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Newsletter - May 27, 2020

Video Review: "This Has Healed My Heels!"

Wanda from Deltona, Florida tells us about Vintage Tradition Tallow Balm, a natural, whole-food skin care cream made from animal fat. She has tried everything possible on her skin. She had cracked ankles and cracked heels, and the skin on her feet was so dry. Other creams would help some, but not like this! This has healed her heels! It's as smooth as can be. You can put it on anything, including your face, eyelids, and lips. Wanda shows us the three sizes that she has bought, the tube, the 2-oz jar, and the 9-oz jar. It also comes in a sample size. Her favorite scent is Citrus Shine. Just a tiny bit is all it takes! You just rub it in, and your skin absorbs it. Within two months, Wanda's heals are like new! Amazing!

Thanks for your testimonial, Wanda!

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