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June 16, 2022
Found under Epic Glow and Psoriasis

Epic Glow
I have been a happy user of Vintage Tradition products for a few years. I recently developed strange, scaly patches on my face and upper lip. It seemed like it might be psoriasis. I am experienced with essential oils and herbal healing, but nothing in my kit seemed to help. In desperation, I made an appointment with the dermatologist, but it was 3 weeks away. Meanwhile, I decided to apply Epic Glow. A miracle! All patches completely gone in 2 days, dermatologist appointment cancelled. Now using Epic Glow as might night treatment and my skin has never looked better! Thank you Vintage Tradition !
Meg in Product Reviews

June 16, 2022
Found under Company

I love this whole line of products. The mild manly scent is nice and clean and not overwhelming. What I love about this line is that they are primarily tallow so they really absorb completely and leave my hands soft. I have tried other products that include beeswax and jojoba in their formula and I find they sit on the skin rather than absorb. Treat yourself and heal your persistently dry skin!
Nate G. in Product Reviews

June 15, 2022
Found under Face

Helping Wrinkles Fade!
Got this product for under eye care, since my gf kept reminding me how I'm starting to look my age, and have been blown away with the results. Pores have shrunk, skin is smoother, a lot better results than I originally anticipated. This is going to be a regular staple going forward
Brett in Product Reviews

June 11, 2022
Found under Dermatitis

The ONLY thing that works!
I don't even know what to say. It has been a long road fighting my seborrheic dermatitis. Hydrocortisone products worked but you can only use those for a few days, so if I had a wedding or something to go to, I would just use that for the week before, then stop. There were no plant based products that did anything. Zinc products did nothing to help. I have scrubbed my face to get rid of the flaming every day for as long as I could remember. All around my nostrils has been non-stop flaking and peeling for so, so long. Enter Vintage Traditions Tallow Balm. I am 2 months flake-free. It took a while for my face to completely clear up but my skin has never looked better! No acne, no redness, no irritation, no disgusting flakes of skin in sight. I can't thank you enough for creating and selling this product! You've given me back my confidence. I can wear makeup without fear of it slowly flaking away, but I can also go fresh faced and still feel great! Yes, it's a little difficult to spread, but once it warms up it melts right in. If you are struggling with your skin, please give this a try. Give it at least a month to start really doing its job. Healing isn't an overnight thing!
Mommy2Rider on

June 4, 2022
Found under Acne and Epic Glow

Quite amazing really!
I've been using [Epic Glow Tallow Balm] for about a month now, and let me tell you this is the best product I've ever used, nothing comes even close! I've been taking daily 1 tsp of fermented cod liver oil and have seen the amazing health benefits from that, so I wanted to try this particular Beef Tallow balm (which also contains fermented cod liver oil) to see what it does to my skin. Similarly, as expected, this product works extremely well. It seems to return your skin to its natural healthy state because the beef tallow is a similar structure to what human skin is made of. Being an acne sufferer, this amazingly stops acne production almost overnight, and any very small blemishes that do happen to appear (and I do mean very small), literally disappear in a few short days. Definitely 5 stars from me!
Bulgar on

May 27, 2022
Found under Rosacea

Rosacea Testimonial - Tallow Balm

Before finding Vintage Tradition, my nighttime skin care routine took about an hour each night. I suffer with Rosacea, and every night after removing my make-up and applying rose water, I would sit in front of the fan for my skin to calm down and burning to reside. For years I have used Neutrogena makeup wipe remover and a plain Dove white bar with no fragrance. This was what my skin could tolerate. I was given Vintage Tradition to try and was told to take a before picture and an after picture in a couple of weeks and I should see a difference. These are my results after only 3 applications!! ZERO burning and ZERO flare ups! I have been using it for 5 weeks now and in that time have had no skin irritation and my skin is so soft. I have been sharing this with everyone I come into contact with. I can't say enough good things about this product and will be a customer for life!!
Beth in Product Reviews

