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November 12, 2019
Found under Aftershave

great natural skin care
I use [Rugged Cliff Tallow Balm] as a facial moisturizer and also on my shaved head. This is a wonderful after shave balm. It doesn't leave an oily look on your face. It has a nice masculine scent. This is the best moisturizer I have used. It's also a great healing balm and is great for sunburns.
David in Product Reviews

October 29, 2019
Found under Rosacea

Rosacea Testimonial - Tallow Balm

I just wanted to give an update on how your Epic Glow Tallow Balm is working for me. I purchased it to try on my rosacea to see if it would help. I'd tried everything from high-priced "natural" skin care to homemade remedies. Nothing really made a difference. I stumbled upon your products on Instagram and decided to give it a try. I used the Epic Glow on my face—I wasn't crazy about the smell, but literally overnight my skin looked a bit better, so I tried it again and continued to use—my skin looks healthy again—I had begun think it never would! I don't have the rough dryness that had become the norm for me—I'm truly amazed! I am including the before and after photos. Thank you for making such a wonderful product!
—Holly, Keller, Texas

October 21, 2019
Found under Psoriasis

Psoriasis Warrior
I have psoriasis and it sucks. Very thankful though that I stumbled upon this tallow balm though. It’s the only moisturizer that really gets into the dryness of my psoriasis patches. I had a huge flare up recently and I really believe this helped calm it down. I buy a jar at least once a month!
Megan in Product Reviews

October 15, 2019
Found under Dry Skin, Hair, and Miscellaneous

So thankful!
I have had scalp issues with eczema/psoriasis with a dry, flaky skin on my forehead which drove me nuts! I've tried so many things on my scalp and for almost 5 years have not added any styling products to my hair. I heard of Tallow Balm on the Wise Traditions podcast, ordered Mildly Manly (smells great!), and use it on my face, giving me a tighter look, and on my scalp! The flaky skin is almost gone in just a few days, and it also works well like a hair paste!
Hector in Product Reviews

October 15, 2019
Found under Miscellaneous

Two years ago I had a lesion on my right lower eyelid that was diagnosed as basal cell carcinoma. After radical surgery and months of repairs to my eye, I faithfully used all meds to heal my sun damaged skin. Soon, I was battling dehydration of my face to the point that in some places it was actually bleeding. It was raw and sore to the point that I couldn't wear makeup any longer. I withdrew and stayed home with no desire to go out into public. I felt ugly! Finally, one day after exhausting every kind of moisturizer I had available to me, I tried some balm that I had bought for my dad before he passed away. For two days, I kept using the balm. I thought, "Well it's natural and it did help my dad's psoriasis". So, on the morning of the third day when I went to clean my face, I noticed that the sores no longer hurt when I cleaned my forehead. I looked closer and found that my face is almost cleared of the scaliness and red sores from being stripped of my skins natural oils. For two years I have suffered with this problem and now I feel as though, at 71, I have a new lease on life. When I look this healthy, I feel healthier! Thanks be to those who produce Tallow Balm. May your lives be blessed as you have blessed mine.
—Jackie, Crowley, Colorado

October 8, 2019
Found under Company

Love everything about this
I like all the Vintage products, but [Rugged Cliff] is my favorite scent. I bought several sample sizes to share with friends so they can see what an amazing all-purpose cream this is. I use this as a face cream in the winter, and as a hand and lip cream all year round. Not only is the product great, but the service is speedy and the customer service awesome. I'm a fan.
violachic in Product Reviews

September 26, 2019
Found under Moisturizer

The last moisturizer you will ever need!
I have been using vintage tradition for over a year now and I am so pleased with this product. I have never been faithful to any moisturizer and am always shopping around for something better, until I found Vintage Tradition. My skin tends to be dry especially in the winter months. I put it on once in the morning and my skin still feels soft into the evening. I don’t know how they do it but I am sold. I use it on my face neck arms and legs. Vintage tradition ROCKS!
Karen A in Product Reviews

September 24, 2019
Found under Eczema

I bought the 9oz. jar of Campfire Glow for my daughter who has eczema. We have been applying, on average, every other night. This does not burn her at all and actually soothes her skin. She never complains when I tell her to "grab the jar of goo", which is huge! No more complaining and arguing. That makes this momma soooooo happy and relieved. She has been in tears before because different things we have tried have lit up her affected areas. Now, her eczema is gone from her eye lids, nose and neck. It's almost gone behind her legs and chin area. We have only used the Campfire Glow about 5 or 6 times and I saw a difference after the second use. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Go with the big jar if possible. You can use it on every part of your body.
Maranda in Product Reviews

