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February 2, 2024
Found under Lip Balm

Really liking this scent
I have been struggling this winter season with DRY lips. I’ve tried a few products that used to work, but they weren’t cutting it. I was always uncomfortable and would be thinking about my lips non-stop because they were dry and distracting. Thought I’d try this and I’m very pleased with not only the quality and consistency, but also this scent. Very light and not overwhelming. This balm actually works GREAT on my lips! Leaves them soft, moisturized and I don’t have to reapply the balm a ton like other products.
Meghan R. in Product Reviews

January 26, 2024
Found under Rosacea and Epic Glow

I'm on my sixth day of using the Epic Glow balm, and my face has cleared to a level I wouldn't have thought possible in such a short time. I didn't even know I had rosacea when I bought it. I was just told Tallow Balm was an incredible face care product with no undesirable chemicals. At the time I bought it, I thought what I had was acne and was hoping for improvement with that. Now that I know it's rosacea, I'm even more thrilled that I purchased your tallow balm. I wish I had taken "before" photos but didn't think to do that. And now, even after only six days of use, it's working so well there's not much rash or bumps to see. Put me down as a Vintage Tradition customer for life. I've never had a product work as stated and in so little time. Thank you, thank you. I've gone from being very upset by my diagnosis to having hope because of your Tallow Balm. Please never stop making it!!!
Constance H. in Product Reviews

January 20, 2024
Found under Soap

Tallow balm soap
I'm in love with this soap. I've been looking for a natural soap for my face and body that doesn't strip the natural oils and dry my skin out. This is it! It has become my favorite soap. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and clean. Then I come in with the lavender tallow balm. My adult acne is clearing up and I had someone comment about how my skin is "glowing." I also bought several samples and loved each one! Eek! I can't decide which ones to get next! I'm using the lavender balm on the soles of my feet at night and I swear I am sleeping better. Thank you! I will definitely be buying more!
Anna R. in Product Reviews

January 13, 2024
Found under Soap

10/10 will always use
Best bar soap I've ever had. Every soap makes my skin dry out. And this is the first soap I've used that doesn't do that. Totally love it. Will forever use it.
Hailey H. in Product Reviews

January 13, 2024
Found under Soap

I was in the market for a new soap as I really wanted to get away from chemical soap. I had tried a tallow soap from another company before but it really dried out my skin. I had tried my husbands sample of the regular tallow soap and loved it. It did not dry out my skin at all. I decided to purchase this one to use and I am amazed at how well it lathers and cleans without drying your skin. It also makes an excellent shave soap. Great slip and a close shave with no cuts. I don't even have to use any kind of lotion after bathing or shaving. Amazing product and will continue to use.
Sara H. in Product Reviews

January 13, 2024
Found under Lip Balm

Hands down best lip balm
I was in need of a new lip balm as my lips will get dry in the winter and then I start to pick at them. After a recent picking episode I applied this lip balm and after a couple applications my lips were completely healed. Not so with other chemical based lip balms. The vanilla scent is great too. I will continue to purchase. I would like to try the other scents as well.
Sara H. in Product Reviews

January 13, 2024
Found under Lip Balm

Hands down best lip balm
I was in need of a new lip balm as my lips will get dry in the winter and then I start to pick at them. After a recent picking episode I applied this lip balm and after a couple applications my lips were completely healed. Not so with other chemical based lip balms. The vanilla scent is great too. I will continue to purchase. I would like to try the other scents as well.
Sara H. in Product Reviews

January 2, 2024
Found under Deodorant

For me - Best deodorant Ever
Started using the tallow balm many years ago. Used a fair amount. Every day. The last few years I noticed it takes just a pinch. Still Works great. All day. It does take a year or two, waiting the skin to release all the toxics and letting in the healthy balm, to do its healing stuff. Since I started Vintage, I've used the Ammonia based deodorant, it really irritates my skin now. The balm calms it right down. Never got a bad jar. Good quality control. It's the only deodorant I will use.
Ken H. in Product Reviews

