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MISCELLANEOUS Tallow Balm Testimonials

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Really amazing product
I get chilblains really bad from working outside in the cold and this has completely cleared up all of my skin issues. Highly recommended to anyone with similar issues.
Haley D. in Product Reviews

Cured a rapid onset eczema rash quickly!
I had never used tallow balm before, and found myself working on a building project in the winter. I have food sensitivities that cause eczema-like reactions, and I had the worst, most unsightly one I have ever experienced, right under my mouth. On a desperate whim I ordered the unscented and Mild Manly balms, and oh man, the improvement was immediate. I then started using on the rest of my face, neck and chest and have the best, softest skin I have had in years. I will be buying more for family and friends as gifts. Oh-- the soap is amazing too! I haven't used the balm on the rest of my body, but the soap makes everything so soft anyways. No oiliness. Amazing products!!!!
Megan C. in Product Reviews

Best skincare, bodycare, haircare product EVER!
This is the most emollient product I've ever used without it being heavy and greasy! It perfectly melts into your skin allowing it to breathe, rather than just sitting on top and suffocating your pores like most lotions with petroleum or vegetable wax do. Thank you for putting this amazing product on the market!!
—Ellyse S.

My favorite scent
Sensible is by far my favorite scent. It's subtle and absolutely lovely. I've tried a few different scents and love them all. This is currently the only moisturizer I use for anything. It's replaced my lip balms, face lotions, oils, everything. I keep 3-4 containers around the house so they are readily available. I'm also a massage therapist and it works great as a massage medium without leaving the client feeling greasy. It absorbs well and gives both slip and grip. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed!
—Tiff LMT

Threw out my entire skin care collection
My bathroom counter was littered with half-used bottles of this crème and that potion. They are no longer! Thanks to Vintage Tradition, I've reclaimed my counter. One product outworks any and all other products I've used on my face. As a 25-year-old in the TikTok era, you can imagine I had quite the collection of products peddled by influencers. I am so thankful to have found a product (1) that does not contain chemicals proven to mess with human hormones / cause cancer / affect fertility. (2) IT FREAKING WORKS, on everything for every possible application from a makeup primer to an overnight face mask. I even use it to take makeup off! (3) I cannot tell you the relief I feel knowing I have found a product I can purchase for my young sisters - stop them from using harmful products and get them set up with their Vintage Tradition products that will maintain their skin and their health throughout our lives. I am a for-life customer. And I'm converting everyone around me too!
Claire G. in Product Reviews

A little bit goes a long way
This is the only product that has given me consistent and great results. I apply this each morning after a shower and have healthy looking skin throughout the entire day. Unlike other products, you only need a small amount to hydrate and heal the dry skin and it can be used everywhere from your face to your feet. Consistent use has shown great skin improvement and I will be purchasing more. I have also used this after a day in the sun getting burnt. Applying before bed and again in the morning helped prevent the skin from peeling.

Very happy
I am in my second week of using Epic Glow and I am so pleased with how it has helped my appearance. Whether it's my health, age (late 40s), the dry climate or all three, my face has been looking very old and worn in the last 12-18 months. I found Vintage Traditions after doing some research on using tallow on the skin and thought I would try some for myself after buying two as a gift for other people. The first week I used it, my skin just sucks it up. "A little dab will do ya" did not apply, as I found myself lathering it on again and again, and spreading to my neck, as well. After 7 days, my skin was retaining the moisture day to day, so I was able to use what is closer to the recommended application. My acne scaring, crow's feet, and laugh lines are definitely less noticeable, but I am most happy with just the "overall" look of my face. I feel like I actually look my age - not ten years older. The fresh, citrusy smell is perfect. Not too strong, not too faint. (My dog must still smell the tallow though, because she follows me around for about 30 minutes until the smell dissipates. Ha!) Great product!
Gina in Product Reviews

Absolutely amazing
I have suffered for years and years of skin splitting due to cold weather and frequent hand washing due to being in the medical field. Huge painful skin sores, skin splitting open, infections, all of it. I found out about tallow not really thinking it would end all of my skin issues but worth a try. Well I applied it one time and the skin splitting stopped. I was very amazed and tried it again. I cannot thank this company enough. I have never had results like this and my skin healed and feel even better than it's ever been before! I've tried every single lotion on the shelf this balm is really truly amazing and I am so thankful!! Thank you!!!!