May 20, 2022
Found under Epic Glow and Miscellaneous

Very happy
I am in my second week of using Epic Glow and I am so pleased with how it has helped my appearance. Whether it's my health, age (late 40s), the dry climate or all three, my face has been looking very old and worn in the last 12-18 months. I found Vintage Traditions after doing some research on using tallow on the skin and thought I would try some for myself after buying two as a gift for other people. The first week I used it, my skin just sucks it up. "A little dab will do ya" did not apply, as I found myself lathering it on again and again, and spreading to my neck, as well. After 7 days, my skin was retaining the moisture day to day, so I was able to use what is closer to the recommended application. My acne scaring, crow's feet, and laugh lines are definitely less noticeable, but I am most happy with just the "overall" look of my face. I feel like I actually look my age - not ten years older. The fresh, citrusy smell is perfect. Not too strong, not too faint. (My dog must still smell the tallow though, because she follows me around for about 30 minutes until the smell dissipates. Ha!) Great product!
Gina in Product Reviews

May 17, 2022
Found under Diaper Rash

Miracle for baby
Twice my son has been on the verge of bleeding from diaper rash. The second time the pediatrician diagnosed it as a yeast infection and I was leery of using anything but the cream she prescribed. It kept getting worse and the RX cream wasn't doing anything so I finally turned to the product that had saved us before- this tallow balm! The next morning when I changed his diaper I was amazed at how much better it was. Yeast is no joke and it still took a few days to completely clear, but this helped right away and after consistent use we are still rash free. If you have a baby or need a baby gift for someone, this balm is a game changer. I can't wait to try the lavender one for myself!
Kerri O in Product Reviews

May 12, 2022
Found under Eczema

Has changed my life I have eczema I've always dealt with it on my face. Nothing the dermatologist has ever given me has helped it's actually done the opposite but this has changed my skin drastically. My skin Stays moisturized for longer with less Irritation, and flakiness and my skin isn't as thin And fragile as before, also has helped with the texture of my skin.
Joelli Rodriguez on

April 27, 2022
Found under Eczema

Healed my Eczema in 1 week
I had heard of tallow through a friend who used it to heal her baby's eczema, but as a vegan I didn't think it was the right product for me. About a month ago my flairs started to get really bad and I was at a breaking point. The first day using the tallow my eczema seemed more red, but I continued use after reading this could be normal. After 4 days I was amazed. My eyelids were not swollen, and the skin was almost back to normal. I could cry. I have shared this product with family members as well- it feels like a miracle.
Lisa Marie Falcone in Product Reviews

April 27, 2022
Found under Eczema

Eczema Life Saver
I have used every cream/steroid under the sun for my eczema. Vintage Tradition (Unscented) has been the only thing that has cleared my eczema! I haven't used steroids for over two years and this tallow balm has kept my skin nice and hydrated.
Alex in Product Reviews

April 16, 2022
Found under Deodorant

Deodorant for Women
I can't believe how amazing this is! Best. Deodorant. Ever.
Cindi Hajicek in Product Reviews

March 26, 2022
Found under Company and Epic Glow

Just stocked up again. I love using Epic Glow AND the quality of care given by the people providing it. I enjoyed using Almost Unscented for years and finally took the plunge on Epic Glow when a reviewer said it DIDN'T smell fishy. It doesn't! Thanks a million for your honest products.
Linda in Product Reviews

March 11, 2022
Found under Hair

Pretty Girly
I use this as my hair product. I was using coconut oil to try and help with dry frizzy hair. Which always kept it greasy which I hated. It's taken trial and error for how much I needed to use of the balm, but there is NO greasiness! And it smells so good!
Dyna Hardy in Product Reviews