August 21, 2019
Found under Company and Miscellaneous

The product from [another company] feels greasy and doesn't seem to absorb as well. I'm really sensitive, and your product seems natural. Using [the other company's] product is like using margarine instead of butter! I feel like washing the [other] product off, whereas your product seems nourishing.
—Customer in Australia

August 18, 2019
Found under Miscellaneous

LOVE Vintage Traditions Balms!!!
Have been using vintage traditions tallow balms for years now and [Epic Glow] is my favorite to date! It is super spreadable, moisturizing, and my skin loves it, no adverse reactions like pimples or anything else. I have super sensitive combination skin with very dry patches along with oily patches and monthly hormonal acne, and nothing worked well until I started using vintage traditions balms, I actually get compliments on how great my skin looks and lack of wrinkles, and my skin conditions have improved all around. I use it on my neck and chest as well and on dry skin patches on my body as needed.
EShopper1031 on amazon.com

August 15, 2019
Found under Deodorant

This product really works!
I've tried lots of different natural deodorant products but they either burn or I end up smelling. This Croatian doesn't appreciate being odiferous at the end of the day! Not only does this product NOT burn my underarms but I never notice any offensive smell or underarm moisture, and I can use it every other day and still get results.
John Delmare on amazon.com

August 6, 2019
Found under Eczema

Worked Amazingly on my daughter’s Eczema
I had been looking for something Natural my daughter's itchy Eczema arm. In recent months it has gotten worse and she stopped wearing short sleeve shirts. Mother's guilt was killing me because Dr. Prescribed a steroid cream and I was held out at the expense of my daughter's raw itchy arm. I have been throwing everything at this Eczema, Probiotics, Vitamin D3, Honey ointment from France and making my own concoctions. I recently came across someone's Eczema testimonial on Vintage Traditions Epic Glow Tallow. Went to their website and was super happy to see they had sample sizes of all their Tallow Balms. I bought 4! Happy to report that after only 3days of applying the Epic Glow Tallow on her arm twice a day her arm looks better than it has in over a year!! The red inflamed patches in the fold of her arm are gone and she says that it itches only sometimes. I'm so excited to see what her arm will look after 3 weeks! I also got the Pretty Glow for me and LOVE the smell and feel. Super hydrating and absorbs quickly. feels very natural not greasy on the skin.
RoRa1313 on amazon.com

August 4, 2019
Found under Face and Moisturizer

Awesome for wrinkles!
I am so happy that I discovered this product and that it exists! I was so tired of looking for a truly all natural moisturizer that actually works and am so happy that I discovered this one. My 42 year old hands are finally soft and no longer look wrinkly! My neck, too! I use it on my face as well and it’s turned back the clock for sure. I plan to be a customer for life.
PY on amazon.com

July 28, 2019
Found under Lips

Chapped lips
I have had the worst chapped and dry lips for about 1.5 years. I used and tried everything out there, natural and toxic stuff. Then I remembered about your products and how they cured my daughter of diaper rash and helped my acne out in the past. So I gave it a try. I started using the Tallow Balm 2-3x a day, and within a week I was shocked. My lips are back to normal. After that week, the thick dry layer that had been on my lips was finally peeling away. I was in disbelief. I am so relieved. I will never buy any more chapstick EVER.
Angela in Product Reviews

July 25, 2019
Found under Eczema and Miscellaneous

July 16, 2019
Found under Face

Works wonders
This is my first purchase of the Tallow Balm with Green Pasture™ Oils [Epic Glow]. I got this for stubborn dry spots and to use around the eyes. I have been using it for a week and love it. It really helps with my dry spots and the eyes are looking very young. Just had someone thinking I was in my 30's and I am 50's. I enjoyed that. You only need a small amount to do the job.
Kathie in Product Reviews

July 16, 2019
Found under Deodorant

It works well.
This is the first natural deodorant that DOES WORK! I've tried a few, but I never had any luck, except for the Tallow Balm formulation. I have very sensitive skin due to health concerns, so I'm careful what I use. Thanks! Try it!
Carol in Product Reviews

