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Newsletter - November 7, 2023

Video Review - Using Tallow Balm for Acne and for Clear and Youthful Skin

Jeremy from Vancouver, Canada has been using Mild Manly Tallow Balm for skin care and for his acne, and he has been very satisfied. He wanted an extremely simple skincare product that would work and learned about Tallow Balm during his own research. Other products have made his skin too dry or even too moist to the point that his skin would get irritated and more prone to breakouts. He has never had a skincare product work as well as this one has. It has worked a lot better than he expected and has lasted a long time. Jeremy has had acne for a long while, and it is now greatly improved. Previously, his skin was very irritated and he would scratch it. After just a couple of months, his acne is much better. Jeremy is hopeful that his skin will continue to return to its natural youthful state.

Thanks for your testimonial, Jeremy!

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