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Tallow Balm for PSORIASIS Testimonials

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Psoriasis is fading with product!
I have had guttate psoriasis since I was 19. In 30 now. Eventually I started to develop spots on my forehead and scalp. My eyebrows and sometimes eyes when I’m dealing with a flare up. The forehead spots can be very dry and hard to treat in the winter. I just bought the sample of this and just bought the 2 oz after trying it. I can’t even tell how amazing it made my skin feel! The texture of my trouble spot on my forehead is fading and not as inflamed. It’s working wonders!! It means so much to be to have a product that actually works and has no chemicals! Highly suggest trying if you have psoriasis.
Savannah M. in Product Reviews

I should have taken before and after photos
I have psoriasis over 75% of my body. I was diagnosed 7 years ago at age 38. I always had beautiful skin before this. It came out of nowhere shortly after I had essure birth control placed. No doctor would ever believe me and refused to remove said birth control. I took a 14 day trip to Maui to spend my days on the salt water beach with the sand to exfoliate my skin and heal. It worked! However, on my flight home I caught strep throat and ended up 90% covered in psoriasis. Nothing has worked since. This tallow balm was my last purchase before I completely gave up on healing. Within 2 days of getting the samples, I was healing for the first time since 2019. I am blown away. I've spent so much money on lotions, balms, uv lamps, doctors appts etc and nothing worked. I'd resigned that I'd have to move to Hawaii to get any relief. However, after trying this balm, I'm convinced I will heal. My skin and nails are so healthy after just a week, I can't imagine my life without this. Any psoriasis sufferers, please give it a try! It's amazing. I will update with photos soon.
Emily F. in Product Reviews

My husband was gifted some Almost Unscented Tallow Balm for me to try by the amazing creators of this product. I am super picky about things I put on my skin due to my psoriasis and sensitive skin. After reading the information sheet provided and the ingredients list, I did a test on some dry patches and couldn't have been happier. It absorbed nicely and didn't feel greasy at all. My skin instantly felt softer and did not break me out. The scent was very subtle and pleasant. A little goes a long way! I decided to put some on my face due to a psoriasis flair up and it helped so much with the flaky burning skin. I was even able to wear makeup today! Thank you all again for gifting your plumber this lol.
Ciara Bond on Facebook

Psoriasis Testimonial - Tallow Balm

Great for my Psoriasis!
This Tallow Balm has been so hydrating and healing for my psoriasis! First time I used it I saw a difference literally overnight in the appearance of my flare ups. Redness, flakiness, and itching diminishing significantly and has continued to do each time I use it. Been suffering with constant flare ups for the past year using countless OTC products and prescription steroids and this has by far been the best things to make a lasting difference!
Danielle P. in Product Reviews

Miracle worker
This stuff healed the psoriasis on my face in less than 48 hrs! I had tried literally everything, including prescription lotions and ointments. It has a very earthy/natural smell. It is very smooth and easy to apply if you warm it up first. I put some in the palm of my hand and rub it around until it is melted and smooth throughout, then apply it. Never had any problems with application. I will definitely be buying this again and recommending to anyone with skin issues.

Effective psoriasis treatment
Our son has had bad psoriasis all over since he was a baby. We had tried everything from food sensitivity based diet (which did help too) to every cream/ointment you can think of. This one has been the most effective.
—D. Segura

Epic Glow
I have been a happy user of Vintage Tradition products for a few years. I recently developed strange, scaly patches on my face and upper lip. It seemed like it might be psoriasis. I am experienced with essential oils and herbal healing, but nothing in my kit seemed to help. In desperation, I made an appointment with the dermatologist, but it was 3 weeks away. Meanwhile, I decided to apply Epic Glow. A miracle! All patches completely gone in 2 days, dermatologist appointment cancelled. Now using Epic Glow as might night treatment and my skin has never looked better! Thank you Vintage Tradition !
Meg in Product Reviews

Great for psoriasis
I have struggled with psoriasis on various body parts for many years and I have found little relief from both prescription creams and natural remedies. An herbalist recommended that I try tallow and, out of desperation during an intense flare, I did. Within hours of application, the thick scales on one patch had entirely broken down. I was impressed and happy for the relief from the itching which had often led to bleeding and mild infections. I have not used the balm long enough (just one week; the scales do minorly return if I do not apply the balm and the underlying redness has persisted) to say what its long term effects are but I am excited to keep using it and to see what further changes occur. Bottom line: this is a great remedy for folks with psoriasis who have tried everything and/or are looking for non-steroid options.
L.K. in Product Reviews

Psoriasis Testimonial - Tallow BalmPsoriasis Testimonial - Tallow Balm

Ashli in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, whose 11-year-old son has psoriasis, sent us these "before" and "after" pictures of his hand. She used only our Tallow Balm.