July 7, 2019
Found under Psoriasis and Face

Psoriasis healing and more!
I have had an ongoing issue with psorisis on my right leg just above my ankle. It intensifies in our humid south Louisiana weather and I would find myself scratching until my leg was bleeding during sleep. I have made numerous creams from plant based organic cold pressed oils but nothing ever lasted more than 1-2 days as far as relief. I started using some samples of tallow balm and they all helped. After reading reviews on the Epic Glow Tallow Balm I decided to bite the bullet and buy it. I received it on July 3rd and immediately applied it to my ankle area. It felt like my skin was being fed. So I've been applying it 2x a day since the 3rd (today is the 7th) and I'm in awe of the results. The itching is gone, the red and silver scales are gone, and it looks to me like healing is happening. I also have been using it on my face and feet and I was told by a co-worker that my wrinkles are almost gone on my forehead and around my eyes.(I am almost 56 yrs young!) I have been applying it as well to my husband's face and I can visibly see a dramatic change in his eye area. (He is almost 60 and has sun damage) I am completely sold on this product line especially the Epic Glow. Don't question the price, this product is gold.
Valerie Windham in Product Reviews

June 27, 2019
Found under Lips and Rash

lip rash comfort
I've had a rash on my lips for a year and a half. I would get puffy, bury, itchy, crusty lips. The only thing I knew to help it was cortisone ointment. So that is what I was using all this time. Someone recommended the unscented tallow balm to me, so I tried it. Its given me relief from my rash, and relief from using such a harmful ointment. I wish I would have known this long ago, but I'm grateful to have a natural remedy for my ongoing skin issues. Thank you.
Joy Roth in Product Reviews

June 14, 2019
Found under Psoriasis

Best product for plaque psoriasis
I have plaque psoriasis on my hands (dorsum area). I have used many many products but nothing worked as good as this one. God bless the makers. people who do not suffer from psoriasis have no idea of the suffering. My hand used to gets dry every few minutes and I would use many diff oils. My husband felt so bad for me that he decided to research and came across vintage traditions. Since the very first application, I felt the diff. My skin relaxed right away. More than moisturizing, it seems to just calm my skin and heal it from within. The perfect blend of tallow and olive oil is so so beneficial for psoriatic skin. It's only after I started using this product that I felt relief. You guys must try this. Massage it in well into your skin and trust me, you will see and feel the healing power of this God sent product. A BIG THANK YOU VINTAGE TRADITIONS.
Kindle Customer on amazon.com

June 3, 2019
Found under Eczema

Works for toddler eczema
My toddler son has had horrible eczema his whole life. We've worked hard to help his gut and heal him from the inside, but this balm has worked wonderfully topically on his rough skin spots!!! It's pretty amazing! We have tried alot of creams and this one works the best! His eczema is on it's way to disappearing and we've only been using this a week.
Joy A Ewart on amazon.com

May 30, 2019
Found under Rash

Skin around my eyes all cleared up!
I have used tallow balm off and on for the past year as a moisturizing night cream, but this spring I have suffered from a red rash around my left eye that doctors couldn't figure out. One even suspected that I was suffering from shingles because it looked so irritated. I started using the unscented tallow balm religiously twice a day, and in addition to getting compliments on how nice my skin looks, people have commented on how the rash has gone away. I feel that the balm has really nice healing properties and I recommend it to everyone.
Kelly in Product Reviews

May 23, 2019
Found under Eczema

Eczema healing
I have terrible eczema on my hands. It's constantly flared up no matter what I do. The unscented tallow balm has made a HUGE difference! I haven't seen my hands look this good in months. They are actually healing! I would recommend this to anyone!
Sarah in Product Reviews

May 21, 2019
Found under Moisturizer

Finally! A product that makes a difference.
I've used so many different moisturizers and night creams that don't work or cause breakouts. I live in a desert, so when I put a night cream on I have always woken up in the morning with dry feeling skin. A friend of mine told me about Pretty Girly. The first morning I woke up after using it, my skin felt so amazing and looks just as amazing. Love using it during the daytime when I don't wear makeup. My skin glows all day long.
Val in the desert in Product Reviews

May 16, 2019
Found under Face

Just love the Epic Glow Tallow balm.
Just love the Epic Glow Tallow balm. You have to see what my skin looks like at the age of 50. Since November 2018, I use this balm and the production of my collagen has been greatly improved. I have a smooth skin, no wrinkles and the frown between my eyebrows has faded!
Esmee Verbaan in Product Reviews