Great for Massage
I love this stuff! It is truly amazing. As a professional, licensed massage therapist with over 30 years of experience, I've tried a LOT of different lotions and oils in my work. This one is perfect. It is made with high quality natural ingredients with no chemical binders or fillers. It provides the perfect amount of "glide", but also enough "grip" to do deep tissue work. Plus, it absorbs readily into the skin so the client doesn't leave feeling icky and greasy. The scent is very light which I like because I have allergies and sensitivities myself. The lavender and cedarwood is very calming and soothing. I like it so much I even use the Totally Unscented on myself at home. Really, this is amazing.
—Sir Kate

Amazing! heals acne and reduces crow's feet
I recently disovered Vintage Traditions and thought I would try the Epic Glow balm for our family about 2 months ago. My daughter gets really red, raw patches on her hands from over-washing and so I thought initially I would just use it for that. It definitely has helped her hands! But the other benefit is that I have been using it around my eyes at night as a moisturizer and I swear my crow's feet have diminished a little since starting to use it and I am definitely not stopping now--- hope to keep them at bay! I also tried it recently on two hormonal breakouts that I had on my face and it really did help them to clear up and heal fast! It will be my new acne treatment. I had a paper cut on my finger the other day and decided to use the balm on that as well and it healed so much faster than normal and helped it not hurt so much. I love this stuff! Oh- and a little goes a really long way! Will be a customer for life now!

This is very good for the health of my skin!
My body has been feeling more comfortable and restful immediately after my first use. I've been using this every day esp before sleep to allow my skin to regenerate during sleep. My nights feel more comfortable. I've had patches of rough skin that has began to soften and get mild. It has also given me that healthy and non-dry look that people desire. Give this a try!

My Favorite
I finally found my gold standard cream. The tallow is a game changer for my skin. It absorbs better than any of the numerous plant based ones that I've tried over the years and my skin stays more pliant and does not feel dry again so soon after application. I have ordered several in a variety of scents and the Citrus Shine is my run away favorite. I use this on my whole body, not just my face. Also, my experience with customer support was A+++. Great company, great products! I'll be back for more.
Eva in Product Reviews

Best tallow balm, great scent
[Mild Manly] is one of my favorite scents. Not really masculine or feminine. Just smells wonderful! I use it on my face and neck, sunburned shoulders, scrapes or scratches from working outside, dry cracked heels, as deodorant. Haven't found anything it doesn't help with. Vintage Tradition is the best tallow balm I've tried. I was using another brand and after a short time it smelled rancid. Never had that problem with Vintage Tradition and it lasts a long time.
Micah in Product Reviews

Best Balm Ever, never going back
This is the best balm I have ever used! It is SO soothing for anything that happens to my skin like itchiness and sunburn. I love it as lip balm too. It's thick but soaks in quickly and doesn't feel heavy, greasy, or waxy like other (plant based) balms I have used.
—Gina Codding

I just had a humdinger of a spring cold with a very runny drippy nose. Usually this would mean a very sore and red nose and upper lip. I used tallow balm lavender multiple times for 3-4 days and NO sore red, dry nose and lip. I LOVE this stuff. I and my happy nose thank you!
—Kathi Bratberg, Ralston, Nebraska

beyond hydrating... it's HEALING
I first heard about this product on the Wise Traditions Podcast by Weston A Price foundation. I was already on the hunt to find non petroleum based skin care products and thought I'd give it a try. The stories and the reviews were astonishing so i jumped all in and purchasesd $125 worth of product for my self and my sister who just recently had a baby and was newly nursing. I don't regret a penny and would have paid far more for this product. My hand and my skin drink up the moisture and easily retain it. The winters are brutal and my hands will crack and my legs get so ashy but this winter with consistent use of this product, I've avoided it all! My sister and her baby both have also benefited greatly from healing diaper rash over night and soothing + repairing my sisters sensitive skin from nursing her baby. And the fact that I have zero to worry about, no chemicals, no petroleum, just good ol' tallow, oils and vanilla... I seriously cannot believe something so perfect and effective exists! oh, and it's totally NOT OILY!! I hope this review helps sway you in the right direction now if you excuse me, I have some moisturizing to do :)

