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Eczema Testimonials

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Totally Unscented Tallow Balm
I LOVE this product. I've had eczema since I was a very small child. I've tried a LOT of creams and lotions over the years. Most just sit on the skin and don't do much of anything. This balm is different. It is soft and soothing and is readily absorbed. I can tell it is actually sinking in. I believe it is actually healing the latest flare-up that I've been struggling with. Each day my skin gets a little less red and the itchy patches are less and less noticeable. More than anything it helps me feel calmer. It does not burn or sting. I'm glad, though, that I read the FAQ's about the skin "detoxing", as at first my skin seemed to get "redder" after applying. But that has passed pretty quickly (abour 4-5 days) and now my skin is less and less red/hot/itchy. Thank you! And thank you for making a version that is totally unscented. (I was prepared for a strong smell, but actually there is little to no odor. What I smell is mild and pleasant.) Thank you, thank you!!!
Johanna Hattendorf in Product Reviews

Amazing for Eczema
About ten months ago, I rather suddenly developed small dry patches (found later to be eczema) on my legs. I tried so many different things from lotions, essential oils, coconut oil, etc. for months and nothing made a bit of difference. Then my sister suggested tallow balm and within ONE WEEK I noticed significant improvement. Before long the eczema patches all went away completely. I couldn't believe it! I am so grateful that my sister recommended this product to me!
Unknown in Product Reviews

Eczema Testimonial - Tallow BalmEczema Testimonial - Tallow BalmEczema Testimonial - Tallow BalmEczema Testimonial - Tallow Balm

I just received my Vintage Tradition Almost Unscented Tallow Balm!!! Excited to use something truly natural on my son's eczema. I am going to post a picture every couple of days, and I will be using only the Tallow Balm. Hoping to have an amazing outcome.

Today marks one week since I started using the Tallow Balm on my son's eczema. I wanted to say this stuff is awesome. No cream so far has healed it as well as this stuff. I am hoping that it heals more before his next flare-up, but so far I am in love with this Tallow Balm.

Continuing to heal his face. It's starting to become more smooth by the day. I'm applying it twice a day and 3 times on bath days. It's quite amazing. I haven't seen his face so clear in months, and the best part is he isn't trying to rip his own face off and has been able to sleep more peacefully.

Two weeks ago, my son's face was absolutely taken over by eczema, scabbed up, red, inflamed, and just plain angry-looking. Today, it's pink, smooth, and healing. I am in awe of how well this Tallow Balm is working.

—Charell, Norwalk, Ohio

Eczema Testimonial - Tallow BalmEczema Testimonial - Tallow Balm

Taryn of My Own Ripple Effect writes:
Vintage Tradition Tallow Balms are the best skincare I have ever used on myself or my kids—and I've tried a lot of products through my life. To give you an idea of how desperate I was (but also just as skeptical), here is a picture of Bean that was taken exactly 1 year ago [click here]. My heart breaks for her when I see this picture. As you can see, Bean's eczema was not a small problem. Her entire body was covered in thick, rough, red, itchy patches of skin. At one point, her scratching was so bad that she had a raw, open sore in the middle of her back. We'd lather coconut oil on her to help with the itching, but we saw no real improvement. We tried more expensive creams—like one using neem oil—but even that had no effect. Thankfully, the Vintage Tradition Tallow Balm delivered on its promises! No, her eczema did not miraculously clear up overnight, but the more we used it, the more we saw a change in her skin. It was still red, but all the build-up of dead skin disappeared, and her skin became smoother and less irritated. Despite the rash, it felt nourished. We discovered through our Naturopathic Physician that Bean's body was overloaded with toxins, and her skin was the main pathway for detoxification. So, with the help of homeopathic remedies and chlorella to aid her body in detoxifying, plus nourishing her skin on the outside, she has finally made significant improvement. Currently, as you can see [click here], her back and arms are almost completely clear (a couple weeks ago it was 100% clear), and her only flare-up of eczema is on her legs.
—Taryn of My Own Ripple Effect, Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada

Working for my eczema!
I have had eczema on the palms of my hands for over a year. I've tried many things. Within a couple days of applying the Almost Unsented I could tell it was working. Within 2 weeks it was so much better. Its been about 4 weeks and its hardly noticeable. It just keeps getting better. I started by applying the balm about 4 or 5 times a day because my hands really needed it. Now I apply 2 to 3 times a day. I'm needing less and less. I would recommend giving it a try.
JJ in Product Reviews

everyone should have - every day balm
i love this stuff. after trying mulitple creams for my sons excema, it just was getting worse and worse last year. after using this tallow balm, along with adding some fish oil, probiotics and vitamin D, his skin is completely clear. within like three weeks. any minor flare ups i start applying and it helps. i use on my face and love it.
Unknown in Product Reviews

