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Newsletter - August 30, 2022

She threw out her entire skin care collection!

And why you should, too.

Tallow Balm Skin Care CollectionClaire wrote a review of our Tallow Balm after experiencing the power of our one-product, chemical-free solution for all skincare needs. In that review, entitled, "Threw out my entire skin care collection", she tells us:

"My bathroom counter was littered with half-used bottles of this crème and that potion. They are no longer! Thanks to Vintage Tradition, I've reclaimed my counter. One product outworks any and all other products I've used on my face. As a 25-year-old in the TikTok era, you can imagine I had quite the collection of products peddled by influencers. I am so thankful to have found a product...

(1) that does not contain chemicals proven to mess with human hormones / cause cancer / affect fertility
(2) that FREAKING WORKS, on everything for every possible application from a makeup primer to an overnight face mask. I even use it to take makeup off!"

She adds, "I cannot tell you the relief I feel knowing I have found a product I can purchase for my young sisters and stop them from using harmful products and get them set up with their Vintage Tradition products that will maintain their skin and their health throughout our lives. I am a for-life customer. And I'm converting everyone around me too!"

As you may know, Vintage Tradition is the original and best Tallow Balm. After re-discovering tallow for skin care and bringing our formulation to the market in 2010, we wrote the ground-breaking article in 2012 on "Traditional Nourishing and Healing Skin Care", which includes important points that Claire has come to realize:

Modern skin care is full of harmful ingredients, particularly carcinogens and hormone disruptors and even chemicals that cause nerve damage inflammation! And that includes "natural" products found in health food stores! Read about all of that here. Also, in reading ingredients, if it sounds like a chemical, it is a chemical, even if they claim it's harmless or "plant-based".

Because our Tallow Balm is "The Whole Food of Skin Care", it is all that your skin needs, containing the correct nutrients for healthy skin. With other products, ingredients whose names aren't recognizable nourishing substances directly from nature have no place on your skin. And that includes rancid industrial vegetable oils, synthetic "vitamins", and chemically fractionated plant products.

So, follow Claire's advice and example by ditching your other skin care products and replacing them all with Tallow Balm now!