I love and crave simplicity and this tallow balm is amazing and simple. In the Buffalo, NY winter I use more. In the summer, I use less. I use it on my face, my hair (just the ends, as my lightweight curly hair had only take that much), my knees and elbow and lips. It is fabulous and has ZERO chemicals. I dare you to find a product that can boast that. It's amazing ; I love knowing that all part of animal are being used and loved. I thank the animals each time I use this tallow. FABULOUS product! well, well, well worth the cost!

It works! Everywhere.
I have dry sensitive skin. My face especially. This product is a true life saver. I've been using it for years now and do not plan to change. This Tallow Balm goes on smoothly and it's soothing moisture feels amazing. I use it on my face without any problems (no acne, no irritation) and also on my dry cracked heels. My son has eczema & it is a lifesaver for him! It soothes and softens as it heals. I believe it also forms a barrier between his skin & his clothing/shoes to reduce the further irritation & damage. I cannot say enough about how much we love this product. Tallow Balm is a staple in our home & will continue to be.
—Miget Kids

Just what I needed.
This is the only fat/moisturizer that doesn't disturb my eczema or the sensitive skin with a host of issues on my face. I actually feel so at home in my body now. No itching, tightness, burning. No worrying about the next time I shower, if I'm going to break out in rashes. My skin is so sensitive that I can't even use regular one-ingredient oils/butters i.e Coconut Oil/Shea Butter. I was becoming very weary, and finding solutions that only create more problems can be costly over the years. I'm just thankful this quest is finally over with. I thank God for the makers of this product. The cows, the olives and the manufacturers. May God bless them all. I can finally sleep peacefully at night.

Workhorse of all Beauty Products
I am working on reversing an autoimmune disease, so one of the simple things I do is keep my toxic load as low as possible. Vintage Tradition tallow is the workhorse of my beauty products. I use this to cleanse my face (old school cold cream style), as facial moisturizer, eye cream, lip balm, & body cream. I have scaling, dry skin on parts of my body due to treatment, and this is the only thing that makes my skin lovely & normal looking again. Thank goodness a little goes a long way!
—Nina Morris

I am obsessed with this product. I got my first jar in the Citrus Shine scent at a conference, and the minute the conference ended I cursed myself for not purchasing multiple or the bigger size. THIS STUFF IS THE BEST. I cherish my moisturizing time because it just feels so nice and luxurious and this scent is so lovely and light and refreshing. Some of the other scents definitely smelled "tallow-y" to me but this one does not! And it has hints of lavender as well as citrus. As the description says - this stuff is solid - it is not cream or lotion. You have to scoop some out and then warm it in your hands and then spread it around. Some people may find that annoying - but given the clean nourishing ingredients, it's a "sacrifice" I'm more than willing to make. I use this primarily for my hands, and then sometimes right out of the shower and also as lip balm. So happy to have found this company -- I'm going to be registering many jars of this stuff for my wedding :)
—Sabrina Richards

So thankful!
I have had scalp issues with eczema/psoriasis with a dry, flaky skin on my forehead which drove me nuts! I've tried so many things on my scalp and for almost 5 years have not added any styling products to my hair. I heard of Tallow Balm on the Wise Traditions podcast, ordered Mildly Manly (smells great!), and use it on my face, giving me a tighter look, and on my scalp! The flaky skin is almost gone in just a few days, and it also works well like a hair paste!
Hector in Product Reviews

