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Tallow Balm for FACE Testimonials

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Wow! Just try.
Within a week of using this daily I have noticed a SIGNIFICANT decrease in my pore size. I have struggled my whole life with large pores and blackheads. I intended to just use this for hydration, as nothing seemed to really penetrate my skin beyond a superficial level. But it ended up being so much more. I am a true believer in this stuff. In just a week my skin is more hydrated, supple, even textured, soft, radiant and smaller pores even on my nose!
—crystal green

I'm honestly blown away at how well this works for my face. As i've gotten older I would still get random pimples, and blackheads were always prevalent. 2 days, 2 DAYS is all it took to see a huge change in my skin. I feel more confident with the ladies now. TY for a quality product.
—Barry E.

Helping Wrinkles Fade!
Got this product for under eye care, since my gf kept reminding me how I'm starting to look my age, and have been blown away with the results. Pores have shrunk, skin is smoother, a lot better results than I originally anticipated. This is going to be a regular staple going forward
Brett in Product Reviews

Really wonderful balm!
I have been using this tallow balm as face cream. I have extremely sensitive skin, and this is the first cream/balm I can put around my eyes, and not have them be swollen and puffy in the morning. And I've tried so many eye creams over the years! I use it on my whole face, and have experienced NO breakouts! A tiny bit goes a long way, so while I thought it was expensive, it'll actually last a very long time.
—C. Preece

Why I Wash My Face with Dirt & Oil

The Food Renegade explains how she uses our Tallow Balm as part of her facial cleansing!

The only product on the market that has effectively treated my stubborn psoriasis lesions along with doubling as an effective facial moisturizer so nourishing that it has even made my lashes grow. I highly recommend this product as an all in one salve and beauty treatment for many skin ailments.

Outstanding product 5 out of 5 stars
I was introduced to Vintage Tradition Tallow Balm about 10 months ago by a high school friend that I hadn't seen in 50 years. I commented on how wonderful his skin looked. He told me about your Tallow Balm. I sent away for your product and was delighted with the results. My face looks and feels healthy and young. Wrinkles around my eyes, forehead, and mouth are gone. Thank you
Unknown in Product Reviews

Great stuff!
I wish I had know about this product 40 years ago. I've noticed decreased wrinkles around my mouth, forehead, & eyes. This balm is truly amazing & the only thing I'll be using on my face the rest of my life.
Unknown in Product Reviews

Awesome for wrinkles!
I am so happy that I discovered this product and that it exists! I was so tired of looking for a truly all natural moisturizer that actually works and am so happy that I discovered this one. My 42 year old hands are finally soft and no longer look wrinkly! My neck, too! I use it on my face as well and it's turned back the clock for sure. I plan to be a customer for life.

Works wonders
This is my first purchase of the Tallow Balm with Green Pasture Oils [Epic Glow]. I got this for stubborn dry spots and to use around the eyes. I have been using it for a week and love it. It really helps with my dry spots and the eyes are looking very young. Just had someone thinking I was in my 30's and I am 50's. I enjoyed that. You only need a small amount to do the job.
Kathie in Product Reviews

...I also have been using it on my face and feet and I was told by a co-worker that my wrinkles are almost gone on my forehead and around my eyes.(I am almost 56 yrs young!) I have been applying it as well to my husband's face and I can visibly see a dramatic change in his eye area. (He is almost 60 and has sun damage) I am completely sold on this product line especially the Epic Glow. Don't question the price, this product is gold.
Valerie Windham in Product Reviews

Just love the Epic Glow Tallow balm.
Just love the Epic Glow Tallow balm. You have to see what my skin looks like at the age of 50. Since November 2018, I use this balm and the production of my collagen has been greatly improved. I have a smooth skin, no wrinkles and the frown between my eyebrows has faded!
Esmee Verbaan in Product Reviews

Great for gentle makeup removal!
I use this product to remove my makeup after work by rubbing onto face (on top of makeup), then removing makeup and tallow balm with warm washcloth. Often times, there is still enough of the balm left after wiping to leave my face moisturized...other times, I add a little more after for more moisture after removing makeup. My face feels super clean afterwards!