January 2, 2024
Found under Soap

A shampoo hidden gem!
I totally love the tallow soap for washing my hair. Not only do I get compliments but my less greasy and "fuller" hair lasts longer (= I've been able to increase from three days to four days between washings) than any liquid or bar soap I've tried. I'm a 100% satisfied fan of Vintage Tradition tallow balm soap! In addition, the company processed my order very quickly and with excellent customer service. I also love that even their wrapping is without plastic!!
Karol C. in Product Reviews

December 23, 2023
Found under Soap

Love it!
It is great! My fiancé has struggled with dry scalp and has tried literally everything. This is the only non-medicated soap he has used that has worked better. I use a separate bar for my face, and I absolutely love it!
Elizabeth S. in Product Reviews

December 22, 2023
Found under Eczema

Amazing for Eczema!
My daughter has had severe Eczema since she was a child. We have used many creams and potions and it seems nothing has worked. After trying Vintage Tradition Totally Unscented her skin started to clear up instantly and the itching was less as well. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for something to help with this difficult skin problem.
Christal N. in Product Reviews

December 9, 2023
Found under Oh Aches!

No Aches!
Oh Aches! really helped an arthritis flare up in my index finger knuckle that occurred today. I've received a lot of relief for the arthritis with my Carnivore WOE (Way of Eating). However, when I overdo it with my dominant hand, it will flare up, as it did today. After running my hand under cold water for a minute or two, I rubbed some Oh Aches! on the knuckle and had relief in no time at all! I picked up several samples, including the unscented lip balm, and I love them all! With winter approaching, these tallow balms have already saved my hands from cracking! Thanks, Vintage Tradition!
Chris T. in Product Reviews

November 30, 2023
Found under Company

I absolutely LOVE your natural products!!! My skin looks so good ever since I started using the unscented tallow balm and epic balm. I have zero breakouts, zero dryness, zero oil on my skin and my face. I have extremely sensitive skin..your products are the only items i can use. I despise chemicals and poisons from big companies who charge outrageous fees to harm the population due to their greed. Your company is all natural, reasonably priced, and I will be a customer FOR LIFE!!!
Rebecca R. in Product Reviews

November 13, 2023
Found under Acne and Epic Glow

I am hooked
I never write reviews, but this [Epic Glow] is amazing. I have dealt with an infuriating combo of dry skin and cystic acne since my teenage years. While my acne had improved in my adulthood, I was still experiencing regular breakouts and redness. I felt like I had tried everything, so I figured I had nothing to lose by completely quitting my skincare routine and replacing it with tallow. After just over a week of washing my face with tallow soap and applying this morning and night, my skin looks the best it ever has. I used to not be able to leave the house without at least spot concealing my skin, now I can confidently get rid of all my makeup. Is the smell a little weird? Sure, but it's not strong and it isn't noticeable after applying. A small price to pay for beautiful skin, in my opinion. A little goes a long way, I purchased a sample size to try and I feel it could last me months. I am SO IMPRESSED I cannot stress enough how happy I am with the results just in the first week or so. I finally feel comfortable in my own skin. I will never use anything else.
Katherine H. in Product Reviews

November 9, 2023
Found under Soap

A staple in our family
This is the only soap that doesn't bother my or my husband's super sensitive skin. I highly recommend it for anyone with countless allergies, eczema, and hive prone skin like us. I love using it as I clean to keep the itch from dust and cleaning products at bay.
Sarah J. in Product Reviews

November 7, 2023
Found under Acne

November 6, 2023
Found under Keratosis

Wonderful product!
I love the quality and cleanliness of the ingredients. I’ve been using it on my face, lips, and arms as a moisturizer and to treat keratosis pilaris. This tallow is the first product to ever make a noticeable difference and fast! My skin is much smoother with reduced redness. I would definitely recommend and purchase again.
Milada D. in Product Reviews

November 6, 2023
Found under Soap

Ditch the Consumer Products Companies Cartels Soaps
Hands down the cleanest and most fine soap I've ever used and experienced. I was astonished by its purity and efficacy. It cleanses and provides your skin with a natural oil that feels and looks good. You know immediately that you've now found the real deal and that you'll never use any other bar soap. It's that self evident, it's Vintage Tradition Tallow Bar only for this man! Thank you for sharing this product with humanity, I honor your intention, purpose, commitment and dedication to the cause of making this amazing tallow soap available for me to purchase and use daily.
Steven B. in Product Reviews