May 16, 2019
Found under Miscellaneous

I've noticed that as I age my skin does not retain moisture or look plump and soft like it used to. A very small amount of the Tallow Balm goes a LOOONG way. I tried it on my hands first, and I was delighted with the results. The balm absorbs quickly and is not greasy at all. (Greasy hand moisturizers are a huge turn off to me). The dry skin on my hands typically looks like crinkled tissue paper, but this balm smoothed the lines and made my skin look and feel young again. Once I felt how gentle this product feels and saw how effective it is, I slathered it all over my body. I especially love the results on my feet, elbows, and the eczema I have at the base of my head. I like to keep a jar on my nightstand and balm up right before I head off into dreamland. I wake up to soft, hydrated skin that turns back the hands of time. Tallow Balm has been wonderful for hydrating my skin and leaves it so, so soft. I've also been super impressed with its healing power! It has been wonderful for healing my cuticles and dry itchy flaky patches of skin. I had a head cold, and my nose was getting raw and chapped from blowing it all day, so I decided to try the Tallow Balm under my nose. I was so happy with the immediate relief I got. It felt very soothing upon application and the healed my irritated, red skin overnight. I only need a little bit of the balm to cover a large area. It smooths onto my warm skin effortlessly and melts into my skin without leaving me greasy. I really can't deal with balms or butters that leave a greasy/sticky residue behind, and I have been very impressed with all Vintage Tradition's. You've got to try this company if you need some serious hydration and skin healing therapy with a bonus of aromatherapy!
Organic Oracle on Instagram, here and here

April 17, 2019
Found under Face and Moisturizer

April 4, 2019
Found under Eczema

April 1, 2019
Found under Cracked Skin and Dry Skin

I am in absolute love with VT Tallow Balms. Unlike any of the lotion, potions or oils I've tried throughout my life, Tallow Balm actually does what you say it does –it moisturizes deeply, lasts long and a little goes a long way. I live in NYC and every winter like clockwork I dread the cold, dry weather because it causes the skin between my fingers to crack and bleed. My cuticles also deteriorate and peel causing extreme pain especially during my hot yoga classes. My lips are left dry, irritated and windblown. Ouch! These problems have worsened every year. I remember the day I received my order of Tallow Balm. I had this very specific spot on my left pointer finger that felt a lot like fine grain sandpaper (so un-ladylike!). I wanted to use this as a 'test spot' and thought it would be some sort of miracle to heal skin this rough in the dead of winter. I applied the Tallow Balm on day one and couldn't feel the rough patch by day two. It has not returned since. My skin results this winter? For the first time in 5 NYC winters, I have healed the dry, cracked spots between my fingers and the cuticle issues. My lips have stayed mostly healthy and moisturized. In general with daily use, I notice that scars heal beautifully with the balm and I like using it as a facial moisturizer. Your products are always an arm's length away as I keep a jar in all of my bags, at my office and multiples at home because I have proof that it works. Thanks so much for making these products available!
—Terran, New York, New York

March 14, 2019
Found under Dry Skin

I have been using Vintage Tradition for a few years now. My boyfriend and brother are now customers. My cousin was visiting and her face was so dry it was "falling off"!! I only had my travel stick with me, so I cut some Tallow Balm off and put it in a bowl for her to use at bedtime. This morning she let me know, "All healed up, in one day, because of you and your animal fat miracle stick!!!" :) Thank you for such an amazing product!
—Lauren, Walnut Creek, California

March 14, 2019
Found under Lips

love this!!!!
I bought this because of the convenience of the tube for my 7 year old daughter. It has been so great! She loves to use it, and it cleared up her cracked bleeding dry lips in one week!!
Lindsay Phillips in Product Reviews

February 27, 2019
Found under Lips

Erases time
I've only had my tube of balm for a couple days, but I'm already impressed. I rubbed it into my lips, and had almost an instant moment of realizing chapstick is a total lie. First night it just sat on my lips like lip balm, my lips were so dehydrated it took over night for it to drink it up. Second day lips felt great when I woke up, noticed when I went to put on my balm again it took less product this time, and there was no more "glossy-slippery" feel anymore, because my lips are hydrated, now I'm just protecting them. Today I woke up, balm still on, ate, did my morning routine, its nearly noon, my lips still feel hydrated, I'm just now putting on the balm on my lips AND face. My skin is beautiful instantly! Holy wow I look younger. Can't want to get my full tub of this stuff to start using for skincare.
Ashley on amazon.com

February 19, 2019
Found under Face and Aftershave

February 11, 2019
Found under Cracked Skin and Dry Skin

During the winter, my hands get so dry they often crack and bleed. As soon as I received the tallow balm, I scrubbed my hands with a fingernail brush to remove the dry skin and applied the tallow balm several times before going to bed. The next day, the roughness was completely gone and my skin was soft again. I absolutely love my tallow balm! Every day I apply the tallow, the healthier my hands are.
—Patra, North Beach, Maryland