I bought the 9oz. jar of Campfire Glow for my daughter who has eczema. We have been applying, on average, every other night. This does not burn her at all and actually soothes her skin. She never complains when I tell her to "grab the jar of goo", which is huge! No more complaining and arguing. That makes this momma soooooo happy and relieved. She has been in tears before because different things we have tried have lit up her affected areas. Now, her eczema is gone from her eye lids, nose and neck. It's almost gone behind her legs and chin area. We have only used the Campfire Glow about 5 or 6 times and I saw a difference after the second use. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Go with the big jar if possible. You can use it on every part of your body.
Maranda in Product Reviews

Worked Amazingly on my daughter's Eczema
I had been looking for something Natural my daughter's itchy Eczema arm. In recent months it has gotten worse and she stopped wearing short sleeve shirts. Mother's guilt was killing me because Dr. Prescribed a steroid cream and I was held out at the expense of my daughter's raw itchy arm. I have been throwing everything at this Eczema, Probiotics, Vitamin D3, Honey ointment from France and making my own concoctions. I recently came across someone's Eczema testimonial on Vintage Traditions Epic Glow Tallow. Went to their website and was super happy to see they had sample sizes of all their Tallow Balms. I bought 4! Happy to report that after only 3days of applying the Epic Glow Tallow on her arm twice a day her arm looks better than it has in over a year!! The red inflamed patches in the fold of her arm are gone and she says that it itches only sometimes. I'm so excited to see what her arm will look after 3 weeks! I also got the Pretty Glow for me and LOVE the smell and feel. Super hydrating and absorbs quickly. feels very natural not greasy on the skin.
RoRa1313 on

Works for toddler eczema
My toddler son has had horrible eczema his whole life. We've worked hard to help his gut and heal him from the inside, but this balm has worked wonderfully topically on his rough skin spots!!! It's pretty amazing! We have tried alot of creams and this one works the best! His eczema is on it's way to disappearing and we've only been using this a week.
Joy A Ewart on

Eczema healing
I have terrible eczema on my hands. It's constantly flared up no matter what I do. The unscented tallow balm has made a HUGE difference! I haven't seen my hands look this good in months. They are actually healing! I would recommend this to anyone!
Sarah in Product Reviews

Moisturizing and soothing for chronic eczema
After 20 years of chronic hives, eczema, and dermatitis, I decided to invest tremendous time and effort in addressing the real gut and liver issues behind these (instead of suppressing with oral steroids). Working with a wonderful chiropractor has helped immensely as we've gradually uncovered food sensitivities and begun a major healing process in the gut and liver. In the meantime, the daily eczema remains--with many sleepless nights of itching skin that is so very dry, scaly, flaky, and overall depleted of nutrients. Plant-based oils and balms did very little to really return the moisture to the areas that so desperately needed it. After reading about the effects of tallow balm for eczema, I ordered VT's Almost Unscented, and I'm so happy with the results! 1-2 daily applications, particularly following bathing, have returned deep moisturization and vibrance to my skin within one week of use. It also works well to soothe and calm down itching for a brief time--I wouldn't say it "stops" the itch altogether--but the way it moisturizes so deeply certainly helps reduce itching and promote real healing. I will be ordering this regularly for myself and my family!
Unknown in Product Reviews

Best Skin Cream Ever!
I bought my first Tallow Balm to help relieve the eczema on my eyelids. It worked beautifully, and the eczema has never returned! Since then, I have been using it on my face every night and never want to use anything else. Not only does it make my skin soft, but I am thrilled that all the ingredients are natural, healthy and beneficial for my skin. I have found my forever skin cream. Thank you Vintage Tradition!
Becky A. in Product Reviews

The best
Windswept is my favorite, I love the scent, it makes me smile every time I smell it. I have eczema on my eyelids and have medication from the dr for it, but it's quite expensive since it is special for the eye area. Honestly, this works better than what the dr prescribed. No eye irritation and it clears it up right away. I highly recommend all their salves, but this one in particular.
Sandra in Product Reviews

A world of difference immediately!
My son has eczema and we have tried everything to help his dry patches, but NOTHING has ever worked as well as this Vintage Traditions tallow balm. It's fast, it's effective, it's steroid free, and it's as if new skin pops up within a few days! I've never seen anything work like this.
Ginny Teague on

A miracle in a jar!
I wouldn't be without this product! A few years ago I developed eczema on most of my body so severe I had to go on oral and topical steroids for six months. Desperate to get off those dangerous drugs I tried aloe, coconut oil, olive oil, Manuka honey, raw honey, magnesium oil and the list goes on but nothing worked. Within a few hours of applying this tallow balm the itching and pain began to subside. Within a week or two I had weaned myself completely off the steroids and the eczema cleared in a couple of months. it heals dry skin, cracked heels and is an excellent facial moisturizer. It's the only moisturizer I use. I don't put anything on my skin I wouldn't eat and this tallow comes from the finest 100% grass fed cows, I know because I buy beef from the same ranch!