November 3, 2023
Found under Moisturizer

Best moisturizer on the market
Vintage Tradition is the best tallow moisturizer I've ever used, actually it's the best moisturizer I've ever used period! I have very sensitive oily skin. I'm almost 50 so it's very important for me to moisturize and with the Vintage Tradition I don't breakout my skin looks bright and people will always ask "why don't you have wrinkles?" I even use it on my lips and the ends of my hair as a leave-in conditioner. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a good moisturizer and a healthy choice of skin care. Thank you Vintage Tradition for making a great product!
Kay D. in Product Reviews

October 20, 2023
Found under Hair

My oh my!
Never knew about tallow until I saw the ad. Ordered samples first. Less than a week after using it my skin was awesome-er. Supple feeling. So, since I have coarse, long, salt n pepper afro hair I thought why not try it. It worked wonders! Softer, tamed, and more moisturized! Glad I found this stuff before the cold dry winter air hits.
Jan L. in Product Reviews

October 18, 2023
Found under Company

WOW is the word !!!!!!
I can't believe how much better my skin feels using the bar soap and I bought a large jar of the almost unscented for my husband and his skin issues. I've been using my free sample of citrus balm and it soaks right into my skin like magic. Thank you for a product that does what you say it will do. I've been using another Brands products and I was disappointed so as a last resort I thought I'd try your products. So glad I did because it really does work!!!! Thank You!!!
—Kim E.

October 18, 2023
Found under Company

Great product and amazing customer service!
I absolutely love this tallow balm. I have purchased multiple orders and will continue to do so. I love how this company actually CARES about the ingredients they put into their products - like using genuine, 100% EVOO. Honest brands, that care about consumer's health, are hard to come by. Highly recommend vintage tradition!
Malerey V. in Product Reviews

October 9, 2023
Found under Oh Aches!

Great for aches!!
My honey just had surgery on his shoulder and he uses this after rehab twice a week. It has helped with the soreness and tightness and a plus, no medicine smell!! He loves it !!
Amy S. in Product Reviews

September 4, 2023
Found under Acne

Helped my skin issues so much!
I've seen some pretty great results from this product and it's the first time I've ever used tallow. I've had severe cystic acne for years and was recently put on a drug for my skin, but I try to avoid prescriptions at all costs because of what they do to your health. I found vintage traditions pretty girly tallow balm and haven't used my prescription in 2 weeks. I've had some acne here and there, but nothing that I can't handle- way better than before. Plus my face is so incredibly smooth and the creeping under my eyes has diminished. For the record, I've tried most other acne products outside of a silk pillow. I would highly recommend this to anyone having skin issues wanting a more natural approach.
Erin C. in Product Reviews

August 22, 2023
Found under Cracked Skin

I have had dry painful cracking skin on my hands for decades. I've tried everything, consulted dermatologists, and nothing has ever made any improvement. Covid & incessant handwashing made the problem even worse. Then I found Vintage Tradition tallow balm. UNREAL! THE RELIEF WAS INSTANT and even more important - the relief has been LONG LASTING! I use it at night and in the morning and VOILA, the skin on my hands is healthy and smooth. At first i wasnt sure it was real... but finally, this problem has been solved & I will NEVER, EVER be without it again! Ever! I love Embrace and Pretty Girl scents, but Lavender Fields is my absolute favorite. I am beyond thankful that I found Vintage Tradition tallow balm, & I cannot recommend it enough! THANK YOU VINTAGE TRADITION!
Christi in Product Reviews

August 19, 2023
Found under Oh Aches!