February 11, 2019
Found under Hair

I have curly hair and in the winter it can get dry and very flat. I thought I would try Rugged Cliff in my hair. I let it sit in my hair for a whole day while I was home on the weekend. Then I rinsed and conditioned it. I did it again the next weekend. After the 2nd application, a friend noticed my hair and commented on how great it looked and how much he loved my curls. This Tallow Balm is quickly changing my life! In between balm "hair masks", I will apply a bit to the ends after applying it to my skin. This keeps the curls shiny and smooth while adding some volume.
—Patra, North Beach, Maryland

December 20, 2018
Found under Sports

Works amazing for climber hands.
My husband has used a lot of balms over the years to take care of this beat up hands from climbing and this one is simply amazing. He loves the scent and one jar lasts him forever.
Crazy German on amazon.com

December 17, 2018
Found under Dry Skin

These balms have repaired my dry skin overnight. I don't think I had appreciated how dry my skin was before using them. I suppose I got used to my skin over the years and when I thought it held moisture and was healthy, in fact it was only superficially moisturised. It sounds bizarre but I can actually feel that my skin accepts the tallow and they work synergistically together. It doesn't feel greasy at all when it sinks in. I've always hated hand cream as even when it absorbed it would feel greasy. But this sinks in so well and seemingly to layers of the skin that other products never reached. My skin looks better in every way possible and continues to improve. I'm a complete convert for life. Also the slightly manly smell is my favourite, although all the scents are elegant and lovely.
Unknown in Product Reviews

December 16, 2018
Found under Miscellaneous

Quality natural ingredients that actually work!
[Epic Glow is a] Fantastic, Fantastic product! I am very focused on healthy products for my family, and this balm hits all the marks. I have struggled with acne since having my son, and this product helps with dryness without causing breakouts or buildup. I use it on any rash my son develops, and it quickly eases and helps the irritation. We use it on lips also. The smell is very mild of cod oil, and I actually don't mind the scent at all. It absorbs very quickly anyway, and the smell fades once it absorbs. This is my nightly cream for any problem spots and around the eyes. Really I can't say enough. If you are concerned with what goes on your skin and therefore in your body, then these products are perfect! They actually work.
Amazon Customer on amazon.com

December 8, 2018
Found under Face

Great for gentle makeup removal!
I use this product to remove my makeup after work by rubbing onto face (on top of makeup), then removing makeup and tallow balm with warm washcloth. Often times, there is still enough of the balm left after wiping to leave my face moisturized...other times, I add a little more after for more moisture after removing makeup. My face feels super clean afterwards!
Amazon Customer on amazon.com

December 7, 2018
Found under Dry Skin

I just found a sample jar of Tallow Balm tucked way in the back of a cabinet. I've been glopping on all kinds of guck to help my poor dry hands. Well, I'm now typing with tallowed hands. I hardly had to apply any of this at all, and it's like I have new hands. I've been using other lotions like mad, and applying again, and again, and again with no luck. Just from these little samples, I keep falling in love with tallow all over again.
—Mary Ann, Ruston, Louisiana

December 5, 2018
Found under Face

Amazing Complexion!
I have used Pretty Girly Tallow Balm for over a year now and am amazed at how even my complexion looks after using it. I no longer have to wear foundation anymore because my tone looks so even! Using it once a day on my face, the small size lasted me 6 months. I am now using it twice a day instead of alternating with another natural solution and I've noticed my acne has disappeared. I highly recommend this Tallow Balm!
Beth in Product Reviews

November 29, 2018
Found under Face

November 29, 2018
Found under Face

The BEST Facial Cream EVER!
I found this company back in 2013 and used this tallow balm throughout that entire winter. It kept my skin so supple and hydrated, every morning I would wake up and look like I got 12 hours of deep sleep. I love the smell of this balm so much too, it is addicting! A couple of weeks ago I noticed the dry and cold starting to take it's toll on me and I went to look for my tallow balm and could not find it. I must have used it all up. So I went directly to the site to order some more and I was so relieved to have been able to find Vintage Traditions again and that the exact formula was still the same. I am just so in love with this stuff!
Jessica in Product Reviews

