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April 21, 2021
Found under Dry Skin and Moisturizer

March 2, 2021
Found under Company and Epic Glow

So good for your skin
I love Epic Glow. It was recommended to me because I had stitches on my face and I was told it would help the healing. And it really did. Other products were irritating but this felt so good. My scars aren't as bad as I expected them to be and I think it's from using this. I haven't had any pimples while using this either. I am going to keep using this on my face even though I am all healed up. I also can't wait to try the other kinds from vintage traditions. I had never heard of tallow balm before this but now I am hooked. I've tried other brands but they don't compare to this brand.
Crystyl Craig on

February 18, 2021
Found under Company

Easily my favorite scent so far
I've been using tallow on my skin for years, but Vintage Tradition Tallow Balm is next level. Not sure if it's their rendering process or what, but my facial skin soaks it up like it's nothing! No greasiness, just balanced, clean skin. This scent [Embrace] in particular is very therapeutic - almost regal - as well. Definitely one of my favorites!
April in Product Reviews

February 15, 2021
Found under Epic Glow

Epic Glow Tallow Balm
This balm is amazing, literally a life-changing situation for my skin. I worked really hard through diet, exercise, and changing my skincare routine to reduce redness and acne. This balm had a lot to do with the transformation of my skin: nourishing it and giving it the right level of moisture balance so that it could heal and repair itself. I talk about its magical powers with anyone who will listen to me. I've come to crave the scent and the daily ritual of warming it up between my palms. I can't thank Vintage Traditions enough for making an excellent product that changed my life. #epicglowforever
Jennifer in Product Reviews

February 3, 2021
Found under Oh Aches!

Extreme dryness and pain relief
I bought this for my hard working guy who is an industrial mechanic. His hands are always dry from the harsh chemical soap he has to use to get the dirt and grime off, and it causes major irritation. Additionally, because of hand injuries related to his work, his hands are always in pain. Even though he would never complain about it, I could tell how much it affected him when I would see him rubbing his hands and wincing. This tallow balm is a miracle worker, and has offered significant relief for him. He uses it at night, and he especially likes the fact that it absorbs quickly without being greasy. Thank you for this formula, it's worth every penny.
Kindle Customer on

February 2, 2021
Found under Miscellaneous

beyond hydrating... it's HEALING
I first heard about this product on the Wise Traditions Podcast by Weston A Price foundation. I was already on the hunt to find non petroleum based skin care products and thought I'd give it a try. The stories and the reviews were astonishing so i jumped all in and purchasesd $125 worth of product for my self and my sister who just recently had a baby and was newly nursing. I don't regret a penny and would have paid far more for this product. My hand and my skin drink up the moisture and easily retain it. The winters are brutal and my hands will crack and my legs get so ashy but this winter with consistent use of this product, I've avoided it all! My sister and her baby both have also benefited greatly from healing diaper rash over night and soothing + repairing my sisters sensitive skin from nursing her baby. And the fact that I have zero to worry about, no chemicals, no petroleum, just good ol' tallow, oils and vanilla... I seriously cannot believe something so perfect and effective exists! oh, and it's totally NOT OILY!! I hope this review helps sway you in the right direction now if you excuse me, I have some moisturizing to do :)
Rebekahpgee on

February 2, 2021
Found under Lips

Try it out!
I'm in love. I have super dry lips, to the point of cracking and bleeding. I have tried so many lip products, to the point I have a drawer just for lip products and this is the first one that has instantly soothed the pain I had. I was super skeptical just because of the main ingredient but I thought why not. Will be buying more, for sure.
Melisa on

January 14, 2021
Found under Company and Lips

Great balm!!!
This is a great, healthy lip balm!! Finally - a balm that is safe even if it gets in your mouth!! The company Vintage Tradition is also great!! They sound like they have done ALOT of research into skin on the face and what is good for it and what is not good for it and how it accepts or rejects products etc. They answered SO MANY questions that I had about their products and my sensitive skin!! There is a lot of product for a nice price and a little goes a long way!! It is the FIRST lip balm I've ever tried (and trust me - I've tried it all!) that I didn't have to re-apply every 5 minutes! It lasts a long time on your lips, without feeling yucky. It's great lip balm!! And I'm in the process of trying the balm for my face - so far, so good!! Thankyou guys and thanks for making a GREAT PRODUCT!!!
Amazon Customer on