The only product on the market that has effectively treated my stubborn psoriasis lesions along with doubling as an effective facial moisturizer so nourishing that it has even made my lashes grow. I highly recommend this product as an all in one salve and beauty treatment for many skin ailments.

Psoriasis Warrior
I have psoriasis and it sucks. Very thankful though that I stumbled upon this tallow balm though. It's the only moisturizer that really gets into the dryness of my psoriasis patches. I had a huge flare up recently and I really believe this helped calm it down. I buy a jar at least once a month!
Megan in Product Reviews

Psoriasis healing and more!
I have had an ongoing issue with psoriasis on my right leg just above my ankle. It intensifies in our humid south Louisiana weather and I would find myself scratching until my leg was bleeding during sleep. I have made numerous creams from plant based organic cold pressed oils but nothing ever lasted more than 1-2 days as far as relief. I started using some samples of tallow balm and they all helped. After reading reviews on the Epic Glow Tallow Balm I decided to bite the bullet and buy it. I received it on July 3rd and immediately applied it to my ankle area. It felt like my skin was being fed. So I've been applying it 2x a day since the 3rd (today is the 7th) and I'm in awe of the results. The itching is gone, the red and silver scales are gone, and it looks to me like healing is happening. I also have been using it on my face and feet and I was told by a co-worker that my wrinkles are almost gone on my forehead and around my eyes.(I am almost 56 yrs young!) I have been applying it as well to my husband's face and I can visibly see a dramatic change in his eye area. (He is almost 60 and has sun damage) I am completely sold on this product line especially the Epic Glow. Don't question the price, this product is gold.
Valerie Windham in Product Reviews

Best product for plaque psoriasis
I have plaque psoriasis on my hands (dorsum area). I have used many many products but nothing worked as good as this one. God bless the makers. people who do not suffer from psoriasis have no idea of the suffering. My hand used to gets dry every few minutes and I would use many diff oils. My husband felt so bad for me that he decided to research and came across vintage traditions. Since the very first application, I felt the diff. My skin relaxed right away. More than moisturizing, it seems to just calm my skin and heal it from within. The perfect blend of tallow and olive oil is so so beneficial for psoriatic skin. It's only after I started using this product that I felt relief. You guys must try this. Massage it in well into your skin and trust me, you will see and feel the healing power of this God sent product. A BIG THANK YOU VINTAGE TRADITIONS.

Great for Very Dry Skin
Has been very beneficial in alleviating the symptoms of my psoriasis (which is very mild and also treated with Clobex), such as itching, dry patches, and soreness. Also works great on hands and knees. This has really alleviated the dryness and cracking I was experiencing on my hands.
—Rich S

Natural Relief from Psoriasis
We have been using the Tallow balm for approximately one year, to help relieve the itching dry patches from psoriasis. It was our family physician who recommended this product to us. Yes, it helps, thank you for making this product.
Lilia Lopez in Product Reviews

Tallow Balm has been miraculously effective for me. I have been plagued for months by a really uncomfortable skin condition in my "butt crack" (skin splitting, raw, dry and bleeding at times). The dermatologist diagnosed it as psoriasis. Nothing has cleared it up (I've tried steroid ointment, antifungals, Aquaphor, elimination diet). I have been living with this for many months and had given up hope. It took only 4 days of generously applying Almost Unscented Tallow Balm and the area is HEALED!! I was shocked that it worked and so quickly. I started by applying it often and heavily throughout the day for the first couple days. I noticed a HUGE difference in the first 24 hours. By day 4 the area was healed. I am so grateful for Vintage Traditions Almost Unscented Tallow Balm.
—Anonymous, Worcester, Massachusetts

This balm is absolutely wonderful. It is the only thing I've found in 20 years that truly moisturizes my dry skin spots caused by psoriasis. I only have to apply once per day.
—Calie F

We've been using the balm for 3 days now. The psoriasis on my elbows has softened and cleared up dramatically, and I convinced my husband to try it on his horrible crusty prone-to-bleeding eczema last night. This is the text I got from him this morning: "I put a little of your cream on my big spot of eczema, and it seems to have an effect very similar to that $1,000 tube of medicine." The tube of medicine of course came from the dermatologist.
—Lauren, Arlington, Texas

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