Amazing Complexion!
I have used Pretty Girly Tallow Balm for over a year now and am amazed at how even my complexion looks after using it. I no longer have to wear foundation anymore because my tone looks so even! Using it once a day on my face, the small size lasted me 6 months. I am now using it twice a day instead of alternating with another natural solution and I've noticed my acne has disappeared. I highly recommend this Tallow Balm!
Beth in Product Reviews

The BEST Facial Cream EVER!
I found this company back in 2013 and used this tallow balm throughout that entire winter. It kept my skin so supple and hydrated, every morning I would wake up and look like I got 12 hours of deep sleep. I love the smell of this balm so much too, it is addicting! A couple of weeks ago I noticed the dry and cold starting to take it's toll on me and I went to look for my tallow balm and could not find it. I must have used it all up. So I went directly to the site to order some more and I was so relieved to have been able to find Vintage Traditions again and that the exact formula was still the same. I am just so in love with this stuff!
Jessica in Product Reviews

I've been using this balm for quite a while. My skin feels so soft and nourished. The other day, I went to lunch with some friends, and one of my friends asked me what products I'm using on my face. She said, your skin looks so bright and tight! A little goes a long way. I'm so glad I found Vintage Tradition. This is the only moisturizing product I use on my face. It's comforting to know there are no chemicals in it.
Unknown in Product Reviews

After using tallow balm for several months and many jars, my post menopausal skin has improved so much, it is remarkable. My skin feels like silk, or a baby's skin - take your pick. They both are true! I still have some wrinkles, but because all the skin of my face is softer and more supple, the wrinkles are not as visible, so hey - I'm not caring about them any more. I just want to say that the longer I have used it, the improvements have continued. So don't be impatient. If you want long lasting beautiful skin, use this for the long term. I'm so in love with this company and this product!
Victoria in Product Reviews

change is good
Several people commented on how clear and pretty my face was looking. I never had blemishes but everyone can see a change for the better. Too many positive comments on my facial skin not to realize this product is healthy for my skin!! All healthy ingredients!
Terri Johnson in Product Reviews

Want to Take Years Off Your Face? Try Tallow Balm!
Tallow balm is amazing stuff!! After using this on my face for a few days, I couldn't believe how fantastic my skin looked. It's like a magic age eraser–my skin looked not only smoother and clearer, but so much more vital!
—Be Celiac Savvy

I have tried a variety of eye creams over the past few years, from department store products to just straight coconut oil, and I have not found anything satisfactory UNTIL I tried the tallow balm! I was a little skeptical at the thought of using an animal product at first...and if it were not for the wonderful little sample size, I may not have taken the plunge. But, for that price, I figured I had nothing to lose. I WISH I had taken a "before" picture the night I first applied it around my eyes. The next morning, there was such a dramatic change! The smile lines had firmed up to be pretty nonexistent, and my skin was so smooth! I have not stopped using it since. I love it! My skin craves this stuff and literally feels happy when I apply it. I am ready to buy a full size of the Pretty Girly balm for myself and sample sizes for my friends. Thank you for offering such a wonderful product!
—Jennifer, Greenville, South Carolina

I have to say, I have tried EVERY product out there, and spent tons of cash over the years doing so...but nothing compares to this amazing balm!!Just as an experiment, when I ran out of my Vintage Tradition Balm, I bought a face cream that I had used in the past. My face broke out, patches of dry and oily skin emerged and I was so upset. I knew I had to get my Vintage Tradition balm ASAP. I hardly EVER get breakouts or redness when I use the balm. My skin actually glows! I put a little on in the early morning, prior to my gym workout with a little lip gloss and my skin is dewy, bright and glowing! I also wear it under my makeup during the day, and after I wash my face for bed. I will never stop using this...ever!! I hope they never stop selling/making it!! SUCH A GREAT, MILD NATURAL PRODUCT!!!! no chemicals here!! GREAT STUFF!!!!!! I highly recommend it.
Rebecca Rowe in Product Reviews

Best face cream ever!
I have always been a face cream snob. From Chanel to Obaji to Skin Medic ... what ever was the latest greatest I had to have. In my search for a more natural organic cream I ran across vintage tradition tallow cream. I now use this tallow cream. I use the unscented, but any scent would be great! I am 58 years old and never been happier with a product. I no longer worry about chemicals or additives on my skin. The funny part is my husband is now also using this amazing cream! It has been an amazing transformation for his skin.
A fan in Lubbock Texas! in Product Reviews