March 9, 2022
Found under Lip Balm

I never review but I had to this time
I have problems with like, lip eczema, particularly in the corners of my mouth, and just dry chapped lips in general. Year round. I put this on, and 15 mins later, I could feel and see a huge difference. For the first time in weeks, my lips don't burn or hurt when I smile. It actually soaked into my lips, and hydrated them, to the point where a lot of the lines smoothed out. Most balms just sit on top of my lips and do nothing, or if they do soak in it takes hours. 30 mins after I put it on, I ate, and I didn't need to reapply. I actually have some hope for the first time in awhile. I develop random allergies to my lip balm. I'm currently allergic to every major brand on the market. I have to buy like 6 lip balms at a time and constantly swap them out to try and extend the mileage I get out of them. I read the ingredients on every balm I buy, and one thing I've noticed is that even organic unflavored balms have at least 5 ingredients and most of the time they have a chemical sounding name and what that name means beside it in parenthesis. This balm has TWO ingredients, no chemical names, and I would feel safe cooking my eggs in it.
L. D. Rader on

February 19, 2022
Found under Cracked Skin and Miscellaneous

Absolutely amazing
I have suffered for years and years of skin splitting due to cold weather and frequent hand washing due to being in the medical field. Huge painful skin sores, skin splitting open, infections, all of it. I found out about tallow not really thinking it would end all of my skin issues but worth a try. Well I applied it one time and the skin splitting stopped. I was very amazed and tried it again. I cannot thank this company enough. I have never had results like this and my skin healed and feel even better than it's ever been before! I've tried every single lotion on the shelf this balm is really truly amazing and I am so thankful!! Thank you!!!!
Lisa on

January 26, 2022
Found under Acne, Scars, and Epic Glow

Acne and Scars Testimonial - Epic Glow Tallow Balm

Acne and scars
I can't say enough about this product [Epic Glow]! My face looks better then ever! My acne is gone and my scars are starting to fade. I use this product on my 1 year old when she has drool rash and dry skin and it helps her so much. It even helped when my kids had hand foot and mouth, the bumps were gone in 2 days!
Angela in Product Reviews

January 26, 2022
Found under Epic Glow

I found this product by someone I follow on Instagram. So thankful to come across it. I've changed my supplements and was aware I could have breakouts as my body was detoxing. I was nervous about putting epic glow on my face (very sensitive) so I first started with unscented. It went okay and then I tried epic glow. I had few breakouts but they healed up quick and my skin is looking great and absolutely clear. I definitely like the epic glow over the unscented. I just felt like I seen better results and it smelled better ;-). My skin started to change in just a few days. Now buying the largest size to use for my entire body. I'd recommend it to anyone.
Kristin in Product Reviews

January 25, 2022
Found under Psoriasis

Great for psoriasis
I have struggled with psoriasis on various body parts for many years and I have found little relief from both prescription creams and natural remedies. An herbalist recommended that I try tallow and, out of desperation during an intense flare, I did. Within hours of application, the thick scales on one patch had entirely broken down. I was impressed and happy for the relief from the itching which had often led to bleeding and mild infections. I have not used the balm long enough (just one week; the scales do minorly return if I do not apply the balm and the underlying redness has persisted) to say what its long term effects are but I am excited to keep using it and to see what further changes occur. Bottom line: this is a great remedy for folks with psoriasis who have tried everything and/or are looking for non-steroid options.
L.K. in Product Reviews

January 5, 2022
Found under Age Spots and Epic Glow

Age Spots
I started using Epic Glow about two weeks ago and have already seen a major improvement to my skin. It leaves my face so soft and looks amazing. My "age spots" on my face and hands have disappeared!! I just received my second order of a few of the other scents and can't wait to try them.
Rebecca Strickland in Product Reviews

December 18, 2021
Found under Moisturizer

Love this product!
I love this product so much. It doesn't end up being greasy so you can put it pretty much everywhere you need moisture. I use it on my eyelids even. I've got sensitive skin so the unscented is my best friend. It doesn't have a smell at all after a few seconds. And, one of the best parts is the price. It's not expensive!!
Vicky Nola in Product Reviews