So good for my skin!
I have very sensitive skin and normal icy hot irritates my skin so much and this tallow is perfect it helps my pain and is good for my skin!
Dalton L. in Product Reviews

August 18, 2023
Found under Rosacea and Epic Glow

Great improvement
I have rosacea and tried everything for my skin. This [Epic Glow Tallow Balm] works! I am in my 3rd month of use and my redness has greatly reduced along with my bumps. I would highly recommend!
Judy N. in Product Reviews

August 17, 2023
Found under Face Serum

I will never use anything else on my face!
I am a long time fan of Vintage Tradition Tallow Balm, especially the Epic Glow for my face. However, when I began using the Gel Serums, my skin found a deep healing. I had several ingrown hairs that looked like scars and was unable to do anything about them. Within a very short period of using the Gel Serums, the hairs came to the surface and since then the scars have healed. I had other blemishes come to the surface and heal, as well. These Serums are so healing for the skin! I have developed a deep rosy glow and people comment on how young I look. I'm almost 50! The scent is a bit strong at first, but now I don't even notice it. My skin drinks these serums in and work wonderfully when I use it with my gua sha. I've been searching for a long time for an animal fats facial moisturizer and I have finally found something I trust and my skin greatly benefits from. Thank you Vintage Tradition for creating the product my body was screaming for!
Patra H. in Product Reviews

August 14, 2023
Found under Face Serum

New Category King
This [Face Serum] is easily better than store bought synthetics of similar or higher price. The regular tallow balm from VT are excellent (especially Epic Glow) but this is definitely the premium product in their line-up. It is much less solid than the regular tallow as the ratio of oils vs tallow is greater. This means it is easier to apply, but this also means there is more smell from the oils. The smell will be off-putting for some. It smells like Epic Glow but stronger (kind of a cod liver smell). Please be aware of this, but note that the smell wears off quickly (at least to my nose). Sometimes I use the serum under my eyes, but regular tallow balm on the rest of my face. Certainly effective at healing and restoring skin. Perhaps one of the best products in this niche. The only competition is the other tallow products from VT.
Kaal in Product Reviews

August 3, 2023
Found under Acne

So far this has been amazing!
I've been using this product for about a month and am very impressed. I have had cystic acne and numerous red spots that have plagued me for years. Someone mentioned they used tallow balm for skin issues such as these so I figured I'd give it a try. I have no more cysts growing and my skin is already starting to look so much better. Hoping to go for a no makeup look very soon! The product is thick and goes a long way and is not greasy as long as you massage it in well. I use in the evening after I've cleansed my skin and massage into my face/neck/and chest. I'm really liking this product. And it's all natural and smells wonderful!
Jackie in Product Reviews

July 28, 2023
Found under Soap

Keeps me very soft and clean!
This is my favorite soap! I use it everyday for my body and face! The ingredients are clean and it keeps me clean and skin so soft. I will never go bath to any other soap! Thank you Vintage Traditions for offering this!
Elaine K. in Product Reviews

July 6, 2023
Found under Deodorant

Best Deodorant!!!
I started breaking out with every deodorant I would try until I came across this!! Best my underarms have felt and looked in awhile!!
Maggie B. in Product Reviews

July 5, 2023
Found under Deodorant

Quality Product
I really love the smell of this deodorant, the essential oils used in this product aid in regulating BO. Prior to this purchase i had a hard time finding a quality deodorant like this. i head alot of the benefits of tallow so I came across this one. I wanted to detox my armpits and it was a hard journey because I was very self conscious about sweat and BO. At first it did take some time for the detox but after 2 weeks of using this product I realized that the smell wasn't so bad anymore and my armpits lighten in color. Of course diet is the main factor of BO but this product aids in regulating it. Highly recommend this product if you are looking to do the same.
Erika D. in Product Reviews

July 3, 2023
Found under Soap

The One Bar!
No need for all the products, shampoos, conditioners, body soaps— my tallow bar has replaced them all. I like the simplicity and getting back to basics— it fits my lifestyle. These tallow bar soaps have also become my go-to for gifts.
Thomas F. in Product Reviews

June 29, 2023
Found under Lip Balm

Healed severe chapped lips
After 3 dermatologists and 12 prescribed medicated ointments, this finally healed my severe chapped lips. It is also diminishing the fine lip lines that come with aging!
Jessica C. in Product Reviews

June 26, 2023
Found under Acne

Healed my Skin!
Not only does this [Sensible] tallow balm smell the best of them all, fresh, clean and natural, but it HEALED MY BLEMISHES! Definitely definitely will be repurchasing!
Melody D. in Product Reviews

June 23, 2023
Found under Amputees

My husband is an amputee of his left leg above the knee. He uses it for the stump before using it. He had skin problems. They recommended this cream and it has been a success. His skin is soft and healthy. I recommend it.
Edgar L. in Product Reviews