I have been using the Tallow Balm for a year or so and it has been everything I wanted in a face cream. Not too thick, not too thin...just right. Super moisturizing without being greasy. Does not encourage pimples. Heals the skin rather than coating it.
Mac in Product Reviews

No wrinkles!
This is a wonderful healthy product, which I have used for years and LOVE, not only because it has no chemicals, but because it is the best possible skin product available. I'm 43 years old and don't have any wrinkles on my face - I'm asked often what I use on my face by both friends and strangers. No one believes how old I am! A little goes a long way, it takes me a long time to go through a jar, it's totally worth the price. Is better for your skin AND will work better than the chemicals at the makeup counter.
—Lanie G.

This balm is great for any dry or damaged skin, and I use it on my lips and face every day - the skin on my face is so much smoother and clearer now. You don't have to apply a lot for it to be effective, so a jar of this lasts a long time, and you really only have to put it on once a day and it'll keep your skin feeling awesome all day. It doesn't feel greasy or sit on top of your skin and get on stuff. What else can I say, this balm is awesome, definitely get it and try it out if you haven't already.

Freedom & Joy At 60+
I love this cream! My 60+ sensitive skin has been through a lot but it is now well nourished, leaving me amazed and happy that it is never too late for one's face to respond to what is really good and pure. NEVER BEFORE in my life did I EVER receive compliments about my complexion but I do now! IMAGINE, AT MY AGE! I am so thrilled I discovered Vintage Tradition's Tallow Balm! It is perfect for my skin. I apply it once a day in the morning. I could not believe the compliments I began getting when I started using it -- praising my complexion even as I wore no make-up and USING NOTHING ELSE DAILY BUT THIS PRODUCT -- praise from strangers and other women. What freedom and joy to use this INSTEAD of make-up. I go out with confidence knowing this balm is all I need to put my best face forward and age gracefully. I turned to it because I have always had very sensitive skin that reacted to anything. FINALLY I found the simple wholesome product I have always wanted -- with no suspicious and strange-sounding ingredients that have a string of chemicals on the label you can't even pronounce or have allergens like soy. I really like Pretty Girly scent -- delicate and fresh feeling -- am sure it will make you smile and glow like the pretty girl YOU really are!

...Since having such success with my rash, I've been using your Tallow Balm on my face every day, and my skin looks fresh and younger. Before using it, I thought it would make me break out, but I don't have a single blemish. I think the "happy" lines around my eyes are lessened as well. I love this product!
—Beth, Lehi, Utah

I purchased a 2-oz jar of your Almost Unscented Tallow Balm as an everyday cream for my 1 year old daughter...but have been using it all for myself! My skin has honestly never looked better. My skin tone is even and smooth. The little lines around my eyes and on my forehead have vanished. It even cleared up a hormonal pimple that was brewing on my chin overnight! I can't believe how fast and positively my skin reacted. I feel like I'm glowing and have even been going makeup-free so all can see my real skin. I also used some on my upper arms last night, and my patches of keratosis pilaris are almost gone this morning. Amazing! I will most definitely be back to order more soon...and give the original jar back to my daughter! :)
—Gianina, Chicago, Illinois

I love, love, love your product!!! I use it as a my face lotion, lip conditioner, eye cream, body lotion, and so on. This is the one product I seriously can no longer live without. So thank you! I'm 30 and have struggled with acne most of my life. Now, for the first time in my life, I feel like my skin is beautiful. It still has a lot of healing to do, but I can actually leave the house without makeup, and that's a huge stretch for me. I have had my fair share of products, and nothing was ever satisfying enough to stick with or hang on to. I was constantly in the mind-frame of "on to the next".
—Debbie, Mount Holly, North Carolina

Friend: "Can we talk privately for a second?" (...drags me to another room away from the men.) "What have you done to your skin? You look younger. Have you had Botox? Tell me what brand of cream you are using." (...demanding to know my secret!)
—Krystal, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I've been using this product and love it more than any skin care I've ever tried! I use it on my face and neck, and the results are so much better than every expensive name brand product I've tried. Even my husband noticed how much firmer the skin on my neck and jaw-line looks.
—Becky, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

