant

Great deodorant that even keeps the stink away in Texas heat!!
LOVE this deodorant so much!! It keeps the stink away very well, even in SE Texas where heat and humidity can be a problem year round, feels great under your arm and smells great too. I ran out of my tallow face balm a while back and before the order for more arrived I used the deodorant balm on my face, worked just as well as the face balm. All their products are tallow, real oils and essential oils so they are all great products that can be used without any fear that there are all sorts of chemicals, etc. being put on my just shaved arm pits which is a big no no for most deodorants, you absorb even more of any and all, good or bad ingredients that are in the product when you are freshly shaved. I also have problems with smells, most of the time must have unscented everything but this does have a bit of smell but it is pleasant, not over powering and if I can wear this without problems just about any can!! Just ask my family, it drives them crazy that I have such issues with all smells and deodorant smells that are warming under your arm and coming up through your clothing can be very over powering and believe me, I have gone through and tossed so many because there actually was some smell I could not tolerate in the unscented deodorants. With Vintage Tradition deodorant balm I do not really notice it after a while and I have no worries as I do with other deodorants about chemicals. The aluminum thing is controversial but I say, if there is a possibility that it can contribute to Alzheimer's disease then best to avoid the stuff on the shelves and stock up on my Vintage Traditions. Thank you so much for a great product!
kayacanoe on amazon.com

April 17, 2017
Found under Scar

Great Stuff!!!!
This is great stuff. I received a wound on my forehead and used coconut oil and the balm to heal it. The scar is very faint now. Love it!
Unknown in Product Reviews

April 16, 2017
Found under Eczema

A miracle in a jar!
I wouldn't be without this product! A few years ago I developed eczema on most of my body so severe I had to go on oral and topical steroids for six months. Desperate to get off those dangerous drugs I tried aloe, coconut oil, olive oil, Manuka honey, raw honey, magnesium oil and the list goes on but nothing worked. Within a few hours of applying this tallow balm the itching and pain began to subside. Within a week or two I had weaned myself completely off the steroids and the eczema cleared in a couple of months. it heals dry skin, cracked heels and is an excellent facial moisturizer. It's the only moisturizer I use. I don't put anything on my skin I wouldn't eat and this tallow comes from the finest 100% grass fed cows, I know because I buy beef from the same ranch!
NANCY on amazon.com

April 14, 2017
Found under Miscellaneous

The best!!!!
This is by far the best skin care product I've ever used and I can't ever be without it! I found this product about two years ago when I was desperately trying to solve my problem with a itchy rash that came and went for a year. I tried over a dozen other products. This is the only thing that cured my skin condition. Since then, I use it daily as an essential beauty and skin care product. I put it on my face and neck morning and night and my skin looks and feels great because of it. It helps with everything: softness, clarity, acne, wrinkles,rashes, -you name it. I've recommended to two other friends for eczema and it keeps their eczema at bay. I've tried other tallows and didn't like like them nearly as much as Vintage Tradition. I'm so grateful for the makers of this product. Please don't ever stop making this! I can't possibly recommend it highly enough.
Hyegal on amazon.com

April 13, 2017
Found under Moisturizer

A must-have!
I am so thankful that I found this company and product because it has been a life changer for my skin. I've always dealt with really dry, sensitive skin that's especially bad during the winter months. Luckily, I found this tallow because it's the only thing I've found that actually moisturizes my skin and it significantly improved the look and feel of it as well. I've been using it for almost a year now and will be a lifetime customer. It's worth every penny.
Chelsea on amazon.com

April 12, 2017
Found under Eczema

A world of difference immediately!
My son has eczema and we have tried everything to help his dry patches, but NOTHING has ever worked as well as this Vintage Traditions tallow balm. It's fast, it's effective, it's steroid free, and it's as if new skin pops up within a few days! I've never seen anything work like this.
Ginny Teague on amazon.com

April 11, 2017
Found under Miscellaneous

Physician Recommended
I am a physician and highly recommended the Vintage Tradition balms after trying them for myself and family. I regularly recommend them to patients suffering from eczema and other forms of atopic dermatitis that need an emollient for their dry/irritated skin. The high quality tallow Vintage uses is better than anything you can get in your local store--without all the unwanted chemicals. The highly saturated fatty acids create a water impermeable membrane that is truly nature's remedy for dry skin. The scented balms contain nice essential oils that make them smell great and feel even more soothing. The balms goes on very nicely without leaving any unwanted residue feeling. I use it myself for my hands because they are always dry from constantly washing them in between seeing patients in the hospital. You're skin will feel amazing with this stuff. I have no financial connections to this company, simply want to help people know about how great it is!
Brian Russ on amazon.com

April 11, 2017
Found under Miscellaneous

Vintage Tradition got tallow balm right!
It is with full confidence and enthusiasm that I endorse Vintage Tradition balm. I have used their products for several years, and they only keep getting better. Having struggled with eczema and dry skin for years, I finally found a product that works - with no side effects or dangerous chemicals and perfumes that end up causing more dry skin. It also seems to help fade and diminish my freckles and age spots. When I have had a sunburn, it has worked wonderfully to take the sting and redness out of the burn, and prevents peeling.
Anne Heckenkamp on amazon.com

April 6, 2017
Found under Acne

I've been a Vintage Traditions fan for years & absolutely LOVE there Almost Unscented beef tallow. A little goes a very long way - my last small jar has lasted me 8+ months with daily use. My skin is dry but prone to random, deep pimples so I was afraid this tallow would be an issue during breakouts but I was wrong. Keeping the skin nourished with this perfect moisturizer has left my skin baby soft, blemish free & looking years younger! Also the only thing to clear up the intensely embarrassing dry patch on my bum (prescription creams included)! My 4 sisters are also all diehard fans & I'm so excited to try their deodorant in this crazy Texas heat! Cannot say enough about Vintage Traditions but know it's a MUST HAVE staple for your skin! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!
Victoria Johnston in Product Reviews

January 17, 2017
Found under Miscellaneous

This is the best skin product I have ever used and I've used plenty. I've been a Wellness Coach, Herbalist and Yoga teacher all my adult life and gradually became so disappointed in everything available for skin care, that I just made my own. I used all the best organic oils, plus essential oils and aloe vera. They were good, but either disappeared too soon, leaving my skin thirsty and dry, or they sat on the surface of my skin too much. At some point, I switched to Emu oil, which was an improvement, but still not perfect. As soon as I discovered Vintage Tradition Tallow Balm, I immediately ordered some and was beyond thrilled over the concept, quality and results. I put a little in my palm and gently rub my hands together to warm and soften. Then it goes on my face, legs, feet and hands. 12 hours later, my skin is still moist and soft; itching dry skin on my legs is a thing of the past; dry heels are now healthy and pink. Thank you SO much, Vintage Tradition!
Victoria Pagliaro on Facebook

January 15, 2017
Found under Psoriasis

Tallow Balm has been miraculously effective for me. I have been plagued for months by a really uncomfortable skin condition in my "butt crack" (skin splitting, raw, dry and bleeding at times). The dermatologist diagnosed it as psoriasis. Nothing has cleared it up (I've tried steroid ointment, antifungals, Aquaphor, elimination diet). I have been living with this for many months and had given up hope. It took only 4 days of generously applying Almost Unscented Tallow Balm and the area is HEALED!! I was shocked that it worked and so quickly. I started by applying it often and heavily throughout the day for the first couple days. I noticed a HUGE difference in the first 24 hours. By day 4 the area was healed. I am so grateful for Vintage Traditions Almost Unscented Tallow Balm.
—Anonymous, Worcester, Massachusetts

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