June 21, 2023
Found under Dermatitis and Eczema

Unscented Beef Tallow
I suffer from severe Eczema and dermatitis and this has been the only product to keep my face moisturized without it looking dry with scaly patches. I have used many other brands of face moisturizers and ointments for my face in the past and all of them made my face burned or didn't trap enough moisture that my skin needed. Vintage Tradition tallow balm is the only product I've used that didn't give me a burning sensation and it also hydrates and keeps my face moist even until the next morning. My skin absorbs the beef tallow without it looking or feeling overwhelming oily. I can attest by the fact that I could feel a difference on my face the next morning of using it with just one use. I will never buy any product for my face now that I've discovered vintage tradition tallow balm since it's been the only thing that works for me. If there was an option to show my skin before and after using beef tallow I would be more than glad to show how it has completely changed my skin condition and the confidence it has given me.
Say K. in Product Reviews

June 16, 2023
Found under Oh Aches!

Back relief
Works!!! Had lower back issues and this product absorbs wonderfully and was highly effective in relieving my discomfort! Purchasing largest size for all my body aches. After an epsom salt bath and a slather of this, I slept like a babe!
Theresa S. in Product Reviews

June 14, 2023
Found under Keratosis and Soap

Great Product!!!
Thus far, I am very happy with both the Tallow Balm and Unscented Tallow Soap. I have Keratosis Pilaris on my arms and have for the past 8 years after having my daughter. I have tried almost everything under the sun, except for synthetic chemicals from dermatologist, because I prefer to use only natural/non-toxic products. This is the ONLY product that has SIGNIFICANTLY improved the appearance within 2 weeks. I really like the vanilla bean scent, and wish that they made the soap in the vanilla bean scent also. The packaging is pleasing, and it was shipped quickly. I will definitely be purchasing again, and have recommended both products to my family and friends. Keep up the good work!
Angelica B. in Product Reviews

June 13, 2023
Found under Company

Great product and even better company
This review goes far beyond this superior balm. When I first heard of Vintage Traditions, I was intrigued and was ready to buy a lot of product. I do consume a lot of meat and even though with all these 5 star testimonies, I did not need any convincing to know that Tallow does wonders for your skin. I placed an order that came up to approx $200USD which equated to $265CAD as I am located in Canada. As I placed my order, a few minutes after I was contacted by Vintage Traditions, and they had mention that I could purchase their product with one of their partners in Canada which would save me significant money in taxes and duty fees. I thought that was completely first class by this company, as many other companies would be happy to place the order and take money. They refunded my order and sent me a link to where I can purchase their product which ended up saving me approx $150CAD in taxes and duty fees. Vintage Tradition is a great company with integrity and a superior product. I have been using their balm and soap for over a week now and I have discarded all my other many products, like face wash and cream, body wash and shampoo. My skin also looks and feels better than I can remember. I also use it on my daughters and they absolutely love it, Thank you Vintage Traditions!
Jason in Product Reviews

May 31, 2023
Found under Hair

Great Stuff
Noticing improved beard growth within a week, good stuff
James W. in Product Reviews

May 25, 2023
Found under Company

Great Product & Company!
What impressed me just as much as the product itself is the exceptional customer service provided by Vintage Tradition. From the moment I reached out with a few questions, their responsiveness and genuine care were evident. They promptly answered my inquiries, provided detailed information about the product, and recommendations. I will definitely be a returning customer!!
Samantha D. in Product Reviews

May 22, 2023
Found under Company and Lip Balm

Best Lip Balm EVER!!!
Seriously this company is one of a kind. I've been using the products for over a month and just nothing shy of amazing on all fronts. I use this lip balm in the morning and once at night and my lips haven't been more moisturized throughout the day. Zero chapped lips, just amazing.
Lesa L. in Product Reviews

May 19, 2023
Found under Dermatitis

Seborrheic dermatitis
I have Seborrheic dermatitis (also known as seb-derm) which includes dry skin, flaking skin, red patches of skin, all of which has seriously affected my self confidence. Eventually, I found a work around which included using an acidic mixture on my face (to help my skin absorb whatever comes next), and then applying a specific lotion. With this tallow balm, I have no need of any of that. I have no need to desecrate my skin so that the lotion applied will become more bioavailable. This tallow balm is the only product I use on my face. It is extremely bioavailable. The glow is outstanding. I feel like I'm 10 years younger. Not to mention that its completely natural, with a great smell as well!
Bao D. in Product Reviews