November 27, 2018
Found under Cracked Skin

Wonderful product - especially for sensitive skin
This is the ONLY thing that my son could tolerate on his hands. Last winter his hands became raw and cracked to the point of bleeding. I heard about this product on a podcast and bought it in desperation after trying several types of lotions. Even plain petroleum jelly caused him to cry and beg me to wash it off. Not only did it not sting, but his hands began to heal quite quickly. I don't think it was more than two weeks before they were completely back to normal.
Jennifer on amazon.com

November 25, 2018
Found under Cracked Skin and Dry Skin

Use it!
This stuff is awesome. I buy it for my 2 year old son that gets horrible dry skin in the cold winter months. Last year it was cracked and bleeding and looked so uncomfortable. After using the balm for maybe 3 days after his bath, his skin is smooth and no longer scaly and cracking. Totally worth a try for any and all skin problems or just for normal daily use. Works like a charm!
Pam on amazon.com

November 8, 2018
Found under Eczema

Moisturizing and soothing for chronic eczema
After 20 years of chronic hives, eczema, and dermatitis, I decided to invest tremendous time and effort in addressing the real gut and liver issues behind these (instead of suppressing with oral steroids). Working with a wonderful chiropractor has helped immensely as we've gradually uncovered food sensitivities and begun a major healing process in the gut and liver. In the meantime, the daily eczema remains--with many sleepless nights of itching skin that is so very dry, scaly, flaky, and overall depleted of nutrients. Plant-based oils and balms did very little to really return the moisture to the areas that so desperately needed it. After reading about the effects of tallow balm for eczema, I ordered VT's Almost Unscented, and I'm so happy with the results! 1-2 daily applications, particularly following bathing, have returned deep moisturization and vibrance to my skin within one week of use. It also works well to soothe and calm down itching for a brief time--I wouldn't say it "stops" the itch altogether--but the way it moisturizes so deeply certainly helps reduce itching and promote real healing. I will be ordering this regularly for myself and my family!
Unknown in Product Reviews

November 5, 2018
Found under Keratosis

Seborrheic keratosis
Thank you for creating Vintage Tradition! I am so pleased that I have found this product. Some background: I have had many ~2 mm seborrheic keratoses on my forehead and one 3/4 cm seborrheic keratosis on my jaw for about a decade. I found Vintage Tradition through Azure Standard, although originally I hadn't purchased it for anything other than moisturizing my skin. I have used Pretty Girly for the better part of a year. The weird thing, or maybe not so weird, is that over time, I noticed that the 3/4 cm seborrheic keratosis on my left jaw was GONE. I keep feeling it and looking at the skin and it looks like nothing wrong was ever there! I am amazed. The many seborrheic keratoses on my forehead are also disappearing - more slowly though. Just amazing! Thanks so very much!
Cynthia in Product Reviews

November 1, 2018
Found under Miscellaneous

I will forever use Tallow Balm.
My skin has been suffering for quite awhile now, with deep cystic acne and extreme redness. After trying a whole slew of new products and majorly over-exfoliating, making the situation significantly worse, I turned to the internet to give me SOMETHING to try. I decided on this. My skin instantly thanked me and I'm on a path of recovery. My skin isn't perfect yet, but it's better. MUCH better. I will forever use Tallow Balm.
Melanie in Product Reviews

October 30, 2018
Found under Rash and Miscellaneous

The only balm that works
Due to an undiagnosed skin issue, my face will often break out in boils, then a severe rash that dries to the point of cracking and bleeding. It is horrible! Dermatologists and doctors have given me steroid creams and lotions to no avail. I've tried applying coconut oil, olive oil, yogurt, raw cow's milk—every idea I could find on the internet to relieve the burning and heal the dryness and cracking that results. Even water would cause my face to yield these burning red patches. My sister found Vintage Tradition and I immediately ordered Pretty Girly Tallow Balm based on the reviews. I just ordered my second jar as it is the ONLY thing that has ever helped and is continuing to heal my condition. It is wonderful and immediately gives me relief and calms the inflammation. I am so thankful to have found this product!
Tracy in Product Reviews

October 25, 2018
Found under Callus, Feet, and Sports

Best healing balm ever!
My husband is a long distance runner and also plays racquetball 3 times a week. His feet take a beating. He has calluses that sometimes crack if his skin gets dry. We live in the mountains in Colorado, so it's pretty dry here all the time. I have been on the search for a product to help him, for years. Some are better than others, but I tried this out a couple of months ago and Bingo, this is the best stuff for him by a mile. He puts it on his feet before he goes to bed at night, so it has a chance to soak in and no more sore spots on his feet! Thanks for such a great product!
Dawgwoman on amazon.com

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