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Rash Testimonials

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The only balm that works
Due to an undiagnosed skin issue, my face will often break out in boils, then a severe rash that dries to the point of cracking and bleeding. It is horrible! Dermatologists and doctors have given me steroid creams and lotions to no avail. I've tried applying coconut oil, olive oil, yogurt, raw cow's milk—every idea I could find on the internet to relieve the burning and heal the dryness and cracking that results. Even water would cause my face to yield these burning red patches. My sister found Vintage Tradition and I immediately ordered Pretty Girly Tallow Balm based on the reviews. I just ordered my second jar as it is the ONLY thing that has ever helped and is continuing to heal my condition. It is wonderful and immediately gives me relief and calms the inflammation. I am so thankful to have found this product!
Tracy in Product Reviews

best cream ever
I have been using this cream for over 3 years now and it is by far the best cream I have ever used. It smells great and this particular scent (Windswept) is beyond great for cracked hands in the winter. I've used this for dry cracked lips, elbows knees and even feet. I use this for diaper rash on my children and red rashes that are unexplained. All around great for any use and gentle!
laura on amazon.com

I heard about this stuff on the Wise Traditions Podcast ...
I heard about this stuff on the Wise Traditions Podcast. i decided to give it a try because my legs had been crazy itchy and nothing else was working. I used it in the morning and evening - after just a few days my skin felt normal again. VERY hydrating. THANK YOU!
Heidi A on amazon.com

I have been using this balm on my family for several years now. I have found so many uses for it. As infants, two of my children got rashes on their torso. The pediatrician called it atopic dermatitis and prescribed a cream. Not only was I uncomfortable with the ingredients list of the cream, it didn't really help. So I decided to try Vintage Tradition Tallow Balm and it works like a charm. I have also used it for their drool rashes and any dry skin they get in the winter.
MFG on amazon.com

While away on vacation, I thought I had a bad case of poison ivy. I now believe it was more likely shingles. Either way, when I finally remembered that I had some Vintage Tradition Tallow Balm with me, I put it on the rash, and overnight it was almost gone. The blistering had gone away and the skin was absolutely healing and no longer itching. Thank you for your wonderful product.
—Barb, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I bought Vintage Tradition Tallow Balm quite some time ago. I had used it for a skin irritation and then put it away and forgot about it. Last weekend, my granddaughter was at our place and had a terrible dry rash all around her lips that wouldn't go away. After ONE application of your Tallow Balm, within five minutes, all the redness was gone. The next day, it was slightly red again, and she put more on (just a dab of it), and it's 100% gone (and she said it felt so good)!... I WILL KEEP ORDERING. Thank you.
—Monique, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

My natural conditioner recently changed its formula without notice, and I developed a massive allergic reaction with a rash and itching all over my face and neck. The only thing that stopped the itching and soothed the inflammation was the Vintage Tradition Tallow Balm I had on hand. No OTC meds needed! I want you to know how thankful I am for you guys! Since having such success with my rash, I've been using your Tallow Balm on my face every day, and my skin looks fresh and younger. Before using it, I thought it would make me break out, but I don't have a single blemish. I think the "happy" lines around my eyes are lessened as well. I love this product!
—Beth, Lehi, Utah

I love your Tallow Balm so much that I had to write you to tell you I'm so grateful for this product! I have had a horrible rash on my face, and this balm has soothed it like no other moisturizing cream or product I've ever tried (and I have tried *numerous* things, to no avail). My husband likes it because it's easy to apply and it makes his skin look great without hassle or maintenance.
—Molly, Centennial, Colorado

My husband and I both had rashes on the front of our legs of unknown cause. The rash was itchy. With the first application of the tallow, the skin improved and the rash disappeared. Amazing stuff! We love it.
—Kathleen, Leesburg, Virginia

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