Two years ago I had a lesion on my right lower eyelid that was diagnosed as basal cell carcinoma. After radical surgery and months of repairs to my eye, I faithfully used all meds to heal my sun damaged skin. Soon, I was battling dehydration of my face to the point that in some places it was actually bleeding. It was raw and sore to the point that I couldn't wear makeup any longer. I withdrew and stayed home with no desire to go out into public. I felt ugly! Finally, one day after exhausting every kind of moisturizer I had available to me, I tried some balm that I had bought for my dad before he passed away. For two days, I kept using the balm. I thought, "Well it's natural and it did help my dad's psoriasis". So, on the morning of the third day when I went to clean my face, I noticed that the sores no longer hurt when I cleaned my forehead. I looked closer and found that my face is almost cleared of the scaliness and red sores from being stripped of my skins natural oils. For two years I have suffered with this problem and now I feel as though, at 71, I have a new lease on life. When I look this healthy, I feel healthier! Thanks be to those who produce Tallow Balm. May your lives be blessed as you have blessed mine.
—Jackie, Crowley, Colorado

LOVE Vintage Traditions Balms!!!
Have been using vintage traditions tallow balms for years now and [Epic Glow] is my favorite to date! It is super spreadable, moisturizing, and my skin loves it, no adverse reactions like pimples or anything else. I have super sensitive combination skin with very dry patches along with oily patches and monthly hormonal acne, and nothing worked well until I started using vintage traditions balms, I actually get compliments on how great my skin looks and lack of wrinkles, and my skin conditions have improved all around. I use it on my neck and chest as well and on dry skin patches on my body as needed.

The product from [another company] feels greasy and doesn't seem to absorb as well. I'm really sensitive, and your product seems natural. Using [the other company's] product is like using margarine instead of butter! I feel like washing the [other] product off, whereas your product seems nourishing.
—Customer in Australia

I've noticed that as I age my skin does not retain moisture or look plump and soft like it used to. A very small amount of the Tallow Balm goes a LOOONG way. I tried it on my hands first, and I was delighted with the results. The balm absorbs quickly and is not greasy at all. (Greasy hand moisturizers are a huge turn off to me). The dry skin on my hands typically looks like crinkled tissue paper, but this balm smoothed the lines and made my skin look and feel young again. Once I felt how gentle this product feels and saw how effective it is, I slathered it all over my body. I especially love the results on my feet, elbows, and the eczema I have at the base of my head. I like to keep a jar on my nightstand and balm up right before I head off into dreamland. I wake up to soft, hydrated skin that turns back the hands of time. Tallow Balm has been wonderful for hydrating my skin and leaves it so, so soft. I've also been super impressed with its healing power! It has been wonderful for healing my cuticles and dry itchy flaky patches of skin. I had a head cold, and my nose was getting raw and chapped from blowing it all day, so I decided to try the Tallow Balm under my nose. I was so happy with the immediate relief I got. It felt very soothing upon application and the healed my irritated, red skin overnight. I only need a little bit of the balm to cover a large area. It smooths onto my warm skin effortlessly and melts into my skin without leaving me greasy. I really can't deal with balms or butters that leave a greasy/sticky residue behind, and I have been very impressed with all Vintage Tradition's. You've got to try this company if you need some serious hydration and skin healing therapy with a bonus of aromatherapy!
Organic Oracle on Instagram

Quality natural ingredients that actually work!
[Epic Glow is a] Fantastic, Fantastic product! I am very focused on healthy products for my family, and this balm hits all the marks. I have struggled with acne since having my son, and this product helps with dryness without causing breakouts or buildup. I use it on any rash my son develops, and it quickly eases and helps the irritation. We use it on lips also. The smell is very mild of cod oil, and I actually don't mind the scent at all. It absorbs very quickly anyway, and the smell fades once it absorbs. This is my nightly cream for any problem spots and around the eyes. Really I can't say enough. If you are concerned with what goes on your skin and therefore in your body, then these products are perfect! They actually work.