I cannot live without my Tallow Balm! To be quite honest, I ordered it simply because I'm a sucker for anything unusual. However, I was not prepared to discover the absolutely amazing results of this miracle cream! For starters, I can't believe the way it softened the lines around my eyes. I noticed the difference instantly, and now I put it on every night!...
—Trisha, Papillion, Nebraska

...I'm exceedingly pleased with the results the balm has made on these two conditions. However, I never anticipated the effect this product would have on my face. I had never intended to use it on my face, but for some reason I did it. I have very sensitive skin and use only the most pure, natural lotions on my face, but I haven't used anything except the tallow since the first night I put it on my skin. After a couple days of the tallow, my skin was positively glowing. After a week, I almost felt like I could go without makeup (something that I haven't done since before high school). I've had maybe only one minor break-out since I started using it — unheard-of for me. I've had moderate acne since my teenage years (and I'm in my thirties). Suffice it to say that I will continue to use Tallow Balm on my face for the rest of my life. There's no way I'm ever going back to even the best lotions you can find. Oh, and as if that's not enough, I decided to use it as an eye cream, and — wonders never cease — my blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids) started to disappear. All I can say is thank you for making this stuff. Without you, I probably would never have tried Tallow Balm, and how sad that would have been trying to manage my supposed "chronic" skin and eye conditions the rest of my life. I only wish more people would be open-minded enough to learn from the wisdom of our ancestors.
—Michelle, Long Beach, California

I just want to say how much I love your balm. I've been using it mostly as a night cream on my face, and it's working wonders. My skin is so soft and hydrated in the morning! And I never have to worry about the balm clogging my pores or leaching any nasty chemicals into my body. I just love it. I have this bad habit of occasionally biting my lips, so they tend to get raw and chapped. Your balm is so soothing and nourishing, and it really makes my lips softer. Plus, if I do bite my lips, it's okay, because the balm is edible and totally safe!
—Helen, Brighton, Massachusetts

So a very suave Italian facialist at the Four Seasons was offering me a facial. When he asked what I use on my skin, I said, "Beef tallow." You should have seen his face. I told him it was a wonderful organic blend. He asked how much it costs, "a hundred dollars?" When I told him the price, he said, "Keep it up. Your skin is fabulous!"
—Leslie, Dallas, Texas

I have tried many face creams, expensive ones at that. I heard about how tallow is the best thing you can put on your skin, so naturally I did a search and found Vintage Tradition. This stuff really does work. My skin feels firmer and fuller (not sure how to describe it). My husband even said I look younger!
—Kelly, San Diego, California

I just got my Vintage Tradition Tallow Balm last week, and I love it! The lines in my face are definitely looking better, and I know it's due to nutrition, NOT covering up problem areas! What a GREAT product!
—Ginny, Anna, Texas

Ordered this balm for my entire family for Christmas! They all loved it and I just ordered two more! It's the most amazing product. My skin (on my face) is plump and velvet smooth! LOVE it!
—Crystal, San Diego, California

I've been using the Tallow Balm as a cold cream. My mom used to put cold cream on her face every night when I was a kid. After about a week or two of using Vintage Tradition balm, my skin looks 10 times better than it used to. Youthful, glowing, gorgeous.
—Ann Marie, Los Angeles, California

I've been using the balm largely on my toddler girl. It's almost miraculous at healing her little rashes and scrapes (mine too). I love the stuff. But if I put it on my face more than once every few days, my skin breaks out.... [One week later...] It's now been exactly a week since I started using the balm on my face every day. Actually, I started going twice a day—a light swipe on dry bits in the morning and a nice layer all over before bed. The breakouts started by the second day, as was usual. This time I stuck it out. My face started clearing up around the end of the weekend, and today my skin is fantastic. It's smooth, soft, and almost glowing! I'm so glad I stuck it out. My skin was definitely detoxing! I'm excited now to see the longer term effects on my skin!
—Rachael, Albuquerque, New Mexico

It happened to me too! But now I'm glowing!
—Brooke, Raleigh, North Carolina

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