May 16, 2023
Found under Rash

Excellent in Every Way
This is a fantastic product that far exceeded my expectations. I have never used tallow balm before, but after getting a lingering allergic reaction to wearing disposable facemasks over the last year, and trying every medication known to mankind to no effect, I figured I would give it a shot. To my utter amazement, this tallow balm FIXED IT. I have no idea how it worked, or why, but after 12+ months of suffering from highly irritated skin, this pleasant smelling tallow balm seems to have done the trick! 5/5 stars.
Sam K. in Product Reviews

May 14, 2023
Found under Eczema

Eczema Testimonial - Tallow Balm

Eczema Miracle!
I've tried so many creams and ointments on my 1-yr-old daughter's eczema. Some helped a little, but nothing worked amazingly until this! Literally worked miracles! This picture was a three days' difference applying 2-3x/day. I'm seriously amazed! Love the scent too.
Brooke B. in Product Reviews

May 3, 2023
Found under Psoriasis

I should have taken before and after photos
I have psoriasis over 75% of my body. I was diagnosed 7 years ago at age 38. I always had beautiful skin before this. It came out of nowhere shortly after I had essure birth control placed. No doctor would ever believe me and refused to remove said birth control. I took a 14 day trip to Maui to spend my days on the salt water beach with the sand to exfoliate my skin and heal. It worked! However, on my flight home I caught strep throat and ended up 90% covered in psoriasis. Nothing has worked since. This tallow balm was my last purchase before I completely gave up on healing. Within 2 days of getting the samples, I was healing for the first time since 2019. I am blown away. I've spent so much money on lotions, balms, uv lamps, doctors appts etc and nothing worked. I'd resigned that I'd have to move to Hawaii to get any relief. However, after trying this balm, I'm convinced I will heal. My skin and nails are so healthy after just a week, I can't imagine my life without this. Any psoriasis sufferers, please give it a try! It's amazing. I will update with photos soon.
Emily F. in Product Reviews

April 4, 2023
Found under Balm Soap

No More Itching!!!
First I would like to say that I am someone with very sensitive reactive skin so there is always an experiment going on to find products that keep me comfortable. I am very impressed with this soap and I have even been washing my hair with it and I like that as well. I love the creaminess of the lather and that there is no feeling of residue on skin or hair. I am very happy to have found this company and I am using some of their other products to great satisfaction as well.
Sandra E. Spivey in Product Reviews

April 3, 2023
Found under Deodorant

I decided to give this sample a try because, why not. Surprise! It has worked great! Not only has it held up for smell, it did for sweat too. I was able to go about ny day without the worry of smelling or sweating. It does not leave any markings on your clothes. I was also happy to see I didn't break into a rash. Normally with a more natural deodorant- it can leave a rash under my arms. Will be purchasing more
K S. in Product Reviews

March 30, 2023
Found under Psoriasis

My husband was gifted some Almost Unscented Tallow Balm for me to try by the amazing creators of this product. I am super picky about things I put on my skin due to my psoriasis and sensitive skin. After reading the information sheet provided and the ingredients list, I did a test on some dry patches and couldn't have been happier. It absorbed nicely and didn't feel greasy at all. My skin instantly felt softer and did not break me out. The scent was very subtle and pleasant. A little goes a long way! I decided to put some on my face due to a psoriasis flair up and it helped so much with the flaky burning skin. I was even able to wear makeup today! Thank you all again for gifting your plumber this lol.
Ciara Bond on Facebook

March 25, 2023
Found under Eczema

Great Product!
I love this product so much! I've been hesitant to try tallow balm for my eczema for years now just because of the price, but once nothing was working for my 18 month old son, I decided we'd give it a go. It improved patches that he'd had for over month after 2 uses, and they were completely gone in a week. My own stubborn patches are instantly soothed, no itch or irritation, and it doesn't sting when you apply it like all other eczema products do for me, I love it. You need so little when you apply this jar will last forever, even with both of our outbreaks, AND the jar is a reusable glass jar??? I really wonder if this product could get better. I'm so happy we've found something that works so well for both of us! No more eczema-creams-that-never-worked graveyard. One product that does it all!