I will forever use Tallow Balm.
My skin has been suffering for quite awhile now, with deep cystic acne and extreme redness. After trying a whole slew of new products and majorly over-exfoliating, making the situation significantly worse, I turned to the internet to give me SOMETHING to try. I decided on this. My skin instantly thanked me and I'm on a path of recovery. My skin isn't perfect yet, but it's better. MUCH better. I will forever use Tallow Balm.
Melanie in Product Reviews

The only balm that works
Due to an undiagnosed skin issue, my face will often break out in boils, then a severe rash that dries to the point of cracking and bleeding. It is horrible! Dermatologists and doctors have given me steroid creams and lotions to no avail. I've tried applying coconut oil, olive oil, yogurt, raw cow's milk—every idea I could find on the internet to relieve the burning and heal the dryness and cracking that results. Even water would cause my face to yield these burning red patches. My sister found Vintage Tradition and I immediately ordered Pretty Girly Tallow Balm based on the reviews. I just ordered my second jar as it is the ONLY thing that has ever helped and is continuing to heal my condition. It is wonderful and immediately gives me relief and calms the inflammation. I am so thankful to have found this product!
Tracy in Product Reviews

Mild Manly for this gentle woman
I'm a very feminine woman, but the Mild Manly tallow balm appealed to me the first time I used it! And I'm still loving it. I rotate through nearly all of the scents and have fun doing it, but keep going back to this fragrance. Now, as for the tallow balm in general, I'm completely sold on it and here are a few reasons: After using tallow balm for several months and many jars, my post menopausal skin has improved so much, it is remarkable. My skin feels like silk, or a baby's skin - take your pick. They both are true! I still have some wrinkles, but because all the skin of my face is softer and more supple, the wrinkles are not as visible, so hey - I'm not caring about them any more. I just want to say that the longer I have used it, the improvements have continued. So don't be impatient. If you want long lasting beautiful skin, use this for the long term. I'm so in love with this company and this product!
Victoria in Product Reviews

We love this Tallow Balm!! I started using it a couple of years ago for sunburn in the summer. Next it was for dry, chapped skin in the winter. Now we use it year round for everything from face moisturizer to skin rashes. It has also become my gift for friends and family because I believe in it so much. Thank you for such a pure, honest product!
The Stanforth Family in Product Reviews

Best moisturizing product I have ever used
It does build on itself--my skin is visibly better now that it was a month ago, before I even apply today's layer. My cracked feet are gone. My nicks, irritations and cuts heal faster. The baby hairs around my hairline are getting longer and stronger, and the dry ends aren't dry anymore. The skin on my hands and arms feel about five years younger. My face has much less irritation and applying the stuff makes everything shine softly like a kid's.
Suzanne in Product Reviews

Physician Recommended
I am a physician and highly recommended the Vintage Tradition balms after trying them for myself and family. I regularly recommend them to patients suffering from eczema and other forms of atopic dermatitis that need an emollient for their dry/irritated skin. The high quality tallow Vintage uses is better than anything you can get in your local store--without all the unwanted chemicals. The highly saturated fatty acids create a water impermeable membrane that is truly nature's remedy for dry skin. The scented balms contain nice essential oils that make them smell great and feel even more soothing. The balms goes on very nicely without leaving any unwanted residue feeling. I use it myself for my hands because they are always dry from constantly washing them in between seeing patients in the hospital. You're skin will feel amazing with this stuff. I have no financial connections to this company, simply want to help people know about how great it is!
—Brian Russ

The best!!!!
This is by far the best skin care product I've ever used and I can't ever be without it! I found this product about two years ago when I was desperately trying to solve my problem with a itchy rash that came and went for a year. I tried over a dozen other products. This is the only thing that cured my skin condition. Since then, I use it daily as an essential beauty and skin care product. I put it on my face and neck morning and night and my skin looks and feels great because of it. It helps with everything: softness, clarity, acne, wrinkles,rashes, -you name it. I've recommended to two other friends for eczema and it keeps their eczema at bay. I've tried other tallows and didn't like like them nearly as much as Vintage Tradition. I'm so grateful for the makers of this product. Please don't ever stop making this! I can't possibly recommend it highly enough.

