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Newsletter - July 24, 2018

Take Years Off Your Face, and Axe Acne, Too!

"Magic age-eraser"

Shae of "Be Celiac Savvy" tells about her Tallow Balm experience.

Take Years Off Your Face, and Axe Acne, Too! - photo by Shae of In the process of writing her analysis of our Tallow Balm's suitability as a whole-food skin care product for people with celiac disease, Shae of "Be Celiac Savvy" gets personal and tells us the wonderful results she got!:

"Tallow Balm is amazing stuff!! After using this on my face for a few days, I couldn't believe how fantastic my skin looked. It's like a magic age-eraser—my skin looked not only smoother and clearer, but so much more vital!"

Indeed, we have many fantastic testimonials on our website from people who have used Tallow Balm on their faces.

Shae goes on to say, "People with celiac disease [like me] are more prone to skin conditions such as acne.... If you have acne, please do yourself a favor and try Tallow Balm. Nothing but Tallow Balm has been able to help my skin. I've tried just about every treatment out there—chemical peels, salicylic acid products, photodynamic therapy, and the list goes on. My skin isn't perfect, but I've seen about a 70% improvement in my acne. I used to look diseased and now I pass as normal. I applied it every day initially (for the first 4 - 5 days) and now I apply it every other day. I do live in a dry climate though, so if you live in a humid climate, you may need to take that into consideration. That said, when in doubt, apply more Tallow Balm. Sometimes I apply it several days in a row. After using Tallow Balm on my face for a few weeks, my oil production normalized. I'm not going to lie, I was STRESSED OUT! Applying oil to my face every day was SO counter-intuitive!!! In fact, I'd been using Tallow Balm in lieu of lotion for about a year before I worked up the courage to try it on my face."

We have more testimonials on our website from people with acne-prone skin.

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