March 21, 2023
Found under Sunburn

Best Sunburn Relief & Remedy
I love using Pretty Girly everyday. It evens out my complexion and keeps my skin feeling soft and bright. This tallow balm was AMAZING when my hubby fell asleep in the sun and woke up terribly burnt. While aloe only helped in the short term, this tallow balm helped bring calm to the area and heal him super fast. It wasn't fun to apply on his hairy legs but he was shocked at how much it helped and how far superior it was to everything else he tried.
Elizabeth P. in Product Reviews

March 20, 2023
Found under Psoriasis

Psoriasis Testimonial - Tallow Balm

Great for my Psoriasis!
This Tallow Balm has been so hydrating and healing for my psoriasis! First time I used it I saw a difference literally overnight in the appearance of my flare ups. Redness, flakiness, and itching diminishing significantly and has continued to do each time I use it. Been suffering with constant flare ups for the past year using countless OTC products and prescription steroids and this has by far been the best things to make a lasting difference!
Danielle P. in Product Reviews

March 15, 2023
Found under Eczema

This balm is amazing, we used to have to lather up my daughter in cream multiple times a day to keep her from scratching until she drew blood with her eczema. Since we started using this balm she spends her day without problems, she might get itchy sometimes but we don't need to reapply multiple times per day. Highly recommend it.
—Johanna Thompson

March 11, 2023
Found under Rash

Truly a miracle
My husband had a rash on his face for a couple of years that was caused by wearing masks at work during Covid. His dermatologist had him use several creams, steroids, a couple of courses of antibiotics, and nothing helped. I got him this balm to try and in just THREE days his face is cleared and completely healed. We're so grateful for this product!
Heather d. in Product Reviews

March 9, 2023
Found under Balm Soap

Bought one, then bought three more
This tallow soap keeps my skin soft; I use it on my entire body and face. I have short hair for a woman, and even use it on my hair a couple times a week. It's not like I have replaced shampoo with it but it keeps my hair texture manageable and is a great addition to my routine. No rules for this soap.
Megan C. in Product Reviews

March 7, 2023
Found under Epic Glow and Rosacea

Acne Rosacea Testimonial - Tallow Balm

I'll start with saying that I don't usually write reviews but I rely on them when shopping for a new product. Yet, this balm has impressed me so much that here I am, writing this. I was skeptical and tried healing my gut while using Cerve's line to help with the acne rosacea that came on after I was pregnant a few years ago. Nothing seemed to touch it. So, I figured I had nothing to lose and bought multiple samples. I'm three days into using it and I think the photos can speak for themselves. Texture is down significantly! Looking forward to seeing what regular use will bring. The smell in this mix in particular is a little funky (and makes my dog come sit next to me like I have a treat haha) but it's not horrible. Overall super glad I took a chance on this!
Angela in Product Reviews

February 27, 2023
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Great product and company
My husband is a bilateral amputee and uses the tallow for his residual limbs that go into his prosthetic liners. It has definitely helped with keeping his skin supple and breakdowns of skin at a minimum. Very good customer service, when I order it, it arrives quickly! Thanks for a great product!
Grace G. in Product Reviews

February 25, 2023
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Tallow Balm Soap Testimonial

The Best Soap Ever
I didn't realize that washing with a genuinely clean (free from known endocrine disrupters, harsh chemicals, fragrances, carcinogens, seed oils, etc.) soap could ever be a not-drying experience. Every clean soap I have ever tried before dried my skin out. It always looked like a cracked, dry desert. I switched to Vintage Tradition 100% grass-fed beef tallow soap about three weeks ago & noticed immediate improvements. My skin feels softer & looks noticeably less dry---no longer patchy & flaky. It no longer feels stressed out/sensitive & tight from being super dry. I don't think my skin has ever felt this happy & normal before in my entire life. Thank You, Vintage Tradition, for saving my skin---I am never going back to anything else! Grass-fed beef tallow soap for life!
Candice H. in Product Reviews

