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Newsletter - September 15, 2015

Improved Tallow Balm and Deodorant Balm!

Always the highest quality, premium ingredients

Still not chemically engineered

As you know, we offer the original, the one and only, the real deal, in skin care, nature's original skin care product made from tallow, confirmed by science, and the only product your skin really needs!

Improved Tallow Balm and Deodorant Balm! - skin care made with highest quality grass-fed tallow

Our Tallow Balm and natural Deodorant Balm are formulated only from the highest quality, premium whole-food ingredients sourced directly from nature, with no chemical ingredients at all, and not even refined or modified ingredients. There are also no chemical residues that would certainly be present (and not labeled) in products that are mass-produced. Our batches are produced by hand, on a small scale, and always will be, no matter how much our company grows. We will never compromise on our principles!

It is clear that our product is not chemically engineered. This means that providing the optimal texture and consistency for our customers is an art, not a science. While the ingredients are always of the highest possible quality (full disclosure here) with the same amazing effectiveness, we are always striving to make our balms even more pleasant and easy to use.

Improved Tallow Balm and Deodorant Balm! - skin care made with highest quality grass-fed tallow

We have made more progress in providing the best possible experience for you. By tweaking our process, we have found a way to make your jar of Tallow Balm or Deodorant Balm more dense, and therefore a better value, and yet buttery smooth. There might still be a slight bit of variation from batch to batch and even within a batch, but your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Our Tallow Balm made from the best 100% grass-fed beef tallow is what your skin needs and craves all year, but particularly during the cold months, as our customers testify. So, as autumn and winter are now upon us, be sure to stock up on Vintage Tradition Tallow Balm!