This is the best skin product I have ever used and I've used plenty. I've been a Wellness Coach, Herbalist and Yoga teacher all my adult life and gradually became so disappointed in everything available for skin care, that I just made my own. I used all the best organic oils, plus essential oils and aloe vera. They were good, but either disappeared too soon, leaving my skin thirsty and dry, or they sat on the surface of my skin too much. At some point, I switched to Emu oil, which was an improvement, but still not perfect. As soon as I discovered Vintage Tradition Tallow Balm, I immediately ordered some and was beyond thrilled over the concept, quality and results. I put a little in my palm and gently rub my hands together to warm and soften. Then it goes on my face, legs, feet and hands. 12 hours later, my skin is still moist and soft; itching dry skin on my legs is a thing of the past; dry heels are now healthy and pink. Thank you SO much, Vintage Tradition!
—Victoria Pagliaro on Facebook

I have been using and loving this product for several weeks now. Not only has it been incredibly helpful for my mystery rash (most likely from medication) but it has been providing superior protection for my face and neck in this cold weather. I have been applying this at night and been thrilled to wake up too moist, soft skin! A great product with great integrity!
—Autumn Conway on Facebook

Best skin product ever
I've had this for nearly 2 months now and I don't know how I got along without it. I first heard about using beef tallow when I was googling sunburn relief remedies (I got a bad burn on my knees on the 4th of July). The worst of my sunburn was gone by the time I received this but I've been using it daily since. (And it does indeed help with sunburns!) I swear my skin looks so much better. I'm about to be 40, so this is pretty important to me. My skin seems smoother and clearer and just more supple. I use it as a lip balm, on my cuticles (they've never looked better), as a facial moisturizer, all over moisturizer, and even for any other skin issues. If I get a cut or scratch (thanks, kitties), I clean the area and apply it. Pretty much anywhere you have skin, it will help, from head to toe. I use it usually twice daily on my face and often times I feel fine going out with no or very little makeup. And I have been happily surprised with how long it lasts. I still have over half of the 2 ounce jar left and like said I've been using it daily (on my face twice per day) for nearly 2 months and I use it all over my body at times.
—Stacy Klesen

Vintage Tradition got tallow balm right!
It is with full confidence and enthusiasm that I endorse Vintage Tradition balm. I have used their products for several years, and they only keep getting better. Having struggled with eczema and dry skin for years, I finally found a product that works - with no side effects or dangerous chemicals and perfumes that end up causing more dry skin. It also seems to help fade and diminish my freckles and age spots. When I have had a sunburn, it has worked wonderfully to take the sting and redness out of the burn, and prevents peeling.
—Anne Heckenkamp

My skin feels and looks amazing after just a week of using your balm. I had some kind of allergic reaction going on with my face. It was irritated and looked and felt rough. I can't even really explain it except it wasn't good. I saw your product on Facebook from someone. I read the reviews, and here is mine now. I rarely review anything. But this stuff is just so awesome. I opened it up immediately when it arrived and put it on my face, and it instantly felt better, and then it took only 3 to 4 days to totally clear up applying it twice a day. I also put it on my feet, and my daughter touched them a couple days later and said, "Wow, your feet are so soft." I highly recommend this balm!
—Glenda, Rainbow City, Alabama

I'm 45 years old and have used hundreds of products for my skin. Nothing has ever felt as good or nourishing as tallow. I've used straight olive oil and coconut oil which just seemed to sit on my skin. I'll be using tallow from now on, head to toe! It's even great as a frizz tamer for my hair!
—Angie, Brooklyn, New York

My grandson just loves the Tallow Balm. He is not yet two, but he runs to mama saying "tallow". He smiles when she puts it on his skin.
—Betti, Colorado Springs, Colorado

My kids won't stop hassling me to put Tallow Balm on them.
—Lauren, Arlington, Texas

I really like both of the wonderful hand-crafted body creams you sent so fast. I used the Almost Unscented for a gynecological problem (I am a gynecologist), and it cleared it up. I also work with wild birds and feed raptors. My hands get destroyed. While some other products like bag balm worked, they have lots of chemicals and smell awful and are very sticky. Your cream smells REAL and sinks into my skin without leaving any greasy feel.
—Diana, Michigan

I just want to share with you that after YEARS of trying different products, including organic extra virgin coconut oil and even blending and making my own natural lotions at home, your Tallow Balm is by far my favorite out of everything I have tried, especially for face, lips, hands, elbows and feet. Amazing product. Thank you!
—Vanessa, Klamath Falls, Oregon

