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Newsletter - February 27, 2024

Video Review - "I'm Sold!"...on Tallow Balm for Skin Care

Emily talks to us about Tallow Balm for skincare by Vintage Tradition. Tallow for skin is something that was once old and is now new again, and thank goodness, because she wanted something nice for her skin that wasn't laced with chemicals. She researched on the internet and went with Vintage Tradition because they sell sample sizes. She bought a sample, and she LOVES it. It has been almost a month, and she has gone through an entire cycle, which was important since she has never not broken out during her cycle. But she has not had a breakout in a month on Tallow Balm. She hasn't had any problems at all. She started with Totally Unscented. She loved it so much that she bought a bunch more samples because she wanted to try all the scents. Her favorite right now is Lavender Fields, which she uses at night. There's Almost Unscented, there's Vanilla Bean, which smells divine, and there's Serene Spirit.... She shows us her 35-year-old skin which doesn't have anything on it besides Tallow Balm. She was having a lot of wrinkles and a breakout all across her chest and décolletage area. Her wrinkles are almost gone, and now it's like her 28-year-old skin. All of the breakouts are completely gone! If you think the sample size won't last long, well, she has had this one for a month, and there's still some in the jar that will probably last her another week. She shows how much (how little) she puts on her face. She rubs it between her fingers to warm it up and then presses it in on her face to warm it up more and then smoothes it in. It's feels so good! It's smooth. It's not greasy. It sinks in. She uses the same tiny amount on her décolletage area. She wakes up with the smoothest skin. She puts it on in the morning and even takes it with her. Any that is left over on your hands you can put in your hair. You can apply it lightly on your hair for fly-aways. She's sold!

Thanks for your testimonial, Emily!

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