February 22, 2023
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Can't live without it!!!!
I have been using this product for 6 years. I live in Montana with harsh winters and a dry climate. I use it everyday on my hands and face. It absorbs so great, making my skin feel amazing. I often generously put it on my face before a day out skiing. It totally protects my skin. I love that it is all natural. I have told so many people about tallow balm. Actually today , I was telling two coworkers about it. Tallow Balm is the best skin care product available.
Amy S. in Product Reviews

February 18, 2023
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Really amazing product
I get chilblains really bad from working outside in the cold and this has completely cleared up all of my skin issues. Highly recommended to anyone with similar issues.
Haley D. in Product Reviews

February 14, 2023
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Gentle but effective cleanser for dry, sensitive skin
I have long wanted to switch to solid soaps for body care, but having extremely dry and sensitive skin has meant even the most 'gentle' bar soaps absolutely wreck my skin barrier. After finding success with a charcoal-based bar, I was curious to try this after the Tallow Balm became my sole moisturizer and finally fixed some persistent perioral dermatitis. The bar suds up in a satisfying way and leaves me feeling super clean but without any harshness or stripping of my skin. I have even been able to cut down the amount of body moisturizer I have to use after every shower which is really a mark of how great this is. I love that it's cost effective, makes traveling easier, and there is almost no waste - it comes in a recyclable cardboard box. A+!
Rachel G. in Product Reviews

February 13, 2023
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Excellent product
I use the tallow balm as on my residual stump for the application of my prosthetic limb. I cannot say enough about how well this works for my purposes. My stump health has been improved tremendously and I only use a small amount each day when donning my liner. I highly recommend using tallow balm. I don't know what I would do without it as most lotions are just slimy.
Bryan K. in Product Reviews

February 11, 2023
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Helps my rosacea and dry winter hands
I have mild rosacea on my cheek- type 2 with bumps/rash that worsens in the winter. I have yet to find a product that helps, until I started using this tallow balm. Although my rosacea is not completely gone yet, I no longer have any painful bumps and warmth on my cheek with flare ups. After using this product for about a month, I wanted to see if it was actually making a difference compared to my previous moisturizer, which was a plant-based shea butter/coconut blend (similar texture to the tallow balm). so I used the old product instead of the tallow balm one night. The morning after using the old product, I woke up with a painful, hot rash on my cheek. I put some tallow balm on right away and have not stopped using it since! The overall appearance of my skin looks healthier and glowier. I also use this on my hands 2 times a day, and it is the only thing that really works to moisturize and soften my dry, cracked hands in winter. I am going to repurchase in the larger size!
Phoebe in Product Reviews

February 11, 2023
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Cured a rapid onset eczema rash quickly!
I had never used tallow balm before, and found myself working on a building project in the winter. I have food sensitivities that cause eczema-like reactions, and I had the worst, most unsightly one I have ever experienced, right under my mouth. On a desperate whim I ordered the unscented and Mild Manly balms, and oh man, the improvement was immediate. I then started using on the rest of my face, neck and chest and have the best, softest skin I have had in years. I will be buying more for family and friends as gifts. Oh-- the soap is amazing too! I haven't used the balm on the rest of my body, but the soap makes everything so soft anyways. No oiliness. Amazing products!!!!
Megan C. in Product Reviews

February 9, 2023
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Her Skin is Slowly Healing!
I bought the 2 oz totally unscented tallow balm out of desperation for my daughter who's skin gets terrible eczema every winter. We have tried all the things, and it gets out of control super fast. After 1.5 weeks of applying the balm every night before she goes to bed, the breakouts are over halfway gone, and the big trouble spots inside her elbows and backs of her knees that had bleeding scabs are half the size that they were. She is healing!
Chelsea W. in Product Reviews

February 2, 2023
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Amazing company!
This product not only smells amazing, but it also feels fantastic! I have fairly sensitive and very dry skin, and this product doesn't irritate my skin whatsoever, and it's the only product I have found that keeps my skin moisturized. I'm only on my second jar, but I plan to continue purchasing for years to come. The customer service is also phenomenal. They quickly responded to my questions, and were a pleasure to correspond with.
Karisa in Product Reviews

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