hands down the most effective balm for my eczema
I can't recommend this product highly enough, it has been a real life-saver for me. I have very sensitive skin and have been struggling for quite a while with some really bad eczema. Whenever my eczema flares up it leaves me with large patches of super dry, damaged, scaly skin that just wouldn't heal with the other moisturizers I've tried. I used to have to get prescription steroid cream from the doctor to clear it up, but then my mum discovered vintage tradition and told me to try it. Now I just apply this balm twice a day to the damaged skin and it's perfectly moisturized, soft, and healed again in the span of two or three days.
Miriam on

My daughter had suffered from eczema since she was a baby. The worst episode was about four years ago, behind her knee, and you could actually see her flesh. She had struggled with that same spot the year before, but it was getting worse by the year. We would go in a loop with the prescribed steroid, having the eczema recur after stopping the steroids according to prescription. I did some online searching and came across this natural product, Vintage Tradition Tallow Balm. After a week, I saw drastic improvement. In a couple of weeks, it was completely healed, and it has never recurred. For the last three years, she has not had any eczema. It has been a miracle!
—Rosa, Houston, Texas

Thank you so much for a wonderful product! Vintage Tradition Tallow Balm is simply amazing. I have a long history of dry skin and allergic reactions to skin products. Two winters ago, to add to my miseries, I developed a mystery rash on my face and arms and couldn't figure out what was causing it. Desperate, I went to a dermatologist and was diagnosed with eczema. Not knowing what else to do, I applied the prescriptions he gave me — a steroid cream for my arms and an immunosuppressant for my face. I was not happy about the black box warnings on the immunosuppressant, but the medications cleared up both rashes in about 4 days. The dermatologist also recommended a moisturizer and gave me several free samples. Unfortunately, the moisturizer was not able to keep the rash away. So I began my online search for what REALLY works for eczema sufferers. I came up with several products, Vintage Tradition Tallow Balm being one of them, and I ordered them all and tried them all. The rash on my face had now moved down to my neck. And voilà, Vintage Tradition did the trick! After applying twice a day for four days, the eczema vanished from my neck. I spent the rest of the winter applying twice a day to my face, neck, and arms, and the eczema did not return. In the summer, I use less and just apply to my face and neck. It also has a wonderful moisturizing effect, and I can put my makeup on right over it! And absolutely no clogged pores or blemishes. The following winter, I religiously applied Vintage Tradition to my face, neck, and arms and was happy no rash appeared. Then, to my surprise, my legs broke out with eczema! Again, I applied Vintage Tradition twice a day to my legs and the rash cleared up in four days. Over the summer, a pink spot about the size of a quarter appeared under my arm. Taking a closer look, the cracked skin looked like the psoriasis I had as a child. Again, I applied Vintage Tradition twice a day, and, after about 2 months, the spot was completely gone. For people like me with dry skin, allergies, and eczema, and for whom normal drug store products don't work, this is your moisturizer!
—Carolyn, Brooklyn, New York

I've been using the balm under my arms for healing the eczema that started there in the last year. I had extreme itching and burning and could barely handle it; it was driving me insane! It has only been two weeks, and the itching and burning is completely gone, and the skin is healing completely. The tallow is just so nourishing and gentle for my very sensitive skin. I had been using natural deodorants. Now I only use the balm for the skin and as a deodorant! Also, my 19-month-old daughter developed eczema, and it was showing up everywhere, especially on her legs. With the balm, it has completely cleared up in less than two weeks! My daughter sometimes sneaks little bits to eat as I'm applying it on her, and I do not feel bad in any way that she is eating it unlike with so many creams and lotions out there. I will keep using the Tallow Balm on her skin every night while I continue to address the issue through internal/diet/gut healing practices.
—Jan, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

To say I am stunned is an understatement. My family has tried everything you can possibly think of to help my two and a half year old daughter's eczema. If it is out there, we have tried it. The recovery of her skin in less than two days is nothing short of a miracle! If only I had taken pictures of it two days ago, everyone would be shocked! At that time, it looked horrible. She had scratched her spots throughout her sleep, so much so that it was too sensitive for clothes to lay against her skin. Words can't describe how you feel as a parent when your child is in pain and nothing you do seems to help. Our sweet girl would cry because she was in so much pain. It was heart-breaking. But with just a few random applications of your balm over a couple days, our daughter's skin is so much better! Not one spot is bleeding! My whole family is shocked! I'm thankful to God that we were directed to your site.
—Janelle, Seymour, Texas