December 12, 2021
Found under Epic Glow

Epic glow
This is seriously some of the best balm I have ever used. My hands have always been dry and rough and now they are so soft! I literally use this balm everywhere! I use this every night as a face cream and my complexion has never looked better!
Bridget Michel in Product Reviews

December 2, 2021
Found under Epic Glow and Rosacea

I bought this sample [of Epic Glow] to try based off a recommendation from a friend for my issues with acne and rosacea after having my last baby a year ago. I was beyond upset because the dermatologist put me on many medications all filled with chemicals that I know are horrible. I've been on this for 4 days and my skin looks amazing! The redness has gone down and my acne is slowly clearing up. My skin hasn't looked this good since before I had babies. I'm so happy that I just bought the Epic Glow in a larger size! [From subsequent email:] I love this stuff and it has really helped my skin so much I can't believe it. In just a month I'm off all dermatologist products and only on this for my rosacea and acne.
Angela in Product Reviews

November 5, 2021
Found under Lips

Greatest lip balm on the planet!!!
I've tried hundreds of lip balms in my day, and nothing compares to this one! I'm on my 6th tube. It's my all time favorite. So creamy and smooth, keeps lips moist for a long time and not greasy, just creamy yum! I get the unscented one. My lips couldn't be happier, once you try it, yours will be too!
Trumpet Sound on

November 2, 2021
Found under Miscellaneous

Great for Massage
I love this stuff! It is truly amazing. As a professional, licensed massage therapist with over 30 years of experience, I've tried a LOT of different lotions and oils in my work. This one is perfect. It is made with high quality natural ingredients with no chemical binders or fillers. It provides the perfect amount of "glide", but also enough "grip" to do deep tissue work. Plus, it absorbs readily into the skin so the client doesn't leave feeling icky and greasy. The scent is very light which I like because I have allergies and sensitivities myself. The lavender and cedarwood is very calming and soothing. I like it so much I even use the Totally Unscented on myself at home. Really, this is amazing.
Sir Kate on

November 2, 2021
Found under Miscellaneous

Amazing! heals acne and reduces crow's feet
I recently disovered Vintage Traditions and thought I would try the Epic Glow balm for our family about 2 months ago. My daughter gets really red, raw patches on her hands from over-washing and so I thought initially I would just use it for that. It definitely has helped her hands! But the other benefit is that I have been using it around my eyes at night as a moisturizer and I swear my crow's feet have diminished a little since starting to use it and I am definitely not stopping now--- hope to keep them at bay! I also tried it recently on two hormonal breakouts that I had on my face and it really did help them to clear up and heal fast! It will be my new acne treatment. I had a paper cut on my finger the other day and decided to use the balm on that as well and it healed so much faster than normal and helped it not hurt so much. I love this stuff! Oh- and a little goes a really long way! Will be a customer for life now!
denverhealth&wellness on

November 2, 2021
Found under Eczema

Helped calm my eczema flare-up
I've suffered from eczema since I was tiny. I have multiple other allergies, and it's hard to find a product that won't make everything worse. I stumbled across this product and decided to give it a try. I LOVE it! From the first moment, I felt the soothing relief on my dry itchy skin. The natural tallow has very little smell. And the lack of any other fragrance [in Totally Unscented] is perfect for me. I also like that there are no chemical binders or adders. Just the good, natural ingredients listed. I started with a small jar. A little goes a long way. But then decided to put the small jar in my purse, and purchased a larger one to keep at home. I highly recommend this product!!
Sir Kate on

October 29, 2021
Found under Hair

So far so good
I got the almost unscented tallow balm for my hair because of the cedarwood and lavender essential oils. I read these oils are beneficial for the hair to reduce hair loss and have antimicrobial properties. That is yet to be determined from what I can see. However, I have noticed that my hair is softer and moisturized without leaving a greasy film like other hair products. I use the balm as a leave in conditioner and daily moisturizer when my hair needs a bit more moisture between washes. I really like this product!
Felicia in Product Reviews

