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Newsletter - June 23, 2020

Invigorating and Energizing Skin Care

Try Epic Glow's sister balm, Oh Aches!

The same great recipe, with stimulating essential oils

Invigorating and Energizing Skin CareOh Aches! Tallow Balm isn't just for sore, aching muscles and joints even though that is what it was designed for. Like all of our balms, it can be used anywhere and is good for all manner of skin conditions because it gives your skin what it needs to heal itself!

Except for its essential oils, it has the same great ingredients as its sister balm, Epic Glow. Both of these all-animal-oil products are the only ones of their kind available anywhere! In addition to tallow (the principal ingredient), and in place of the olive oil found in our other Tallow Balms, they contain Green Pasture®'s fermented cod liver oil, fermented skate liver oil, and concentrated butter oil. As usual, the only other ingredient is the therapeutic-grade essential oils, which provide a therapeutic boost to the Tallow Balm, benefiting your skin and your entire body while neutralizing the scent of the tallow and fish oils.

While Epic Glow is mellow and lightly fragranced for a soft, comforting aura, the essential oils in Oh Aches! will provide you with an invigorating and energizing skin care experience. Oh Aches! contains essential oils of wintergreen, peppermint, lime, black spruce, lemongrass, valerian, clove, and myrrh.

You may have read our newsletter, "Epic Results with Epic Glow Tallow Balm", and you may have seen the video testimonial from a customer of ours about how it is a holy grail skin care product that has transformed her skin. Well, Oh Aches! has the same power, and we'd love to hear about your experience using it.

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