January 1, 2021
Found under Rash

Rash Testimonial - Tallow Balm

Worked better than anything else
My 2 year old had a stubborn, itchy rash. I tried everything. Expensive lotions for skin conditions, Vaseline, tea tree oil. Nothing worked. But this balm and the lavender cleared it up after using it consistently for 2-3 weeks.
Leia on

December 18, 2020
Found under Epic Glow and Moisturizer

December 16, 2020
Found under Eczema

Amazing for Eczema
About ten months ago, I rather suddenly developed small dry patches (found later to be eczema) on my legs. I tried so many different things from lotions, essential oils, coconut oil, etc. for months and nothing made a bit of difference. Then my sister suggested tallow balm and within ONE WEEK I noticed significant improvement. Before long the eczema patches all went away completely. I couldn't believe it! I am so grateful that my sister recommended this product to me!
Unknown in Product Reviews

November 16, 2020
Found under Oh Aches!

I love that this product [Oh Aches!] is all natural and chemical free. I originally bought it to rub into sore muscles, but I like to use it as hand lotion and cuticle cream. I also use it on my three month old baby. I feel safe using it on her because there are no harsh chemicals, dyes or fragrances, just good stuff.
Tim Harrell on

November 9, 2020
Found under Cracked Skin

Healed cracked knuckles
My husband is a machinist, so his hands are under constant wear and tear. Applying this in the morning after a shower and before bed has healed his cracked, bloody knuckles.
Elizabeth Hunt on

November 4, 2020
Found under Cracked Skin and Dry Skin

It works
This balm is indeed amazing. I get extremely chapped hands in the winter time, with cracked skin that bleeds. I work with cardboard at my job, which just whisks away the moisture from my skin. This product soothes my skin, soaks in deep, and lasts a long time. I also have to wash my hands a lot at work, and this balm lasts through those washings. When they say a little goes a long way, they are correct, compared to the usual lotion I use, which takes gobs of it to do anything. That usual lotion also clings a long time on my palms and fingers, getting everything I touch all greasy. This balm soaks into my skin in a matter of minutes and doesn't get all over everything I touch. I do not eat beef, but I am really impressed with the integrity of this company in how they source the tallow for their products. I highly recommend it.
William in Product Reviews

October 13, 2020
Found under Acne

October 11, 2020
Found under Epic Glow

Magical & Different!
I am a little bit obsessed with natural beauty and have tried a lot, a lot, A LOT, of different products. The Epic Glow Tallow Balm by Vintage Traditions is special. I have never seen these ingredients grouped together EVER and I am big into buying from around the world to find the absolute best. From Africa, to several countries in Europe, South America, and the end of the day, Epic Glow is a stand out. It is thick and requires warming between the hands. Take that warming step (really only a few seconds of your time) to get it nice and warmed before applying. It is great for the body daily and nice for the face as a special overnight treatment. I AM IN LOVE!!!
Missy Toot on

October 1, 2020
Found under Company and Miscellaneous

I love and crave simplicity and this tallow balm is amazing and simple. In the Buffalo, NY winter I use more. In the summer, I use less. I use it on my face, my hair (just the ends, as my lightweight curly hair had only take that much), my knees and elbow and lips. It is fabulous and has ZERO chemicals. I dare you to find a product that can boast that. It's amazing ; I love knowing that all part of animal are being used and loved. I thank the animals each time I use this tallow. FABULOUS product! well, well, well worth the cost!
ilana on

September 23, 2020
Found under Amputee

It's a great product well worth the money.
I have a below the knee amputation my leg was always itching under the liner I bought vintage traditions product it's been fantastic it's the best anti-itch cream I've ever tried I can't say enough good things about this product it's well worth the money.
Brian on

September 16, 2020
Found under Rosacea

so great!
I absolutely love it! this is a great moisturizer, and not irritating for my rosacea/dermatitis inflamed skin. I was having a rosacea and dermatitis flare up for 8 weeks straight! but with Benadryl and this moisturizer I was finally able to get it to stop. Now I'm off of Benadryl and just using this moisturizer and my skin is healthy and moisturized.
Leia on