I'm writing because I received my first jar of Tallow Balm yesterday. For the past week I've had a cold, and my nose and upper lip have become quite chapped. After I washed my face, I applied the Tallow Balm and in a few moments I had to stop myself because all of the sudden my lip was feeling relieved! I applied through the night, and my skin is so much better. My nose would have taken weeks to heal! I'm so comforted to know that the cows are 100% grass-fed, which makes me think they are, of course, treated humanely. Thank you for making such a wonderful product. I hope to have a long relationship with my Tallow Balm.
—Carlotta, Lombard, Illinois

This stuff is awesome! I love that it is all natural ingredients. Started using it 2 days ago and it has almost totally healed my skin allergy breakouts that I have been battling with since working at a bacteria/chemical infected place. I went to the doctor and they prescribed me medicine that cost over $100...which I could not afford. Thank you so much for bringing back a lost art of quality, sensible skin care.
—Jane, Middleton, Wisconsin

I absolutely love your product. I can't say enough about it. It has softened and smoothed every bit of me.
—Gayle, Wausau, Wisconsin

I am 10 years old and I like using the Vintage Tradition Balm because it is soothing and it makes me feel relaxed. When I get a cut it helps me heal faster. When I have dry skin it softens my skin.
—Philomena, Colorado Springs, Colorado

I love your product! I'm pitching all of my old moisturizers, except my coconut oil. Your balm soothed my skin after a day in the sun, healed my daughter's rash, and stopped spider bites from hurting. The way it makes your skin feel so soothed and calm is amazing. Thanks so much for making your product! I am pretty impressed.
—Amanda, Columbus, Ohio

I have a very large wound from breast cancer that has been a dark pink in color for 5 months. In less than 12 hours after applying the Tallow Balm, the color has changed to be closer to my skin tone. Nothing I have used in the past has had any effect. Also, I was awakened at 1:30 in the morning from a reaction to a bandage I had over a part of the wound that is still open. I removed the bandage, applied the balm and within 10 minutes the pain and itching from the reaction was gone. I have had reactions like that in the past and no natural products would bring relief. Thank you for providing such a natural product that not only feels good on my skin but also is very healing. I am so excited!
—Cynthia, Sarasota, Florida

We love this balm! It is the only skin product that healed my farmer husband's cracked and chapped hands. He tried everything on the market, but none had the healing power to do more than moisturize. This balm has tallow, which is so much like the oils in our own skin, and it is so healing. Since it is made with locally-sourced grass-fed beef tallow, it contains so many more nutrients. The essential oils add a pleasant fragrance that is non-toxic, which we love. I use the balm on my hands, which are extremely dry from working in water most of the day. Addtionally, I use it on my face because I know it is not rancid. Rancid vegetable oils are not good as they contain high amounts of free radicals, which is damaging inside the body and out. Like most women, I am concerned with wrinkles, and free radicals promote wrinkles, so I use only this balm on my face now to avoid free radical damage. Also, it is the best cure for "flip-flop feet" (dry/cracked heels), and we use it on our youngest son to soothe his occasional diaper rash.
—Kim, Boone, Colorado

There are too many chemical ingredients added to skin care products you find every day on store shelves. It is extremely important to avoid remedies that involve dangerous chemicals. I have extremely sensitive skin, and it is important that I take extra special care of my skin. I have wasted a lot of time and too much money finding a product that helps. Since I have been using this balm for my chapped hands, elbows, and rough feet, it has penetrated through the layers of dead skin, softening the hard areas. This balm has a proven positive effect on my skin, health, and pocketbook!
—Sandy, Colorado Springs, Colorado

With our extra dry climate in Colorado, this balm has been a lifesaver. I am finding that my skin is much softer and isn't drying out like it used to during the drought seasons. I also started using it on my younger children that have some extremely dry patches on their legs which have almost completely cleared up! As a mother, I prefer for my family's skin products that are organic, free of harsh chemicals, and made of ingredients that would be safe to be consumed internally. It is refreshing to find a product that lives up to our standards. I also enjoy the Pretty Girly fragrance, not so overpowering like many lotions and creams.
—Gina, Colorado Springs, Colorado

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