October 29, 2021
Found under Callus and Rough Skin

Rugged Cliff - Great for calluses and extremely dry skin
I used the rugged cliff sample for my heels and my hands. After a week my heels were completely smooth. There was no need to use creams or scrubs to exfoliate. I applied it to my feet every night and wore socks. My heels were always smooth and there was no visibility of dryness. For my hands, I apply the balm specifically to the area between my palm and fingers since I workout a lot. Over time calluses form and so I used rugged cliff to reduce the roughness. Over time the calluses were less visible and soft. This will be my go to product for my skin for areas that are extremely dry. Plus it smells good.
Felicia in Product Reviews

October 17, 2021
Found under Moisturizer

My search is over!
After many, many moisturizing products, I finally found the one! The tallow is more bio-compatible with my skin and absorbs quickly and leaves my dry skin moisturized far longer than any plant based moisturizer that I have used in the past. I love the purity of the product and use it all over my face and body. I bought several different scents to try from this company and the Citrus Shine is my runaway favorite. I will definitely come back for more when I run out. I bought this from their main website and found the customer support to be outstanding as well. Overall, this product is a win!
Dr. E on

October 3, 2021
Found under Eczema

Unscented Tallow tube
My daughter has eczema, and after getting the go around concerning steroid creams all her doctores wanted to put her on, I listened to a wise traditions podcast about beef tallow. I was immediately very curious about It and decided to give it a try. I've now gone back and ordered more! I'm completely sold on beef tallow, it blew my mind. It certainly didn't take her eczema away but it gave her some relief that I've been praying for, and words can't even describe how thankful I am for this product and the peace of mind I have using it on her daily and knowing I'm not putting chemicals on her. Thank you Vintage Traditions
Faith Garcia in Product Reviews

September 26, 2021
Found under Lips

Best lip moisturizer EVER
I have dry lips and this truly penetrates and gets absorbed into the skin instead of just laying on top. I'll be buying more for sure!
KNT1333 on

September 25, 2021
Found under Eczema

Totally Unscented Tallow Balm
I LOVE this product. I've had eczema since I was a very small child. I've tried a LOT of creams and lotions over the years. Most just sit on the skin and don't do much of anything. This balm is different. It is soft and soothing and is readily absorbed. I can tell it is actually sinking in. I believe it is actually healing the latest flare-up that I've been struggling with. Each day my skin gets a little less red and the itchy patches are less and less noticeable. More than anything it helps me feel calmer. It does not burn or sting. I'm glad, though, that I read the FAQ's about the skin "detoxing", as at first my skin seemed to get "redder" after applying. But that has passed pretty quickly (abour 4-5 days) and now my skin is less and less red/hot/itchy. Thank you! And thank you for making a version that is totally unscented. (I was prepared for a strong smell, but actually there is little to no odor. What I smell is mild and pleasant.) Thank you, thank you!!!
Johanna Hattendorf in Product Reviews

September 22, 2021
Found under Company and Miscellaneous

My Favorite
I finally found my gold standard cream. The tallow is a game changer for my skin. It absorbs better than any of the numerous plant based ones that I've tried over the years and my skin stays more pliant and does not feel dry again so soon after application. I have ordered several in a variety of scents and the Citrus Shine is my run away favorite. I use this on my whole body, not just my face. Also, my experience with customer support was A+++. Great company, great products! I'll be back for more.
Eva in Product Reviews

September 21, 2021
Found under Miscellaneous

This is very good for the health of my skin!
My body has been feeling more comfortable and restful immediately after my first use. I've been using this every day esp before sleep to allow my skin to regenerate during sleep. My nights feel more comfortable. I've had patches of rough skin that has began to soften and get mild. It has also given me that healthy and non-dry look that people desire. Give this a try!
Erick on