We recently bought a jar for my 12-year-old son's eczema. He has it on several areas of his face and chest and is very self-conscious of it. Within days, it has improved his skin like the store creams couldn't! Plus, he doesn't experience the burning or stinging or added redness like he did with the over-the-counter treatments. Thank you so much!!!
—Beth, Caledonia, Michigan

My little girl received your product as a birthday gift, and it has improved her severe eczema dramatically! How did I miss such an amazing product for so long!?! Thank you isn't a big enough word for the change we have experienced, but thank you so much!
—Nina, Moore, Oklahoma

I just wanted to share with you what a difference your exceptional product has made for our baby boy. He is nearly ten months old, and around six months of age his first patch of eczema appeared, and over the next couple of weeks it spread to both of his legs, thigh down, and got progressively more severe. It was to the point where every time we changed his diaper, his first response when his legs were bare was to start scratching them, which in turn caused them to bleed. We'd been slathering his legs in coconut oil, which didn't seem to make much, if any, difference. I was on the hunt for another natural remedy to try when a friend sent me a link to your website. I'd never heard of tallow before. After reading through all the information on your site, I immediately ordered two 2-oz jars. I started using the tallow four to five times daily on our little guy's legs, and within just a few days I noticed a difference. Within a week, his skin was noticeably smoother and less irritated. We've been using it for 2-1/2 weeks now, and the eczema has greatly diminished. We are now using it just a couple of times a day, and I'm still amazed at how effective it has been and how quickly it started to restore his skin back to its baby-soft state.
—Kyrissa, Marysville, Washington

When I was four months pregnant, I began to get very itchy, red, and flaky eczema around my nose and upper lip. Some days it was so bad I was embarrassed to leave the house. Makeup wouldn't cover it up, and even organic or homemade makeup didn't help. Eczema cream AND coconut oil wouldn't work! This lasted for 6 months, and it began to spread once the baby was born. I was so embarrassed to leave the house with hormone-ridden acne, dark bags under my eyes, and very red and flaky skin around my nose. After just TWO DAYS of using your unscented balm, my eczema and acne were completely gone! In fact, my skin is even more smooth than before. On top of all this, I used it on my daughter's cradle cap and baby acne...BOTH gone within four days. The cradle cap disappeared overnight. I am simply amazed!
—Nina, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

My almost-9-month-old has had eczema all over her body for the last month. I received my order in the mail yesterday afternoon and after just ONE application all over and two applications on a couple spots, her skin is about 80% better! There is no redness and just a bit of texture left to her skin on her worst patches. Thank you!
—Jaime, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

I am a teacher-mom-food blogger. I was first introduced to your company in 2012. At that time, my family had begun to limit gluten and learn about traditional diets, but my son was still suffering from the eczema that had plagued him since he was 6 weeks old! When we applied your product to his skin, we saw almost a complete eradication of the skin splotches and itchiness in 2 HOURS!!! We were hooked! Since then, our diet has been cleaned up, we are gluten-free, and we drink raw milk. I still LOVE your product because it is natural, helps ease our dry skin in winter, and is a wonderful way to soothe myself before bed because of the essential oils. My facial skin is supple and younger-looking after I apply it in the evening!
—Liz, San Jose, California

Probably the biggest thing your Tallow Balm has helped with has been my son. He has suffered with eczema since he was an infant, and, through diet, we have been working to heal him from the inside. I was intrigued when I saw that your product could help with eczema, and his results have been really impressive. He had a pretty strong, scaly rash on one of his legs, and within two days of using the Tallow Balm, it was almost completely gone! Most importantly, I was able to confidently use the balm all around his mouth and on his cheeks without worrying about him ingesting some kind of chemicals.
—Trisha, Papillion, Nebraska

I am a Naturopathic Doctor. I tried the balm on a patient for her eczema. Her eczema cleared within 7 days of trying the balm, twice daily applications. She is stunned, as she's tried loads of products in the past to absolutely no avail. This is with eczema on her hands every winter for years...her hands were cracked and bleeding and severely itchy. Within 7 days, her hands looked completely normal...we were both astounded.
—Dr. Laura, Ontario, Canada

The patient had this to say to Dr. Laura:

I wanted to give the cream a few days before emailing you. It is incredible! I was not sure it would really help, but boy was I wrong! I don't understand why it makes such a difference, but my hands look almost completely normal today! The itch was gone pretty much right away, the skin was less hot and red after one day, and I actually have normal-looking hands without the dryness and pain! Parts of the skin have smoothed out, and I don't feel the need to smother my hands with coconut oil or castor oil any more. My hands are not "dried out" and needing hydration like last week. This stuff is quite astounding. I have one stubborn crack on my finger that won't go away just yet, but it is way better than before. Thank you so very much for finding this amazing treasure for me!

I've been using your balm for 5 days, and my bad eczema on my leg is almost gone! Thanks, Vintage Tradition! No more pain and endless itching!
—Melissa, Bloomington, Illinois

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