August 17, 2020
Found under Face and Psoriasis

The only product on the market that has effectively treated my stubborn psoriasis lesions along with doubling as an effective facial moisturizer so nourishing that it has even made my lashes grow. I highly recommend this product as an all in one salve and beauty treatment for many skin ailments.
Victoria2010 on

August 5, 2020
Found under Dry Skin

Amazing for aging skin!
I have very dry skin, and being 55 doesn't help. It didn't matter what moisturizer I used, within a few hours of application my skin would be tight and dry. I discovered Tallow Balm, and it was a game changer. I applied it in the morning and didn't need another application all day for my skin to feel moist. I love the scents (I've tried Mild Manly, Outdoor Spice & Embrace) and the fact that there are no questionable or toxic ingredients, it's 100% natural.
Anna on

August 3, 2020
Found under Lips

Perfect Packaging!
I was skeptical about a balm packaged in a cardboard tube, but thought I'll try it and see. Genius idea! The cardboard packaging is sturdy, easy to push the product up, and eco-friendly! No plastic to toss when empty. The [Peppermint Stick] balm smells wonderful, not overpowering and is easily applied to my lips.
Jennifer in Product Reviews

July 30, 2020
Found under Rash

Amazing Stuff
I suffer with an autoimmune issue that sometimes results in terrible burn-like rashes on my hands and chest. I've tried everything from OTC moisturizers to prescription ointments and salves, steroids...You name it. This miracle balm has healed and soothed my skin almost overnight. Additionally, the customer service is stellar. Do yourself the favor of trying this stuff, you won't look back.
Scstevens on

July 14, 2020
Found under Deodorant

A deodorant I can actually use that works
I'd been searching for a natural deodorant for several years as the commercial antiperspirants are irritating, as are the natural ones based on baking soda or arrowroot powder. My underarm skin was irritated and discolored. I'd gotten to the point where if I didn't have to go out, I'd skip using antiperspirant in order to let my skin have a break. I'm on Vintage Tradition's mailing list, so when I saw they offered deodorant, I thought it was worth a try. Even if it didn't work, I figured I could use it as a moisturizing balm on my hands and elbows. I was greatly relieved to find that it mostly works, and more importantly, my irritated skin healed up. My underarm skin is no longer discolored, and the balm was quite soothing while my skin recovered. For full disclosure, I live in the southeastern US, and when it's 90°+ with really high humidity, nothing is going to be 100% effective, which is why I said it mostly works. I use it very sparingly, about a pea size amount or less, and the jar lasted me for several months. One of the best things I've noticed is that it doesn't sting. I can shave my underarms and apply the deodorant balm directly from the shower. I've been very pleased with it, and I have purchased it several times, as well as recommending it to my friends who are looking for a natural option.
Eve on

June 29, 2020
Found under Miscellaneous

It works! Everywhere.
I have dry sensitive skin. My face especially. This product is a true life saver. I've been using it for years now and do not plan to change. This Tallow Balm goes on smoothly and it's soothing moisture feels amazing. I use it on my face without any problems (no acne, no irritation) and also on my dry cracked heels. My son has eczema & it is a lifesaver for him! It soothes and softens as it heals. I believe it also forms a barrier between his skin & his clothing/shoes to reduce the further irritation & damage. I cannot say enough about how much we love this product. Tallow Balm is a staple in our home & will continue to be.
Miget Kids on

June 24, 2020
Found under Sunburn

Great for sunburns
This is amazing on sunburns. My teenagers think they're invincible and never put enough sunscreen on while at the beach. If they come home red I have them take a shower then put VT all over the sunburn. In the morning the burn is usually gone. I love it!
Tracy's Place on

June 19, 2020
Found under Miscellaneous

Just what I needed.
This is the only fat/moisturizer that doesn't disturb my eczema or the sensitive skin with a host of issues on my face. I actually feel so at home in my body now. No itching, tightness, burning. No worrying about the next time I shower, if I'm going to break out in rashes. My skin is so sensitive that I can't even use regular one-ingredient oils/butters i.e Coconut Oil/Shea Butter. I was becoming very weary, and finding solutions that only create more problems can be costly over the years. I'm just thankful this quest is finally over with. I thank God for the makers of this product. The cows, the olives and the manufacturers. May God bless them all. I can finally sleep peacefully at night.
mariecuttie2 on