September 17, 2021
Found under Hair

Tallow, the only moisturizer I need.
I'm a natural with 3b,3c & 4a hair type. My hair is very soft and easy to get into tangles and dries out very quickly. Trust me I've tried almost everything on the market I wasn't allergic to. Finally about 5 months ago I decided to try Tallow non-fragrance. I use it alone on damp hair. AMAZING!!!!. My hair stays hydrated for at least 4 days, non-greasy and it's growing.
Nishia Smith on

September 15, 2021
Found under Deodorant

Awesome smell, and it doesn't burn my skin.
I haven't found a single deodorant throughout my whole life that didn't burn my under arms, so I've been suffering through it. Thank god for this deodorant. It doesn't burn me. Amazing. Smells awesome. It also smells perfect mixed with my amber, patchouli, and myrrh cologne.
Jack Fernandez in Product Reviews

September 11, 2021
Found under Moisturizer and Acne

Finally...A Product That Works!
I am thrilled to finally find a face moisturizer that is soothing and healing! I have sensitive, extremely dry skin and this tallow balm has helped calm down inflammation and restore moisture. Admittedly, prior to using it I had some reservations about putting olive oil on my face, given I am prone to breakouts. I have found, however, that it actually reduces breakouts and speeds healing time. As an added bonus, it makes a great lip balm. Thank you, Vintage Tradition for making such a wonderful product!
Anita Steidel in Product Reviews

September 4, 2021
Found under Miscellaneous

Best tallow balm, great scent
[Mild Manly] is one of my favorite scents. Not really masculine or feminine. Just smells wonderful! I use it on my face and neck, sunburned shoulders, scrapes or scratches from working outside, dry cracked heels, as deodorant. Haven't found anything it doesn't help with. Vintage Tradition is the best tallow balm I've tried. I was using another brand and after a short time it smelled rancid. Never had that problem with Vintage Tradition and it lasts a long time.
Micah in Product Reviews

September 2, 2021
Found under Oh Aches!

Amazing Pain Relief
I put [Oh Aches!] on with my other topical ointments/oils and it works incredibly with them.
Frankie Provo on

August 23, 2021
Found under Oh Aches!

Actually helped my knee
Amazing that [Oh Aches! Tallow Balm] actually soothes and diminishes my achy knee.
Marlene Murrah in Product Reviews

August 19, 2021
Found under Epic Glow

You should try a jar.
I just purchased Epic Glow after reading a LOT about tallow products as offered by many. Many were so helpful, providing bits of information that led to the conclusion that I had to try this stuff. Vintage Tradition was my final choice for what I am sure are simply personal preferences. I like their style. I like their approach. I REALLY liked it when I found I could buy all these little jars and try them out. I have been applying the balm morning and evening for about ten days now. I am so pleased with this product! As is said, "a little goes a long way" and the application is so different than other skin creams. Those are smeared over and massaged in and sometimes must be waited on before the skin is ready for whatever is next. I find this balm goes on best as I gently tap it over my face and neck, then as it warms, I can so gently distribute it across my skin. It is very apparent that this is about skin "nourishment" rather than mere "protection". (Read: a synthetic barrier doing who-knows-what to my body while purporting to come between me and all the bad stuff out there.) I like it. You should try a jar. Or two.
Kopie in Product Reviews

July 15, 2021
Found under Lips and Company

Best In Class!
I LOVE these chapsticks and my lips want no other brand! These products are best in class and worth every penny! Vintage Tradition is an amazing company. Their customer service is exceptional! I am a forever happy customer!
tb on

July 12, 2021
Found under Dry Skin and Epic Glow

Dry Skin Testimonial - Tallow Balm

I take medicine that dries me out pretty badly and drink a ton of water, but now with fishing (in the saltwater) beginning, my hands dry out really bad. It gets to the point that I can literally peel skin off my fingertips and down the fingers a bit as well. Look at how your Epic Glow balm healed my finger!
—Robert, Everett, Washington

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