June 10, 2020
Found under Face

Outstanding product 5 out of 5 stars
I was introduced to Vintage Tradition Tallow Balm about 10 months ago by a high school friend that I hadn't seen in 50 years. I commented on how wonderful his skin looked. He told me about your Tallow Balm. I sent away for your product and was delighted with the results. My face looks and feels healthy and young. Wrinkles around my eyes, forehead, and mouth are gone. Thank you
Unknown in Product Reviews

June 3, 2020
Found under Company

I have been a Vintage Tradition customer for four years. I've used Sensible, Windswept, Pretty Girly, Outdoor Spice, and I think I've ordered all of your samples. I use Totally Unscented every day, twice a day, as my eye cream, and then one your scented versions for my face and body. I will not use anything else. You truly produce a trustworthy and effective product. On my last order, I tried the Citrus Shine, and I am in love! It smells absolutely wonderful! The scent I had been hoping for! I also ordered a tube of Vanilla Bean as a lip balm that does not require my putting my fingers in a container -THANK YOU!- and one sample each of Lavender Fields and Peppermint Stick (which I keep on hand for massage of strains or to rub on my temples when I get a headache). As always, the Tallow Balm itself works wonders, but these scents are absolute heaven. The world is going through an awful patch of late, and it just seemed to me that sharing good vibes might be helpful. So thank you for everything you are doing.
—Emily, Wakefield, Massachusetts

May 27, 2020
Found under Cracked Skin

May 26, 2020
Found under Eczema

everyone should have - every day balm
i love this stuff. after trying mulitple creams for my sons excema, it just was getting worse and worse last year. after using this tallow balm, along with adding some fish oil, probiotics and vitamin D, his skin is completely clear. within like three weeks. any minor flare ups i start applying and it helps. i use on my face and love it.
Unknown in Product Reviews

May 25, 2020
Found under Face

Great stuff!
I wish I had know about this product 40 years ago. I've noticed decreased wrinkles around my mouth, forehead, & eyes. This balm is truly amazing & the only thing I'll be using on my face the rest of my life.
Unknown in Product Reviews

May 22, 2020
Found under Miscellaneous

Workhorse of all Beauty Products
I am working on reversing an autoimmune disease, so one of the simple things I do is keep my toxic load as low as possible. Vintage Tradition tallow is the workhorse of my beauty products. I use this to cleanse my face (old school cold cream style), as facial moisturizer, eye cream, lip balm, & body cream. I have scaling, dry skin on parts of my body due to treatment, and this is the only thing that makes my skin lovely & normal looking again. Thank goodness a little goes a long way!
Nina Morris on

May 14, 2020
Found under Age Spots and Epic Glow

Epic Glow Diminishes Age Spots!
Since I began using Epic Glow I have seen the brown spots on the tops of my hands and arms noticeably diminish. It also adds moisture to my face and makes my skin look younger which is a good thing for someone who is starting her seventh decade!
NR in Product Reviews

May 13, 2020
Found under Company

I have been an avid Vintage Tradition user for three years now. I love their products! There are no crazy chemicals that go into them, they are completely affordable, they ship directly to me and MOST of all my skin looks and feels FANTASTIC! I am in that age bracket where you must moisturize or die And so thankful to have discovered VT. At my last facial, the esthetician Could not believe that my skin was so healthy and soft with very little sun damage. Keep rockin!!!!
Tam in Product Reviews

April 30, 2020
Found under Company and Rough Skin

This [Pretty Girly] tallow balm smells AMAZING! I honestly wouldn't care how it smelled because this is such an incredible skin product so the scent is just an added bonus. I will say, it fades pretty quick, so I reapply whenever I want another whiff of this goodness, but people who are sensitive to scents would be happy with this. The balm itself made my face and hands as soft and smooth as a baby's bottom, no exaggeration. I had some bumps and peeling from a retinol cream I've been using, and this stuff had my skin clear, soft, and glowing after a couple of uses. I just placed a second order for some full sizes. I love that I was able to try all the scents in a sample size before committing to the full size. Definitely a 5-star product! Packaging, shipping, and communication was 5-star as well, highly, highly recommend this company and their products!
Nicole Pradt in Product Reviews

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